Sunday, August 03, 2008

Lolla, Cubs, Bitchings Vol. 1 & 2, Sox

I finally did it. I bought a motherfucking ticket for Lollapalooza and it was probably the best thing I've ever done for myself. Except for the whole I-almost-passed-out-from-the-heat during Duffy's set (for real - I started seeing black spots everywhere and was basically like Frank from Old School pushing people out of the way when he gets shot with a tranquilizer because I needed to get to some shade and could barely see) BUT BESIDES THAT it was awesome. I had to pick between Bloc Party and the Raconteurs which killed me, but ended up seeing Bloc Party mainly because I'd already seen the Raconteurs about one and a half years ago, plus Bloc Party was playing on the same stage as Radiohead, thus saving myself a good 30 minute walk - it was too goddamn hot and humid out to do any unnecessary movement. It ended up totally working out in my benefit because Bloc Party was GREAT. They played Modern Love, Banquet, Helicopter and Hunting for Witches among others - totally worth seeing them over Jack White and Co. I thought. Seeing Bloc Party made me even pumped to see the even more famous U.K band playing after them, Radiohead. There was 75,000 people jammed onto the field to see them but I still had enough room to dance like idiot because, that's what I do best bitches. Radiohead was awesome. Mother fucking awesome. They played both songs I was dying to hear off the new album, House of Cards and All I Need, plus my other favorites Airbag, No Surprises, Natural Anthem and Idioteque. I've always liked Radiohead, but had never exactly sought out tickets to see them live. You can bet your bottom dollar I'm never gonna miss them again though. I talked them up so much that my brother just texted me today saying he bought tickets to see them tomorrow, Monday, in Ohio. Lucky bastard - I'd give my right arm to see them again. So, it took me four fucking years to finally go to Lollapalooza (and it's right in my backyard, that's embarrassing) butI finally did it. Thank you Duffy, the Black Keys, Bloc Party and Radiohead for making it worth my time and money, but next time, Duffy? Try not to play so early in the day on a stage making me face directly into the sun, k? Thanks girl.

I started my new job, which I love, love, love with a passion two weeks ago and just found out this past week that the owner takes everyone to a Cubs game every year, a rooftop Cubs game that is. (Some of the apartments across the street from Wrigley Field rent them out and you can watch the game from up there, with free food and beer, it's actually pretty cool, and that's coming from a diehard Sox fan.) So I didn't really want to go, since I'd be at Lollapalooza all day Friday and with the game being at 12:05 Saturday, I knew I'd be wiped out and just too lazy to go. But I sucked it up, thinking it would probably be the right thing to go, being one of the new employees and all - I don't want to do anything to fuck this job up. So I went, I was a big girl and took the train all by myself, and I got wasted. I didn't do anything that makes me embarrassed to go in tomorrow by any means, but it was still weird to be drunk in front of my new co-workers. Especially co-workers who are 50 years old with white hair, look older than your 55 year old parents, who tell you they want to take you and that they're a "good catch - never been married, no kids and own my own house". That's great buddy but there's probably a REASON you've never been married. He was definitely good for a few free beers and shots though, and I don't have to see him hardly ever since he's just an installer and never comes into the office. But anyways, you have no idea how much shit I got from friends and my brother for going to this game. I couldn't bring myself to wear a Sox shirt because I hate when I'm at Comiskey and some douche bag is wearing a Cubs shirt when they aren't playing the Cubs, but some of my other Sox fan co-workers are ballsier than me so I stuck my them all night. So I may have gone to a Cubs game, my first Cubs game, mind you, but I am not a traitor, I'm not moving to the Northside and I'm not losing your number J.P SO SHUT UP.

Things That Make Me Go Apeshit, Vol. One

I went to a wedding shower today for my cousin Gene and his fiancee Colleen. When you read that sentence, you probably pronounced "Colleen" the right way, they only way it is pronounced, like "Cah-lean". No, this girl pronounces it "Co-lean". I thought maybe at first she spelled it with one L, or one E or something but it's not. This really enrages me. It's like me insisting I'm not "Kay-tee", it's "Kah-tee". You just can't change the whole pronunciation of your name, says me. We really need to work this out before the wedding in October or else there just might be a beatdown in the church I'M NOT KIDDING.

Things That Make Me Go Apeshit, Vol. Two

A few weeks ago, when I was still at the UPS Store, my co-worker Kathy was listening to the oldies station, a station I can't stand because I hate Elvis and all that other shit that classifies as an oldies song. This station claims to be "the true oldies" station all the time. All the fucking time, it's their tag line or whatever. So this "true oldies station" plays an Eddie Money song, Take Me Home Tonight. Them playing this song stops me in my tracks, no. 1, because I like to get mad about stupid shit and no. 2, because I know for a fact Eddie wasn't around in the late 1950's and early 60's making music already. So because I am seemingly predisposed to raising my blood pressure over shit like this and not all the other injustices in the world like Darfur, I look up when this song came out, and it was in 1986. Nineteen FUCKING EIGHTY-SIX. How do you have the balls to call yourself the "true oldies station" but play a song from the 80's? I'm getting seriously pissed all over again. Thank god I have a new job where my boss listen to the rap/hip-hop station and I hear the stupid fucking "Don't Stress" song by who knows and "I Kissed a Girl" 9000 times a day! Upgrade!

Once in awhile when I get bored, mainly when I was working at the store and I'd read my old blog entries when I had nothing else to read. I tend to read October of 2005 more often because it was the month the Sox won the World Series. Seriously, reading that month gets me all excited and happy, almost as if it's happening all over again. I always remember that it was awesome when they won of course, but reading my entires from that whole month, when I obviously had no idea it was going to end as sweetly as it did just makes it all the more.....awesomer? I have no idea where I'm going with this, I just love it. With us offcially out of first place for the first time all summer, the World Series may not happen again, but at least I have October of '05 to read whenever I get down about the Sox losing. Blogger, saving Katie from suicide every baseball season.

It's been eons, my apologies. Not like you care anyways. I won't be so long in between hellos next time.