Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Horror

I honestly, HONESTLY said to my friend today, "I'm not mad at you. I'm just dissappointed." WHY AM I ALREADY TURNING INTO MY MOTHER AT 23.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Christ I'm Bored

Reasons I Am Jubilant:

1. My best friend Megan, who I haven't seen in a month is home for the weekend. Oh May-gan how I've missed you.

2. The new White Stripes cd comes out Tuesday. Icky Thump could possibly be the most awesome song in the entire world and if you haven't heard I don't even know what to tell you except you can't be a pimp and a prostitute too.

3. Keri's graduation party is today. Flippy cup what? Time to bring out the big guns again and embarass every person who challenges us. I'm queer.

4. I get to be at work instead of helping out for aforementioned party and not see my mom go batshit trying to get everything ready by 6:00. There is a god.

5. I'm going to Arizona with my family next Friday, for very decidedly non-jubilant reason. My grandma died. But she was old (87), had a good life and was in a lot of pain and is probably better off (does that sound terrible? I really hope not). So on the bright side, I get to see my mom's side of the family who I haven't seen in at least five years. And I get off work for 5 days. Always seeing the silver lining. RIP Grandma Kay.

6. The song 1234 by Feist. I dare you to listen to that song and NOT be jubilant. Or pee yourself a little. I do both.

Non-Jubilant Things:

1. My itchy, itchy sunburn I got Wednesday.

2. Pussying out and not breaking up with Will Thursday.

3. Being broke until Wednesday.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hey Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken

I hate when I hear a good song on the radio, then call the station to find out the name of the song only to have them not answer. Why WXAV 88.3, why would you do that? I tried remembering lyrics so I could Google the shit out of it, but the one line I remember isn't getting me anywhere. Answer your motherfucking phone, motherfuckers. Stupid college radio stations.

I bought a Camera Obscura album (Let's Get Out of This country) on iTunes a week or so ago and haven't stopped listening to it since. Ch ch ch check it out, especially I Need All the Friends I Can Get and Razzle Dazzle Rose. If the song name Razzle Dazzle Rose doesn't make you listen to it, I don't know what will. Thank you

So I have a boyfriend now. And I don't even really like him because he's too nice. Who bitches about that? Apparently me because I'm an ungrateful knobjob. For my birthday he got me Bob Dylan tickets in Indianapolis on July 15th. We're going to a Sox-Cubs game on the 24th. And the Bears home opener on September 16th. He puts up a mad style fight if I even try to buy him a beer at the bar. He gave me keys to the condo he just bought. It's like I've been handed everything on a silver platter and I hate it. Reading this paragraph over I just sound like a douche bag, but seriously. My own set of keys already? Slow it down a notch Rico Suave. Plus he wears black. All the time. And black shorts, white socks folded (!) over and black shoes. It takes all my strength each time I see him in this get-up not to spontaneously combust. I don't know how much longer I can do this. Wah wah my life is terrible because my boyfriend is TOO NICE TO ME. What a terrible dilemma.

I got asked "how far along I was" the other day at Jewel as I was buying a 12 pack of Miller Lite and a pack of cigarettes. I wish I was kidding.

I'm going downtown with Keri tomorrow to see this movie called Once which is only playing at this one theatre on the Northside. It's supposed to be 90 degrees out with 45 mile an hour winds. I need all the hairpray I can get. This should be interesting.

I thought I had more but this is all I can throw up right now. Sorry Canadian Bitch, I'll try to do better next time. But this is enough to shut you up for at least a minute, right? I meant that in the best way possible, swear!