Monday, February 19, 2007

A Thousand Different Versions Of Yourself

I bought The Shins new album Wincing the Night Away last Friday and haven't stopped listening to it since (besides for the moment right now when my Ipod is on shuffle and "What a Girl Wants" by Christina Aguliera is on, but I won't mention that). The last four songs are kind of forgettable, but the first seven? Awesome. Just fucking awesome. Especially "Sleeping Lessons" and "Sea Legs". You must buy (like me because my dad won't let me steal music on his computer THE NERVE) or illegally download this album and then thank me later.

I first heard about the book 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die on Ms. Mac's blog (though I'm mad too that the Kite Runner isn't included because it's the best book ever) and have since kind of become obsessed with reading the entire list. I can cross off 41 books right off the bat, which really makes the task so much less overwhelming now. If I even made it to 500, I'd be happy with that. There's a couple Jonathan Franzen books in it and just having finished The Corrections about 30 minutes ago, I think I'll cross the rest off his books off the list. It was okay, just okay. It didn't even make me cry and was basically a story I feel I've read 30 times already about grown up children being annoyed by their elderly parents and fighting about stupid shit. I don't know how to explain it, it was just a disappointment. A 568 page disappointment. IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR A BOOK TO MAKE ME CRY, GODDAMNIT. If Atonement doesn't do it, I've sworn off reading for good.

Yesterday, at the last of three bars I went to during the course of the night, I saw Brad, my boss' son I went to Amanda's wedding with back in June of 2005. I don't think I had seen him since then so we talked for a majority of the night which was kind of surprising because usually when we saw each other at the bar we would talk for a minute or two then say bye. About 20 minutes into the conversation he asked "Have you lost weight?" (I knew he looked confused when he saw only two double chins on me instead of four) and I said yeah, a little and he said "You can tell - you look really good." That pretty much made my night right there. Year even. Seriously I think I would be the most easy to please girlfriend/wife. Just telling me I look like I've lost weight would pretty much get you off the hook for anything. I hope my patheticness is properly conveyed here. But anyways, thank you Brad, from the bottom of my heart. Call me.

Last night I came home at 5:30 am and since our stupid ass garage door opener won't work in the freezing cold, I had to go in the house, hit the open button in there, then start the car back up to put it away. As I went back out to the car, Bailey followed me out, probably because she hadn't been out since 10 pm or something. I came back in the house, ate the food I had gotten (the answer to the "have you lost weight question" will pretty soon be a "no" with the way I've been a bottomless pit lately) and then went upstairs to bed. My mom woke me up this morning telling me I had left the dog outside until 8:00 am when she woke up to her barking. I left Bailey out in the freezing cold for about 2 1/2 hours because I am a monster. She probably hates me now, which really is no big thing since I've never liked her in the first place anyways BUT I DIDN'T DO IT ON PURPOSE, I'M SORRY BAILEY. Oh my god, the guilt. I can't deal with it.

I burned my hand with scalding hot tea today and now I'm a cripple. I'm insanely jealous of the 100+ inches of snow New York got. Kerianne, I swear I'll finish your sister's post soon when I stop being so lazy. I am extremely pissed about how little money I'm getting back from my taxes. Keri and I are seeing The Frames on April 18th, hell yeah. I have a crush on Nate from Beauty and the Geek - christ, who knew that show was so addictive. The Southside Irish Parade is coming up so soon I can already taste the corned beef and cabbage.

I saved the best news for last: I FOUND A PAIR OF JEANS THAT FIT. I went shopping last Friday and in the first store ( New York and Company), the first pair of jeans I tried on fit like a motherfucker (do you even have ANY idea how well motherfuckers it? Almost as well as gloves). They were dark and long enough for me and pretty much completed my life. I hope all of you experience half as much joy these jeans have brought to my life at some point in your lifetimes.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I was gonna put a picture of me trying to wink, but it's too scary looking. Thank you PostSecret for reassuring me.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

And You Go Home And You Cry And You Want To Die


I still don't want to talk about it. I don't want to read the paper, dissect the game, talk about Rex and the defense or watch ESPN. That was rough, man. I've been spoiled as a Chicago fan, with the Bears in '85, the Bulls for six years and then the Sox last year - I wasn't ready for it. My friend Kelly reassured me "We're young Kate - we can wait 21 years for this to happen again." I really really hope I don't have to wait that long, but if I do, I can handle it. We still had a really good season and went to the fucking SuperBowl goddamnit. Lots of people didn't even think the Bears would make it that far. I still don't wanna talk about it though. The wounds are too fresh. I'm queer.

In other slightly less depressing news, I had an awesome time at Maribeth's wedding. You know when you look forward to something for so long and then it finally happens and all you can think is "eh" ? There are no "eh's" when I think about this wedding. We danced almost the entire night and took full advantage of the open bar: if that's not the makings of a good night, then I don't know what is. Tommy was a great date, though maybe taking someone who actually knows how to dance isn't a great idea for a person who is terrible at dancing but does it anyways. Sorry Tommy. I wish my friends got married more often.

I got paid Monday and kind of went insane on Ebay buying books. Not really cause all together they cost about $16, but still, not a good idea to spend your money on stupid shit when you owe money to about six different stores/persons (please, take your money advice from me - I am most qualified). I am superass excited about these books though because they all come highly recommended. The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen (my friend Dan), An American Dream by Norman Mailer (Jason Mulgrew) and Atonement by Ian McEwan (1001 Books you should read in your lifetime). I've always read like a banshee but I think the shitty books I've read lately plus going out too much and not reading before bed has had me in a drought. I'm still in the middle of In Cold Blood by Capote, but I swore to myself I'd be done with it come Thursday, come hell or high water. (Also, I'd like to point out this is the first Tuesday in god knows how long that I haven't gone out. I'm pretending it's because I want to read for three hours before bed, but really it's cause we got some snow today and no one wanted to drive, but let me pretend it's a step in the right direction.)

In other book news, because the previous paragraph about books was so thrilling!, the final Harry Potter book is coming out July 21st. I pre-ordered it already and can't wait, though I'm sad at the same time that it's the last one. If you've never read Harry Potter, you have five months to catch up before it comes out. Hurry up and get started.

Here are some pictures from the wedding:

I love this picture with Lauren, me and Tommy, even though I look like a creep. I have my mouth closed for once though, it's a first.

Tommy and his hunchbacked date, Katie.

Diana and me - I am totally one of those people I hate who takes way too many pictures with myself in them, even though I hate pictures of myself. Then why do I want pictures with everyone? I make no sense. I used to make fun of Emily for always taking pictures of herself with another person, and then I do the same thing. I need to start being more candid. Also need to cut out the gummy smiles.

I don't know how Kelly can smile after the Superbowl. I am angry.

Today would have been the parade downtown for the Bears. Thanks for your condolences Sophia, Bill and Jenn via text. I'm still so depressed.