Thursday, April 10, 2008

Lucky Number Seven

1. Yesterday I was helping a lady here at work and she says to me, "You have very pretty hands." I always get weird compliments on my body. Like the guy who told me he "really liked my eyebrows" or the lady who told me my eyes looks "Scandivavian" or my sister who told me the other day that I had "skinny calves." Gotta take what I can get, right? I may never get the "wow, your abs look like a washboard" because they look more like a "bowl full of jelly", but to those people with the aformentioned abs, do you have pretty hands? Probably not. Suck on that.

2. When my brother was home over spring break a few weeks ago, March Madness was starting and I made a bracket out of his Sports Illustrated issue. I really went overboard and tooks HOURS to make the bracket. Or I just picked which team name I liked better and was done in three minutes, same difference. The main point here: I picked Kansas to win, without even knowing they were a number 1 seed, even though as my brother so nicely pointed out as he was looking at my picks, the seeds were right next to the team names in paranthesis. Not so smart am I. I may have never before paid attention to NCAA basketball but I was in this one to WIN IT, baby. It was sweet when they beat UNC cause that was J.P's pick but it was even sweeter when they won against Memphis because lordy was that a good game. And what here did I win folks? Pride. And bragging rights against my brother. It doesn't get better than that.

3. I just finished the book "A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier" by Ishmael Beah last night. I don't know what it is with me and Africa, but I realized I read four child soldier/civil war books about Africa in the last year (it must be the warm, up-lifting spirit of each story that makes me keep going back for more!). While What is the What is still my favorite, this one was great too, considering this was strictly non-fiction, not fiction intertwinely with non-fiction like What is the What was. The best part of this book in the last paragraph. I tried to find it online because I wanted to put it here but I can't find it and I left the book at home so you'll all have to read it for yourselves. It's always so disconcerting for me to read these books in my bed at night. I get lost in the book, then have to get up to go pee or something and realize (this is gonna sound corny) that I'm in my house and safe. I don't have to worry about the RUF storming my house, killing my family and setting it on fire, or run for my life and stray bullets, or not know how I'm going to survive from day to day. Seriously, some of the shit that people have survived and lived to tell the tale about is beyond my comprehension. It boggles the mind, bitches.

4. At this time tomorrow I will be in Las Vegas with 33 members of our family/friends of the family to help my parents celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and renew their vows. And how are they celebrating their anniversary? Why in class of course, with Elvis doing the honors! God, how white trash does that sound, but it's going to be fun, and almost as expensive as their original wedding my parents are coming to find out, with the dinner for all of us afterwards. But who cares about that cause I won't b e paying for it, right. This trip is going to be awesome - my best friend Megan is coming, Keri's boyfriend Pat, a bunch of our cousins and a shitload of other people. I may want to kill myself because there's going to be five of us crammed into our room, but who spends time in the room anyways WHEN THERE IS DRINKING TO BE DONE! Oh lordy, watch out Vegas, the O'D family is coming and we're going out in style.

5. I had a really rough week last week, and went through something I hope to never experience again, but all I really want to say about it is I have great family and friends. The best there ever could be! And will ever be! For ever and all eternity! I AM NOT EXAGGERATING.

6. I love the show Reba AND I AM NOT ASHAMED TO ADMIT IT. Last week my dad saw me watching it and goes, wow, must really be desperate to watch something, huh? No Dad, I fucking love this show and am watching it on purpose. I dare you to watch it and NOT laugh: impossible. A few days earlier Keri had caught me watching it and made fun of me for it too. And then a minute later she laughed at one of the jokes I didn't even laugh at. How now brown cow? You make fun of me and then laugh before I even do. One more Keri-is-queer-story: I came home from work Tuesday and she was watching Monday night's episode of The Hills. She asked if I had watched it already, I said yes, and she goes, "You know, I don't even want to say this cause you're gonna laugh at me, but Heidi has really.......grown up. Hasn't she?" Yes Ker, and right before our very eyes too! She is turning into a mature young woman and I couldn't be prouder. God are you queer. (But seriously, I totally agree with you.)

7. Before this lady who was just in the store left, she couldn't find one of her gloves and goes, "I'm like Michael Jackson - missing one glove!" And then I laughed hysterically. Loves it!