Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Knock Yourself Out

The book I finished today namechecked the book I'm starting tonight. Freeeeeeaky.

The Bears season in one word? Tragic. Just fucking tragic.

The song Playboy by Hot Chip makes me feel, I wish to god I could think of another word here but I can't, sexy. Sex machine-ish. Boner-ish. Listen to it yourself and disagree with me I DARE YOU.

I am DONE Christmas shopping.

I got my oil changed for the first time by myself - I am now an official grown-up. Or at least getting closer.

I have off Christmas Eve. I would've been off by 3:00 anyways BUT STILL. I'm excited.

Will is still a fucking psycho. Really, I should start carrying Mace with me. Or an axe.

I hadn't read much in the past month but read three books in the past nine days. I'm awesome. Yes I'm bragging about reading skills: I gotta cling to what I've got.

I've been looking for a dark red colored purse forever and found one at Payless Shoes of all places. For $4.00. FOUR fucking dollars. I'm awesome.

Seriously, the band Hot Chip is the cat's pajamas AND the bee's knees combined.

And finally, a picture of me. At San Diego. In the ocean. Glowing.