Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It's A Long Way To The House Of Fitzcarraldo

Does anybody have any idea how I could be notified by a text message whenever anyone comments for me? Anyone? Jenn? Anyone? Jenn? Any idea? Jenn? Jenn? Do you know? Jenn? Logging onto my computer is too much work, I figured someone, maybe Jenn, might have an idea how to do this. Thanks for any help. Jenn.

Read my brother's blog now. It's about me and Keri, so you should love it.

I saw Jeff Tweedy, of the band Wilco, in concert Monday. I've never enjoyed a concert more when I didn't even know one song of the performers. And I've never enjoyed more awkward moments than when Chandler continuously put his hand on my back throughout the concert. Chandler, goddamnit, I LIKE YOU AS A FRIEND. Christ, I even told you that to your face OVER A YEAR AGO. Not one for getting hints I take it.

I wish I went to ISU with my sister. I wish I had friends that had parties every single weekend. I wish I could hang a paperbag on the wall, call it art and Emily wouldn't take it down the next day. I wish Amy and I could eat entire large pizzas between us more often. I wish I could hear the conversation "Did you just call him a 'turdburger'? No, I said furburger" more often. I wish I got to dance more often to the song "Shout!". And I wish I could see myself more often on videotape dancing to the song "Shout!". The last one, not so much. Good times in Bloomington-Normal, bitches.

Kelly is coming up here one night this weekend. And I have $20 to my name. Sweetass. That just means I have to bring out my big purse and sneak beer into the bar. I am crafty.

I got an A on my first test of the semester. Sure it was in a 100 level sociology class, but still I GOT A FUCKING 'A' ON A TEST. Yes, it is on the refridgerator. When I came home and told Emily I said "You can put it on the board, yesssss!" (That's what the Sox announcers say when someone hits a home run, I just relaized most people won't know that.) When I told Keri I put it on the fridge, she said the same thing. Quite possibly the lamest story ever, but I thought it was funny, so shut your mouth.

I am obsessed with the new Strokes album First Impressions of Earth. It's a delight. Also obsessed with Google Earth. If you haven't downloaded it, do it up bitches. I was dead tired Sunday night, yet was still up until 2:00 am looking up random things while talking to J.P online. "Look at the pyramids! The buildings downtown look trippy! Whats that blue thing on our driveway?" It's addictive.

If I ever have a band I'm naming it "The Fitzwilliam Affair".


Jenn said...

Dude, you're just mad because your not technology savvy. Let's not forget how you got this blog started in the first place!

I read your brothers blog and #12 and 13 are my faves. I'll comment him manana.

You still need to tell me about the concert. I asked which one and you never replied. You suck.

I wish I went to ISU with your sister, too. Think I could still pass for 20?

Emily just doesn't know art when she sees it! When you're the next Da Vince she'll feel like a jackhole.

Well, I don't carry a purse so I used to slam a 1/2 pint of Captain in the car. Eww. I'm too old for that shit now.

Congrats on the A! Mom and dad will be proud! You're a gem, Katie. A smart one, too!

I was listening to some Strokes all week. Check out Pandora, bitch. You won't regret it.

And as we speak I'm telling you to look at my house on Google Earth and again, sorry that I already knew about it and ruined all the excitement.

I got your Mexican right here!

HMT said...

There bears should NOT sign Drew Brees.

and well.. the strokes? you're too nice to go into it.

Rat In A Cage said...

You're funny.

Kurt said...

well, this may be not what you want, but if you know how to have e-mail forwarded to your phone, then you can set-up blogger to e-mail you the comments. use the settings/comments tab on blogger to give them the e-mail address to use.
or we could all put jenn's e-mail address there and let her go crazy from the vibration of the phone. but hardly anyone comments on my page....
and i love goggle earth. anytime i want to see 2 hours disappear, i open it up.