Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Prodigal Blogger Returns

Well looky looky who's back. I've actaully been back since last night, but the internet decided to be a bastard and go out on me, so I couldn't update. I know you've all mourned in my absence, but fear no more, for I have returned. Je suis tres tres tired right now, but I know Jenn will probably fly to Chicago to beat my ass in person if I don't update, so I'll do my best. God, the things I do for you. I hope you appreciate me.

Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? I did. It was great seeing all my cousins. I really only see most of them on holidays, so when I get to, it's always fun. My favorite cousin is 8 year old Maeve, who is thee biggest smartass in the entire world. She has more sarcasm in her than is probably normally for a 2nd grader and I love it. She cracks me up like no other. When it was just my family left at my aunt's, my Uncle John was letting Keri and I drink. I know, no big deal since we are 19 and 20, but it was so much fun. We were drinking beer and then he was making us martini's. I didn't get trashed, but Keri was shit faced. Good thing Jeep was there to be the DD. My dad is the funnest drunk. I can't wait until I'm 21 and can go to a bar with him. He's literally the life of the party when he's drunk. (Which isn't that often, he isn't an alchoholic) But lordy, when he is drunk, watch out. He is a crazy mofo. He doesn't drink hard liquor, just beer, like I do most of the time. So I got my love of history, bad mathmatic skills, horrible eyesight and love of beer from my Dad. You're the best, Daddio. Then my aunt turned on Barry White (we're weird) and Keri and I laughed our asses of at my mom dancing. It's kind of like the mom-version of the chicken dance, with her flapping her arms. You have to experience it in person. Words cannot explain it. I had turkey for the first time in four Thanksgivings there. Too bad it was dry and tasted like ass. And that concludes my Thanksgiving. Look out for next year when I'll be 21 and get completely trashed in front of my extended family for the first time. That should be fun.

On Wednesday morning I was babysitting for my 4 shithead cousins and it started snowing out. Then I had work from 3-7 and the whole time it was still snowing. What did I bring home to wear? My clogs, 2 pairs of flip-flops and 2 hoodies instead of a coat. So no shoes with backs and no winter coat. And to think I was once a Girl Scout. Didn't they teach me anything about being prepared? Or maybe that's the Boy Scout's motto. Either way, it's November, and being from Chicago where we have 4 different seasons in one day, I should have known to bring my coat home. The only coat I have right now is my "Gay Pride". It's my mom's old ski jacket from the 70's. Bright red, with a bright blue and bright yellow huge stripe on it. I guess you could say it's a pretty bright coat. I should take a picture of it. My mom can't believe I actually wear it, but I have been for the past 4 years. I told you I have bad fashion taste. I'm getting a new one for Christmas, and it looks like it's off the Beatles Sgt. Pepper's album. I'll still keep the Gay Pride for skiing though. Everyone says they can always spot me easily on the hill. So really it's more practical than anything, so that's why I keep it. Who am I kidding, I love ugly clothes and that coat is about the ugliest thing I own. It's my priiiiiiiide and joy. RIP Stevie.

I managed to rack up about 21 hours working three days at the UPS Store. It's always great going back there, I feel like the Prodigal Son. You know that Bible story where the son leaves home, and when he returns his dad throws a big party for him, even though the son stole all his money, the dad is just glad to have his son home? Maybe not, but now you do. Whenever a regular customer comes in and they see me, their face lights up, and I love it. "Katie, how have you been? How's school? Are you back for Christmas yet? How are the grades?" I get along really well with all my co-workers too, so I love seeing them and vice versa. I should get paid by I'm hoping Friday, or the latest by Monday. Good lord I can't wait to have some money.

It was great to see the best friend Megan again too. We went out for coffee a few times, rented movies and went to a party with Matty Fatty and Jackie on Wednesday night. Probably one of the most craziest parties I have ever been too. I saw two girls get into a bitch fight, and then two guys fighting, breaking bottles and shit like that, it was insane. Too bad the keg ran dry early, but I saw a bunch more people I hadn't seen since August, so that was fun.

Motherfucker, I had about 2 more paragraphs typed out, then I went to save it, and it erased everything up until here. I think I just talked about Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (awesome fucking movie) and how unphotogenic I was at times as a child. I wish I had a scanner to prove it to you.

I only have this week left of classes, and then finals week. I only have two finals though, so that's sweetass. It seems like everyone else has two weeks of classes left, then finals, but not moi. I almost kind of wish I did, because that would put off going home for another week. I'll be at home from December 8th - January 16th. Holy fuck is that a long time. I promise I'll update over Christmas Break, but you really have no idea how cold our basement it. When it's winter, I always want to wear gloves because I can't feel my fingers. For some reason my parents think we're poor so they keep the house absolutely freezing to cut down on the heat bill. Then everyone else has an electric blanket except for me. Bastards. It's 55 degrees in my room, I kid you not. So don't you bitch at me Jenn. It really is fucking freezing.

Last thing before I go, I think Jay will get a kick out of this: I was at work, and this old guy comes in to make some color copies. He asked how my holiday was, then I asked about his. He says, "Well my son was drving down from Kenosha, to my daughter's house, he got caught in some awful traffic." I asked him how far away Kenosha was, and he said it's a little over an hour from where I live in Chicago. Not an exciting story, but I had never heard anyone talk about Kenosha before, except for you. Maybe I'll take a roadtrip there sometime and be sure to take a picture next to everything that says Kenosha on it.

So this is extremely long, but hey, I hadn't posted in a week. Sorry it wasn't very entertaining, but I'm dead right now. At least I'm not as sick anymore and don't sound like a man, all stuffed up. I sneezed 12 times in a row in Tuesday night. I think that was the highlight of the whole break. Geshuintiht (how the fuck do you spell that word?), bitches.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Need To Destroy Things Creeps Up On Me All The Time

Today was mine and Emjo last night of bonding before I go home for Thanksgiving break. She wanted to go shopping, so we went to this mall about 30 minutes away. I of course had no money, but it was fun anyways. We were in this store called Hollister, and I felt like a grandma because the fucking music was defeaning. Seriously, it wasn't like quiet background music. I felt like I was standing next to a speaker at a concert. Emily couldn't even hear the lady who was ringing her up when she bought a shirt. How do you expect people to want to stay and shop in your store when you can't even hear yourself think? I don't get the sense in that. You'd think you'd want people to stay in your store for a long time shopping, not give them a goddamn headache while doing so. Maybe I should go into retail and teach them a thing or two.

Next we went to Abercrombie and Fitch. Good lord did we have some laughs in there. A good game to play in that store is "Guess the outrageous price!" This is how you play:
1. Take any item of clothing
2. Turn to your partner and say "Guess the outrageous price some douche bag will actually pay for this!"
3. Over guess by at least $40 and you'll be closer to the real price.
4. Have a good laugh when you realize that people will really pay that much.

Really, play this game next time, you'll get a good laugh out of it. I picked up this ugly ass sweater that I wouldn't pay $5 dollars for. Emily guessed $100. Wrong. $130? Guess again motherfucker. $149.50? Ding ding ding. A winter hat? No less than $29.50. I love how all the prices end in .50, like you'll really think "Well, it is under $30. I think I'll take it!" For real, no regualr t-shirt there was under $35 or $40. We were the only people in there at the time, and Emily's sorta of boyfriend works there, but they couldn't hear us laughing because the music was so loud, once again. And another thing: the sizes there are crazy. Emily is normally a size 4 or 6. When she tried on a pair of jeans, she was a 12 (please don't tell her I told you that). I thought all expensive stores changed the sizes so that you fit into a size a lot smaller than you normally are. I think that's Abercrombie's ploy to keep fat people away from the store. I don't think a pair of jeans would have fit onto my arm there. I'm not obese by any means, but I'm not stick thin by any means either. I don't even bother trying on anything there. A size large looks like what an extra small would look like in any other store. I think the "guess the price" game was the highlight of my night.

When we got home, it was only 8:00 and we still wanted to do something else, so we decided to go see a movie. Shark Tale was playing at the Campus Cinema, so we went to the 9:15 show. Neither of us particularly wanted to see it, but we thought it would at least be a cute, funny movie. Good lord were we wrong. I can't remember the last I walked out of a movie going "I fucking hated that movie." The more I think about it, the madder I get that I wasted a whole $2.50 on it. I think I laughed twice, and both times I was forcing it, like "C'mon Kate, it's at least kinda funny, right? Just give it a chance." It wasn't even a good laugh either. To top it off, it didn't even have a cute ending. I'm just going to shut up about it. Shark Tales sucked ass. Please do not waste your money. I knew we should have seen Napoleon Dynamite again.

So I got $23 back from my books today. Minus McDonalds, a pack of P-Funks, a stupid ass movie, popcorn and a drink = $6. Good money managment Kate.

I leave tomorrow for Thanksgiving break, to return on Sunday. I won't be online much, and probably won't blog a lot either because our computer at home blows. Come to think of it, my dad had to take it in to be fixed, so maybe I won't be online at all. I can't remember if they got it back already yet.

Just got off the phone with Sexy Mexy. Good thing my minutes start over again on the 28th, because I'm really running out. Glad to hear you had a fun vacation lady! We need a phone threesome with Billy Jack soon damnit. Just give me a call anytime over break, and maybe I'll pick up. If you're lucky. I can't wait to work at the UPS Store. The faster I get some money, the faster I can spend it! Preferably on a $150 sweater at Abercrombie. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone if I don't update here over break. Eat some turkey, bitches!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Workin' 9 to 5

I better not have bronchitus. My mom and Keri are both telling me it's not contagious, but strangely enough, a few hours after Keri leaves I have this cough. And I didn't even smoke a lot of cigarettes last night. I shared water bottles with Keri, so if it is contagious, I'm fucked. Keri has bronchitus, if you didn't catch on to that fact.

We had a great time last night. She brought up a frozen pizza to eat, but I burned that on the stove, so we went to Taco Bell instead. After we're leaving, when Keri gets outside she screams "I'M FULL!" like on those Taco Bell commercials. I almost pee'd my pants laughing. I'm laughing again remembering it.

After we get back we have 3 hours to kill until Emily comes home from work and we go to the party. I think we spent a good hour of that time talking about Salute Your Shorts. I told her about the band Rilo Kiley and how Pinsky is in it, and she got a big kick out of the fact that I still remember all the names of the kids on that show (well I remembered most of them with Bill's help). Then Keri remembered the show David the Gnome. Who the fuck remembers that show, except for Keri? "The show about lawn gnomes with the fox named Flash......David the Gnome!!" were her exact words. You even remember the name of the fox, sheesh lady. You impress me with your Nickelodeon knowledge.

When Emily got home around 10:30 we left for the party. It was at the same party we went to last time Keri was here, and there was this guy Gene there that we had met at the last party. Keri and I were so excited to see him, like we'd been friends all our lives or something. He wasn't wearing a Hawaiian shirt this time though. Damn you Gene. Also made friends with this guy Brian and who was hysterical. I wish I had gotten his phone number or something. Emily just told me that the cops came to the party, and thats why we were in the backyard at one point during the night. I remember nothing about cops being there. Being in the backyard, yes, but cops, no. I just called Keri to blame her for my new found bronchitus, and she doesn't remember the cops either. Either we weren't informed or we're both dumbasses.

I also just found out that we were home by 1:30. Wow, party animals, staying out until all hours of the night. We're so motherfucking crazy! I could have swore it was at least 3:00 when we got home. Apparently not.

We were up at 9:00 this morning. I hate how I wake up at ungodly hours sometimes when I go to bed drunk the night before. Keri left a 1:00 and by 1:30 I was in my bed taking a nap. I woke up at 5:00, walk into the living room, and we have a huge Christmas tree in there! I can't hold back the Christmas Spirit until after Thanksgiving anymore. I tried, but Thanksgiving is almost here anyways. Emjo and I are going to bring up ornaments to decorate with next Sunday when I get back, and her mom bought Elf for her, so we'll have that to watch. Fuck yeah bitches, I can't wait.

I really want McDonald's right now. I went to return some books so I could get some cash, but the goddamn book store is closed on Sundays. Assrammers. I have an art history book that was $82. I didn't even touch the damn book this whole year. My mom always asks for the money I get when I return the books, but I'm always broke towards the end of the year, so I cut the money I get back in half, and keep it. Or I split it 75% for me, 25% for her. She always gets mad, saying "I paid $450 dollars for those goddamn books! And all I get is $20 back? That isn't right." Yeah, those bookstore bastards, stop robbing my mom. It's always hysterical for me to see her get so mad. Lordy I'm so coniving. I guess you could say those moments with my mom are INVALUABLE.

I had a great time with you, Sister. Except for when you had the hiccups for 30 minutes. Then I wanted to kill you. Or how when we were watching D2: Mighty Ducks (a classic) you said every line 10 seconds before they would on screen. But that made me laugh more than hate you, because you still remember the lines to a movie you claim you haven't seen in forever. You'll always be the Gordon Bombay to my Charlie Conway. You lost it for us. You lost it for yourself. We will, we will QUACK you. Sorry, I'm done now. Thanks for downloading me some Dolly Pardon. I'll be sure to listen everyday. Quality Sister Time, bitches.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Childhood Memories, Revisited

What book from my childhood have they not turned into a movie? I just read that Spike Jonze is making a movie of the book Where the Wild things Are, which is one of the greatest kids books ever. I wonder if my mom still has it at home. Spike Jonze is supposed to be a "cool" director, right? I don't think I've seen anything he's done. I'm not much of a movie buff. People (i.e Bill) yell at me all the time for not seeing "classics" like The Goonies, The Princess Bride and a ton others that I can't think of at the moment. I have some suggestions for some of my other favorite books they should turn into movies. Only if you can do a good job though. Don't fuck them up.

Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret by Judy Blume. You're not a girl unless you've read this book. I'm pretty sure it's a requirement that you must read this book if you are a 13 year old girl. How can you forget the line "We must, we must, we must increase our bust"? Classic, just classic.

Danny the Dinosaur by I don't remember. I'm pretty sure this wasn't a "nationally acclaimed book", but it was in our house. If Dad was reading us a book at night, it was this one. He would read it to us three so often that we could read along with him, before any of us actually knew how to read. It's about this dinosaur who of course can talk, that befriends this boy, and then they both become the hit of the neighborhood. It's a fucking great book. I want to read it now.

The American Girl Collection by I don't remember this one either. But only the Molly series. The rest of them I could have done without. Molly lived in America during World War II, and her dad was a doctor who was over in Europe. Molly was cool, and I wanted to be her.

Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar. Did anyone read these books? Anyone? These books were great. It was about this school that is 30 stories high, but has no 19th floor. The classroom at the 30th floor is taught by Mrs. Jewels who has a crazy ass class of weird kids. It's all these short stories about the kids, like the one where Calvin was going to get a tattoo for his birthday (I think they were about 10) and the kids are giving him these cool ideas, but he ends up getting a potato. Or the one where Paul is obsessed with pulling Leslie's pigtails and can't help himself. If I have nothing to read at home, I'll still read this book over and over. This would make a kickass movie. Steven Spielberg, are you reading this?

I was just out in the living room watching tv, and I saw the goddamn mouse again. I really thought I had gotten over my fear of him, once I saw how small he actually is, but nope. I still screamed like a little girl and am now hiding in my room. I really want a cigarette too, but I can't bring myself to go out there. I keep thinking I hear him chewing through the piece of cardboard I put over the hole that goes from the utility closet to my room and am literally driving myself crazy.

I would like to congratulate Brother Bear on getting accepted to college! University of Akron, here he comes. To top it off, he gets at least a $1000 scholarship, if not more. I definitly know who the favorite is now. Good lord, he's going to be in college. That is so fucked up.

I was talking to my mom earlier, and tomorrow is her and my dad's 22nd wedding anniversary. (Aww, congrats M&D) She said "I know that makes us really old now" (my dad is 52 and she'll be 52 in March). Then she told me how she ran into this family that I used to babysit for the other day. There were 3 kids, the oldest was a girl, then the other 2 were boys. Last time I babysat them, she could not have been any older than 3rd grade. She's a fucking FRESHMAN IN HIGH SCHOOL now. What the fuck? I told my mom "You feel old being married for 22 years, I feel old knowing kids I babysat for are in high school now." I know I always bitch about feeling old, but holy shit, that just hit me like a brick. You young whippersnappers grow up too damn fast nowadays. Next thing I know, my youngest cousin Liam is going to be bumming cigarettes off me at family functions. Well, I hope not, since he's only 3. But shit, bitches. I can't keep up with them anymore.

So I wanted to go to bed early tonight. I don't think that cup of coffee or glass on Mt Dew helped that cause. I don't really feel shitty anymore though, which is good. Kerianne is here tomorrow! Fuck yeah bitches. We shall have a night full of sister memories to remember for a lifetime. And the queerness stops now. I think I'm going to brave the living room to go have a cigaroo. Is that what British people call them? No, they call them fags. Nevermind, I'm done talking to myself. Go read some books, bitches.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Long May You Run

I feel like shit today. Not just a hangover either. Which really sucks because Keri is coming up here tomorrow. Hopefully I feel better tomorrow. I'm not going out tonight, so that proves right there that I am sick.

Jenn called me today, and she's having fun on her days off. Thanks for thinking of me lady! Jealous she didn't call you? I thought so.

Bill, it's not funny to joke that you'd touch my face if given the chance. Not funny at all, mister.

I really wish my tv wasn't from 1955 and had a remote that I could use. Or a giant stick to change the channel with.

I want to see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind so fucking bad. Really really really bad. I'm renting it over Thanksgiving.

I talked to my best friend Megan today and I can't wait to see her at home. I've only seen her once this semester, and that is not acceptable. I'm so excited.

Hope you all have a better night than I do. Somebody get me some NyQuil, bitches.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Every Junkie's Like a Setting Sun

I tried going to sleep at midnight, but I ended up reading for an hour, and now can't fall asleep. I got out two Kurt Vonnegurt books from the library today - Mother Night and Hocus Pocus. I had never heard of either of them, but they didn't have Cat's Cradle or Breakfast of Champions, so I had to get something. I started Mother Night and I really like it so far. It's about a guy who committed war crimes in Germany during World War II. That's all I know so far, I'm only about 30 pages into it. But that's enough of my book report.

I nearly had three heart attacks tonight and my throat still hurts from screaming. Carly, Emily and I now have a fourth roommate, a brown mouse. A very tiny mouse, but a mouse nonetheless. I was not aware of how scared I was of a small mouse. I was laying down on the couch watching tv when I saw him scamper across the room. I screamed so loud, then Emily started screaming even louder so our neighbors down the hall that we've never met came down to make sure we were ok. I think they thought we were being raped or something. Carly's ex boyfriend and Emily's sort of boyfriend both came over to look for the mouse, but they couldn't catch it. Then we discovered that the mouse keeps running into our utility closet, which has a hole that goes into my room. Great! I no longer feel safe in my own apartment. Emily went to stay at Jake's, so on the plus side, I can play music loud now that she's not here. But something needs to be done about that mouse. I'm too much of a pansy to be sharing my apartment with him.

I took my test from Mazen, and got a 100%. Fuck yeah bitches. I also officially declared Political Science as my minor.

This weekend is going to be fun. Tomorrow Emily and I are going to get trashed while watching the OC, Friday she's buying Elf and we're just going to stay in and drink, since she has work at 8 am. Then on Saturday Sister comes here along with my friend Joel. Joel is supposedly taking us to this party where a band is playing and he "can get us in for free because he knows the band" but we'll see if that actually happens. I'll probably write about the weekend on Sunday and none of this will have happened. I'm not Nodstradomus, so get off my back.

It was fucking humid out today. It wasn't just normal humid. It was more like this-is-June-and-85-degrees-out humid. It is November, right? It wasn't really 85, but it was 63, which is pretty equal to 85 considering normally at this time of year it's about 20 degrees out. My hair looked normal and fine when I left for class this morning and after the 20 minute walk to campus, it was gigantic. Fro'ing and curling all over the place. It was the kind of weather when you could have just taken a shower 15 minutes ago, but the minute you step outside you feel all sticky and sweaty and gross and want to take another shower. Mother Nature, I'm enjoying the nice weather we've been having in November, but enough with the humidity. I can't take it anymore, and neither can my hair. I don't need to look anymore atrocious than I normally do. Thank you.

Jenn's gone for 5 days. I wish you could use your brother's computer lady! But have fun partying it up this weekend. Give me a ringy-ding-ding when you get a chance. And a picture! We'll miss you on here! Only 3 more school days left until my Thanksgiving vacation starts. I'm not really excited to be home from Tuesday until Sunday, but at least I get to work, go out for coffee with Megan, eat some good food for once, drink my parent's liquor with Keri, watch MXC with J.P, see some friends that I haven't seen in months like Matty Fatty and Jackie, and see my favorite cousin Maeve on Thanksgiving. Maybe I am looking forward to it. Thanksgiving break is always the test for how well I'll get along with my family over Winter break which is 10 times longer. At least Emily will be staying here in DeKalb so I'll have an escape to go to when I need to get out.

Damnit, I meant to make this post really short because I wanted to get back to bed so I would get at least 10 hours of sleep. I'll lay down and then end up reading until 4 am I bet. Kurt Vonnegurt, bitches.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Godspeed, All the Bakers at Dawn

I started a post about how I was having a great day, and then my computer fucked up. I took an hour break, and now I think I'm ready to try this again. But you are really starting to piss me off Mr. Blog. Don't ruin my good day.

So today I had a lovely day. I went to both of my classes (3 for 3 so far!) and after my Political Science class (thats what Poli Sci stands for Jenn) I was going to ask my teacher if there was any way I could make up the test I missed on Thursday. I'm a dumbass, and skipped this class both times last week. I woke up Friday morning remembering that I had forgotten about the map test that is worth 10% of my grade. Motherfucker. During class I was looking at my syllabus to see what Mazen's policy on make up exams were, and it looked hopeless. After class I had the following conversation with him.

Me: Last Thurs-
Mazen: You missed the test on Thursday. Are you going to be on campus tomorrow? I'll be in my office from 11-4:30, so you can come in any time then.
Me: I can still take it?
Mazen: Sure
Me: I love you.

Maybe I didn't declare my love for him, but I should have. Is that not the awesomest thing you have ever heard? I was going to make up some lame excuse, saying that I got sick on Tuesday, and on Thursday I was just an idiot and skipped class, hoping he would give me something I could do to earn an few extra points. I really didn't expect to be able to take the test at all. Turns out I didn't even have to ask! Maybe I won't fail out of college after all. You are now officially my favorite teacher Mazen. And you have a cool name to top it off.

After that, I was walking out of class, and called Emily to tell her they were giving out free pitas at Pita Petes if you signed up for some credit card. I never normally do that shit, but I made up my SSN, phone number, last name and address, so I'm sure I'll never get that credit card. You just had to cut it up once you got it anyways, they weren't going to charge you anything. I know, it's a stupid thing to do, considering someone did take my SSN once, but I'm one step ahead of you bitches now. So I got a free dinner. Sweetass.

Later on, I was talking to Keri online, and checking my email. I got so excited when I saw who emailed me back. Mr. Jason Mulgrew! And Jenn, he was funny in it! I just told him a few songs he might like, and how I liked that Ray Montangue he always talked about. Keri was jealous that he was funny in my email, because she sent him one, and he wasn't when he replied. You probably don't care if you don't know who Jason Mulgrew is, but it totally made my day. So then me and Keri were talking about how we wanted to see what Jason looked like. I remember him writing about how he had a profile on this Friendster thing, so Keri and I sign up for it, hoping to see a picture of him. We found him, and he's actaully not that bad looking Jenn. Definitly not as fat as he makes himself out to be. I was surprised, I really thought he was going to be creepy looking, but he's not at all. Plus his profile was hysterical, so you should find it Jenn. Keri and I started feeling really creepy because we were looking at his friends going "I think I found his roommate Ben. Oh shit, theres's Brian too!" Probably no one cares about this, and if you don't care, it's because you have not read his blog. Do yourselves a favor and read him. From start to finish. It's long, but so worth it. I laugh so hard reading what he writes.
www.everythingiswrongwithme.blogspot.com Go there. Now.

I am getting really excited for Christmas. I downloaded a few songs today, and I'm trying my hardest to resist listening to them until after Thanksgiving. I was talking to Billy Jack earlier about Christmas movies and songs, and I can't wait for some of my favorite Chrsitmas movies to start playing. A Christmas Story, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Prancer, Home Alone, Charlie Brown, Frosty the Snowman, and all those weird animation-but-they're-not-really-animation movies, like Rudolph and Bill's favorite because he kind of looks like him, the Abominable (however you spell it) Snowman. Shit, is that the name of it? I can't remember. But you still look like it. Emily said she's going to buy Elf on Friday, and I really hope she does. One of the best movies though, is The Snowman. Has anyone ever seen it? It's animated and about a snowman that comes to life and take the boy who made him on a trip to see other snowman. I can't explain it, but it's great. There's no talking in it, they just play this one song most of the time, and if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about. If not, call me and I'll hum it for you. Another reason I can't wait for Christmas is because Keri, J.P and I are getting our mom and dad the best present ever - a ride in a hot air balloon. Shes always wanted to take a ride in one, and I've had the idea forever, just no money to do it with. Thank god J.P is loaded and can spot us the money for awhile. Just he and I were supposed to do it at first, because Keri is making my mom this scrapbook, which Pammy is going to love, and we wanted to get her something better. But it's fucking expensive, so Keri decided to go in on it with us. We're even sacrificing presents to each other to afford it. The love and support that they both provide me with is more than enough of a present. Just kidding, I'm not queer. Ok, now I'm really fucking excited for Christmas. Get in the holiday spirit, bitches!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Tonight Emily and I were watching Roseanne, and we started talking about our sisters because the episode was about Becky and Darlene getting seperate bedrooms. Her sister is 24, so shes about 3 years older than Emily, and Keri is 19, so I'm only 15 months older than her. (Please take note of this Jenn and never call Keri my older sister again. Capeche?) We were talking about all the fights we used to get into with our sisters and stupid sibling shit like that. Whenever me, Keri or J.P would be fighting (and I mean hardcore physically fighting. we used to beat the shit out of each other) my mom would just say "The first one who cries has to go to their room." That actually worked on us because we would refuse to cry, no matter how much it hurt and my mom didn't have to hear any whining. Well it probably worked out for her better, but still. My friend Megan was horrified, and still is, that my mom said that to us. She has an older brother who is only about 18 months older than her, but they never physically faught as kids. What kind of household is that? Siblings that don't fight? I don't get it. Her and her brother would yell at each other, but he never hit her or vice versa. That is so bizarre to me. When me and Keri would fight with J.P, they would just say, "Someday he's going to be bigger than you, and he's going beat you up and we're just going to watch." Thanks Mom and Dad. Well he did get bigger than me, and he was scary when he got mad. He would charge at me like a bull and just pummel me. Or he would chase me up the stairs to my room, which I HATE, so I would end up cowering on the stairs. Sounds brutal, but if you had a brother or sister, you understand.

The best part about fighting with siblings, is that you don't have to work shit out afterwards. When Keri and I would fight, an hour later I would go in her room and watch tv with her, or borrow her clothes. Of course you had to be all nice at first, but there was none of that "I'm really sorry I called you a bitchface earlier. Will you please forgive me and be my sister again?" None of that bullshit. You fight and then it's over. Sure there were awful fights that we got pissed at each other for days about. In one fight I ripped her shirt, and she clawed my face so bad that people at work thought I had an abusive boyfriend. All over a hair rubber band. And we were 17 and 18 at the time. Badass, I know. Our family goes to Arizona a lot to visit my mom's relatives, and we would always drive there in our huge ass van. Two of us always had to share the backseat while we took turns having the middle seat to ourselves. I don't know how we didn't kill each other on one of those trips. The two who had to share the seat always got in kicking fights because the other "was taking up too much room." I never knew how angry I could get until my space is invading in an already cramped enviorment. Then the two in the back would gang up on the one who had the seat to themselves and basically make life hell for them for a few hours. Ahh, great family memories. You'd think we would mature as we got older. No, not so much. All three of us get along great now (of course not all of the time, we are still siblings) but put us in the backseat of a van for 3 days in a row and I can guarantee there will be some blood shed.

While I was outside on our balconey having a ciagrette today, Emily started laughing at the outfit that I had on. I saw nothing wrong with it. Cut off grey sweatpants that come to about my shins, a pink pull-over fleece with a collar that won't stay down so I look like Elvis, a red t-shirt that has an '02 on the back from when I graduated, my giant turquoise necklace that I am obsessed with and wear with everything, my Birks with no socks on, silver dangly earrings I've neglected to change from the weekend and my hair is in one of those messy ponytail things. Sexy, no? My outfits never match. It's not because I'm purposely trying to look shitty, though you would think so, I love clothes and dressing up. I'm just a gigantic lazy ass who throws on whatever is clean. Megan gets a big kick out of me too. Have any of you ever seen the movie About A Boy? The mom in that movie, played by Toni Collette I think, if that's her name, has an awful sense of fashion, and at one point wears capri's, running shoes and socks, and a fur coat, and Megan always says that's going to be me when I get older. I swear I will never be that bad, but I'll probably be close. Megan always gives me the are-you-seriosuly-going-out-like-that look, and yes Megan, yes I am going out like this. Sometimes I'll get dressed up when I go out to a party or something, but if I don't feel like it, I've been known to wear a Bears shirt and hoodie, so what? You are all probably very glad right now that you never have to be seen with me in public. Consider yourselves lucky.

A few last notes:
- Favorite song of the day: Keep It Clean by Camera Obscura. You finally got your groove back, Billy Jack.
- I cleaned my room AND did three loads of laundry today. I pat myself on the back for that.
- I still have homework to do.
- I failed an art history test today. I'm really starting to think I'm never going to graduate college. I will fail out instead. Sounds like a plan to me.
- I'm really going to go to all 9 classes this week, instead of just 1. No, really I am. I swear.
- Kerianne is going to grace me with her presence on Saturday. Sisters reunited! Try to scam mom out of some moola so we can go out to eat.
- Download Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere by Mr. Neil Young. S'il vous plait.
-I forgot to give props to Michy for telling me about The Shins song I'm in love it. Thank you Michy!
-November 12th was my half-birthday. Less than 6 months now until I turn 21. So if you're rounding up, I'm really 21. Will that work in a bar?
-I know I promised you a blog Ariel, and I will do it. Don't lose the faith.
- I'm done Jenn. Stop working and talk to me now.

Finito, bitches.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

I Think I Might Be Sinking

Last night Chandler called me and said his roommate Mark just got a brand new industrial sized blender, so they were making margaritas if I wanted to come over. I had nothing better to do since Emily was going out with a girl from her class, and it's free alchohol, so I head over there around 9:30. Some other people were over there too, and we just sat around playing Asshole (my favorite drinking game) for a few hours. Mark has his computer set up at the bar so he can play music for us. He had a shitload of tv theme songs downloaded, so we played Name that Tune which I was fucking AWESOME at. I even guessed the Dallas theme song. What the fuck, I've never even seen that show. I need to stop watching so much tv. I eventually proceeded to get very fucked up off margaritas and a few beers. AsI'm leaving around 2:30, Chandler opens up the door for me so that we're standing in the apartments hallway. I give him a hug goodbye, and as I pull away he goes, "Hey Katie, umm...do you think there's a chance of anything ever happening between us?" My head is reeling because I can't believe he had the balls to ask me that (he must have been trashed), but I manage to answer "No, I don't think so Chandler."

I'm walking home, just going oh my god, over and over again to myself. I am so proud of myself for telling him "No" and not being a pansy and dancing around the situation. I would hate myself today if I had answered "I don't know" instead of "No". I bet he feels really stupid today, if he even remembers asking me. He wanted me to come over to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind today, but I have my phone turned off because I don't feel like talking to him if he does call. I told Emily and Carly what happened and they act like I was a huge bitch to Chandler. I totally wasn't. I had to say it though because god knows what I would have gotten myself into if he thought I wanted to date him or something. I can't believe that he asked me that though. I know he likes me, but I have never, ever reciprocated those feelings back to him in any way. I know I'm going on and on about it, but I can't stop thinking about it.

To change the subject: Have you guys seen the car commerical that has The Band's song The Weight in it? I fucking love that song. I know so many people get pissed when one of their favorite songs are in a commerical, but I love it. You get to hear you favorite song on tv, so what the fuck are you bitching about? I know, I know, "selling out". But who cares? Dylan had a song in a Victoria Secret's commerical (of all things) earlier this year, and I enjoyed getting to hear him on tv every hour. Some people just get so worked up about this subject of "selling out." I could give a shit.

Download The Weight if you've never heard it. The Band was Dylan's backing band in the '60's and for a tour in '74. Dylan and The Band used to play together everyday in this house called Big Pink in the late 60's when they all lived in Woodstock, NY. They released an album called The Basement Tapes a few years later, which is an awesome album. Big Pink was the name of one of The Band's first albums too. Well actually it was called Music From Big Pink but same difference. My family took a trip to the Northeatern US two or three summers ago, and while we were in New York, I made them stop in Woodstock so we could find Big Pink. We couldn't find it, and asked some people if they knew where it was. They pointed us in the direction of some guy who was a huge Dylan fan and would probably know where it was. My mom and I go up to his door, and he's sitting down eating dinner with his family, but he still gets up and has us follow him in his car until he found it. Seeing Big Pink was like my Mecca. My shining moment. Also the moment I realized I was a little obsessed with Bobby D. My mom offered the guy $10 for his troubles, but he goes, "Nah, I could never take money from a fellow Dylan fan." Fuck yeah, I love that guy. If by chance you are reading this Mister, thank you for making my life complete, and I love you. I'm not creepy, really.

Please, pretty please with sugar on top and a cherry too, download the song New Slang by The Shins. I know nobody will, but if by chance you have some decency in your heart and do listen to it, listen at the very end to what sounds like a ball being dropped and making a cool noise. I'm sure it's a super cool instrument that makes the noise, and I can't describe it at all so just fucking download it already. And I love the fact that he says "Godspeed" in the song. I don't know why. I said that to Emily yesterday and she had never heard that word before. What a crazy bitch. Get your New Slang on, bitches.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

My Lady Lover, Emjo

Yesterday, Emjo and I were drinking our wine, playing the N Sync Christmas cd (I am NOT fucking Scrooge) and I realized that I need to write a blog about her because she is the best roommate and friend ever. It boggles my mind to think that we were random roommates freshman year, had to live in a small ass dorm room for 9 months, and we still love each other. Not only that we are still friends, but how close we still are. I guess that living in that small space could either make or break you, and it definitly made us. On our floor, there was so much drama, with roommates hating each other, moving out and never talking about, or people who just got annoyed with their roomies, but that never happened with us. We always talk about how weird it is that we've never gotten in a fight with each other. Sure, we annoy the fuck out of each other, but I can just tell her to shut the fuck up, and it's no hard feelings. When I decided to go to NIU for school, this other girl I knew was coming here too, and she wanted to room together. I can promise you all that if I had had to live with her, I would be in jail right now for first degree murder. She asked me if I wanted to be roomies, and me being a pansy said "Sure!" She asked me to bring in all this info to school later in the week that we needed about each other if we wanted to room together. She asked me if I had it a few days later, but I lied and said my mom had already sent my roommate info without telling me. Phew, crisis avoided.

So I get to college on move in day, and I meet Emily. She is the exact opposite of me. Short, tan, skinny - she looked like a cheerleader or something. Our parents leave, and it's just me and her, and we're talking, getting to know each other. She's from a small town of 1,500 (her graduating class was less than 70), has a boyfriend of about 2 years, loves N Sync, was a dancer on a team in high school, doesn't drink that much and goes to bed early. Me = from a town of 3 million, had 500 girls in my graduating class, don't have a boyfriend, did nothing in high school, loves Bob Dylan, likes to drink and is an insomniac. Emily and I really are the poster chilren of opposites attracting. I still remember the first time I went to take a shower in the dorms, I wore my clothes to the bathroom, changed into my towel there, then took a shower, putting my clothes back on before going to the room. Before long we were changing in the room and it didn't faze us one bit. We still get a kick out of how shy we both were at first. It took us a few months to really get close, but by 2nd semseter we did everything together. We got our nose pierced together to seal the friendship in March, went to eat dinner every night and she got me hooked on American Idol and The Bachelor.

Everyone on our floor loved hanging out in our room because they thought we acted so funny together. There was no drama, and you knew we weren't bitching about each other behind our backs, like everyone else was doing with their roommates. Our last night on the floor was one of the best. We basically trashed the whole floor along with our other friends and had a sleepover that night by pushing our pullout beds next to each other for the night. I was the only pansy who cried the next morning when I was leaving. It was so sad though. I was leaving all my friends, and even though I knew all of us would still be friends (and we all are today) I would miss just going next door and knocking on Ben's door, smoking in the lounge with Justin, getting caught smoking pot with Chris, feeding Joel all the time with Snickers Ice Cream bars, playing Kirby with Steve, borrowing Stephanie's jeans and boots, having Chandler burn cds for me, watching Super Troopers in Nick's room and most of all talking to Emily on AIM even though we were 2 feet away from each other. We still do that today, being in different rooms, but it's just not the same. Haha, goddamn we were losers, but we were the queens of the floor. All the other girls were prissy little bitches, or never came out of their room. I was the only girl who smoked pot and cigarettes, so I made friends with all the guys easily. I guess it helped that we fed the boys whenever we had food, or took care of them when they got sick, but someone had to be the mom goddamnit. Only I was the mom who got my room searched for pot, would stay up all night until my 9 am class and did beer bongs.

But I really do love Emily. We didn't get to live together last year, but I love living with her again this year. We know each other so well that we're perfect for living together. Plus it helps she has her sister's ID and can buy beer for us. Too bad I won't ever see her once she turns 21 in December. Damn you mom and dad for making my birthday so godddamn late in the year. Emjo says some of the most random stuff that makes me laugh my ass off. Yesterday she goes "Did you ever throw up inside your mouth, and then swallow it back down? I just did that." Haha, that the fuck Emily. Or the best was when she goes, "I fucking hate Tony. I would piss in his mouth if I could." Like pissing in his mouth would REALLY show how angry she was. That my friends, is one of my future bridesmaids. We start talking about how next year will be our last year living together, and it makes me want to cry. I don't want to graduate college goddamnit. I always make fun of 5th year, or 6th or even 7th year seniors, but I would be one in a second to avoid going into the real world to get a job. Ok, this is far too long, but I needed to tell the whole world about Emily because she is the best lady ever. I wish you all had an Emjo in your life, bitches.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Now That I'm Finally Not So Very Far Behind

Name: Katie
Age: 20
Height: 5'9
Fav. Book: Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegurt
Fav. Movie: Napoleon Dynamite
Fav. Singer: Bob Dylan
Fav. Band: Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Fav. Food: Spaghettios and meatballs
Fav. Drink: Tropical Punch Kool-Aid Jammers and Icehouse beer
Fav. Sport: Football
# of people you've humped: 4. Don't fucking ask yourself the question if you're not going to answer it, douche bag.
Biggest Mistake in your life: This one is taking me too long to think about, so I'm guessing I don't have any huge regrets. If I think of one, you'll be the first to find out though.
Smartest thing you've done in your life: Moved out of my house to go to college
Best Friends: Megan at home, since 5th grade, and Emily here at school
Secret Talent: I can sing exactly like Levon Helm from The Band.
Fav. Clothes: Sweatpants and hoodies. Yes, I am very attractive when dressed like this. Really.
Music you're listening to right now: The Fairest of the Seasons by Nico
Best day of your life: Probably the first time I saw Bob Dylan in concert. I literally couldn't eat for 3 days ahead of time I was so excited.
Number of pornos owned: zero
Times you've stole from a store: I've stolen so much makeup from Wal-Mart and Walgreens I can't count. How badass is that, stealing make-up. I'm hardcore bitches.

I was going to make fun of you Bill for making this up, but now I'm crabby becuase it's 4:22 am. So consider yourself saved. Even though there's not really a reason to make fun of you, I just enjoy doing it. I really wish I had saved that conversation I had with you earlier because it made me laugh hard. For all of you who don't know, Bill is The OC Walking Encyclopedia. You're my OC brummy buddy. And now I'm all up to date on everything, so thank you very much. OC, bitches.

Looks Like We Made It To the End

I just watched Bridget Jones Diary on TBS, my new favorite channel because they actually play good movies pretty often. At the end of the movie, Bridget is running out in the snow in only a sweater and her underwear, chasing down Mark Darcy, who just ran off. She thinks he's pissed, but he's just buying her a new diary. I don't feel like explaining more, so just watch the fucking movie. But anyways, they kiss in the middle of the street, while old ladies stare at them, with the snow falling. Then he takes his coat and wraps it around her so they're both under the coat and her body is against his. Do you get it? I don't know how to explain it, but I decided I want that to happen to me someday. I would like to kiss Mark Darcy while old women stare at us and have him wrap his coat around me. That's all for now.

Download To The End by Blur. It's my new favorite song. Kind of ties in with the movie, because that scene is the end of the movie. Except I think this song is about breaking up. But ignore that part.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

My Moments of Glory

I finally finished my paper. I skipped my 2:00 and 3:30 class because I needed to take a nap badly. My head was throbbing. Then when I got up, I did the damn paper in 45 minutes . 45 fucking minutes. I could have been done with it last night, instead I drag it out for 24 hours. I didn't feel like going to my night class either, so I walked there, handed in the paper and told my teacher I was sick, so I wouldn't be staying. Fuck yeah, I'm awesome. That makes a grand total of ONE classes that I have been to this week. I'm definitly going to both tomorrow, so it'll be 3 out of 9. How's that for lazy. I really need to get back on track. I'm not going to miss anymore until finals week, I swear. I only have 3 weeks left of classes anyways. That's crazy, I didn't realize that until now. But anyways, now that I've bored you all out of your skulls, I'll move on.

I always have ideas of what I want to blog about. Like clothes people wear that I hate, other blogs that annoy me, or the fact that Christmas music was being played in Old Navy on November 1st, but I'm always way too lazy to go into detail about any of that. Maybe I should write about.....my most embarassing moments? I can't come up with any other ideas. Let's start out with the away mesage that my sister Keri currently has up:

nephelai0820: didnt you fall down the stairs at st christina too?
yaya5120: uhh...no
nephelai0820: LIAR

Embarassing Moment Number 1:
Goddamn her, she always saves the stupid things I say for the whole world to see them. St. Christina was the grammar school we went to for K thru 8th grade. In 6th grade, I had broken my glasses and at the time didn't own contacts yet, so I had to go to school blind as a bat. I mean, I'm really fucking blind with no contacts or glasses. Things have to be 2 inches from my eyes if I want to try to read it with no glasses. So my teacher is leading my class outside for recess or something, and as a rule, we always had to line up in two lines, one for boys and the other for girls. As we were walking down the stairs, I tripped and went flailing down the stairs. I went down head first, thumping down each stair, right between the two lines, so everyone got a full view of my underwear as my skirt flipped up. I got up, at the bottom, completely mortified as my teacher is going, "Are you ok? Do you need to go the nurse? Did you break anything?" I reassure her I''m fine, and we go outside and I immediatly start crying. I wasn't hurting at all, I was crying because I was so embarassed. All my friends were standing around me, and I tried to play it off that my head hurt, that's why I was crying. Good lord was that embarassing. Maybe I did hit my head and that's why I'm so messed up today. I guess I could blame it on that.

Embarassing Moment Number 2:
It's September of my freshman year in college. It also happens to be Family Weekend, so my sister and mom come up for the day, to take me shopping and out to eat. My mom's friend Nancy's nephew goes there too, so all five of us go out to eat at Applebees. Everyone was was finishing up their food, but being done already, I get up to go have a cigarette outside. I should mention right now that the light above our table was not actually hanging over the middle of the table, but it was more like right over me because the table must have been moved before we sat down. (Are you following me?) Failing to realize this, I stand up and smash my head right into the light, smashing the glass and the lightbulb. I stand there for a minute, horrified, before everyone in the whole goddamn restaurant turns around, stares at me, and then slowly starts clapping. The manager rushes over, asking if I'm ok, probably not wanting me to sue him or something. I'm fine, once again (I swear I have a head made of steel), and even though everyone was pretty much done with their food, we all get new plates of food, plus a free dessert. I was so embarassed, I once again start crying even though I'm not in any pain. To hide my crying, I'm on my knees, crawling all over the floor, picking up shards of glass just because I didn't want to look at anyone. I finally sit down, and my mom keeps reassuring me that everything is ok, but she is just pissing me off talking about it. She tells me to go have my cigarette, but I refused for a couple of minutes because I didn't want to walk past all the people who had clapped for me. I do end up going outside because lordy did I need a cigarette to calm my nerves. Now I can't go into an Applebees without someone going, "Hey, remember when..." But I swear my little incident must have changed some rules, because I was just there with Emily's family last month and now all the lights are much higher and not within hitting-my-head distance.

That's it for now. I have plenty more, like the time when I was 13 and was on a swing in my backyard talking to my crush, Matt, when I broke the swing. My mom insisted that the chains had rusted through (the swing was about 10 years old), but I never accepted that. I was a lardass who actually broke a swing. In front of my crush at that. As everyone always says, "You'll look back one day and laugh at this!" I can laugh about all of them now, but good lord, did I have to be embarassed that hardcore so many times in my life?

One thing I've never done is fall up the stairs. Have you ever witnessed someone fall up the stairs? I can laugh about it for weeks afterwards. There's just something about it that makes me laugh like no other. I probably just jinxed myself. I'm sure I'll have another incident to add here in a week or two. Now that I think about it, I did fall up the stairs once, last year in my townhouse. But I lived alone at the time, so no one got to witness it. I don't think that counts. Go fall up some stairs, bitches. And tell me all about it.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

What I Gave Is Yours To Keep

Goddamnit. I have been trying to write this paper for an hour now and I'm still on the first page. I'm as tired as a mofo because I woke up at 4:30 am and couldn't go back to sleep. What the fuck is the matter with me? I'm the queen of being able to go right back to sleep. I guess that's what I get for passing out hardcore at 10:00 pm. Why oh why did I smoke with my neighbor last night. I basically broke my cardinal rule of not smoking pot while I'm already drunk. Holy shit though, I swear there was something fucked up about that weed. Carly and I each only had about 4 hits and we were fucked up. I need to stop drinking on school days. Or at least just do my homework the night before. I'm skipping my 2:00 class to do this goddamn paper. I need to stop wasting my time here - I already read the whole month of August in Jason Mulgrew's blog, watched tv, checked my email 4 times, talked to my sister and made toast to procrastinate. Now I have another monster headache. I hate this day already. Was that enough whining for everyone?

Oh, Bill, did you catch Nessa on The View? I know you love Star Jones too, so I hope you Tivoed it or something. I actually remembered to watch it. She sang beauuuuutifully. I'm pretty sure she declared her love for you too. No lie.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Now That I Finally Found the One Thing I Denied

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. That's my "Annie" impression. It's 1:00 am, and for some reason I am in the best mood ever. No reason whatsoever for it. Maybe it's because I can listen to music again. Or maybe it's because I got to catch up with Billy Jack and Jenn. Not that I was really that far behind, since I did still talk to you guys sporadically, but still. You're going to wish I never came back online because I'll be harassing both of you so much. I get my phone back tomorrow, so it's a phonedate, I decided. Can you stay up past 9:00 pm for once Bill? Be a big boy. It's weird not having my phone. I know for a fact that I don't have it at all, but I keep thinking that I hear the ring I get when I recieve a text message, or go to pull it out of my purse to check the time. And to think at one point I never wanted a cell phone, until I got to school sophomore year and had to get one because my townhouse had no land line. I'm not even ashamed of the fact that I'm obsessed with it. So what if my friend picks me up and I made him or her turn around if I forgot it. Like I ever get an important call, but still. I love my cell phone, even though it is a piece of shit. How the hell did I mess up the mic for it. I hadn't even dropped it in over a week, which is a landmark for me. I bet I won't even have one missed call when I get it back, but I'll lie and say I had 5 or 6, so just go with it.

So, on to the things I regret from this past weekend. On Thursday, me and Emjo get trashed at our place, then go to our friend Dan's, who's friend Joe was up for the weekend. Apparently Joe liked me and wanted to "hook up" (not my words) with me. I ended up outside with him, even though I had already decided that nothing was going to happen between us, because I have to at least be attracted to someone for something to happen, and that was not happening with Joe. I end up kissing him and I couldn't help laughing the whole time, which really annoyed him. I finally told him I was going inside, and he sat next to me. He was trying to massage my shoulders, which didn't feel good, it just hurt, and then he starts fucking touching my face. For all of you who don't know, I fucking HATE when people touch my face. I was too much of a pansy to tell him to stop, but I was almost hyperventilating while he was doing it. I even wipe my face off when my mom kisses me on the cheek. I finally grabbed Emily and told her I was going home and that Joe was not walking me home, no matter how many times he told he was going to. So I regret kissing him, because if I had refused more, then maybe he wouldn't have thought he "had a chance with me", but I need to grow some balls first. Even thinking about him touching my face right now is making me want to throw up. I need to stop talking about this.

So Saturday, Eric comes to up to visit, with my friend Jeff too. They're at Connor's, and I go over there to hang out. One of his roommates had some Vicodin and some other random pills, which I take, even though I was drunk already. Regret number 2. We end up going to a bar, and I sneak in because I'm a badass. The same one as last time, with the same bouncer and everything. We're only there for a little over an hour before we all leave, and Eric comes back to my place with me. Regret number 3. Maybe I don't really regret that, even though I should, considering his circumstances back at home. I'm just more like a horrible bitch. An awful, awful person. I don't know why I did it. It had been awhile, and I really, really just wanted some ass, I'm not going to lie. Not like that makes to any better. I probably shouldn't be writing about this, but this thing feels like a diary, even though people read it, which is bizarre. I was telling Emily today, that maybe I do have morals, because I could have gotten ass with Joe, but I didn't. She just laughed saying oh yeah, it's much better that you slept with the guy who has a girlfriend. Shut up Emily.

It's official: Katie is broke. I spent my last $3 today on a pack of Pall Mall Lights. You know you're broke when you get the cheap cigarettes. Only about 2 more weeks until Thanksgiving though, when I work for 3 days and get some money. Then I work all of December, which I can't wait for. Working at the UPS Store during Christmas is like hell, but I love most of the people I work with and when it's that busy, it really makes a 10 hour day go by a lot faster.

I still can't find C'est La Vie Bill, so you should sent it to me. Pronto. Thanks again for sending me Kazaa Lite for the 84th time, you really are the best Brummy ever. You have to watch Animal Jam with me sometime this week, or I'll throw a fit. I've waited long enough goddamnit. And Jenn, it was lovely talking to you on AIM until you stopped talking, bitchface. I mean, I love you. I'm sure you had a very good reason. If you don't, just make one up, I'll never know the difference.

I now have 12 songs online to keep me happy. Only 788 to go. I think I'm going to have one more glass of wine. Boxed wine, bitches.

It's now I know do I stay or do I go, and it is finally I decide, that I'll be leaving in the fairest of the seasons

Monday, November 08, 2004

I'm baaaaaack

Holy shit bitches, guess who's back. My mom and dad just dropped it off 2 hours ago. I was sleeping, but our front door was open, so I wake up to my mom sticking her head in my room going, "Hello Kathryn!". I'm going to have a goddamn heart attack next time someone does that to me. I'm getting my phone fixed today, I guess the mic was messed up, so I'll get that back tomorrow. I get my computer back, then lose my phone. Great. My dad told me not to even go online until he can send me a disc that has a firewall on it, but of course 5 minutes after they leave, I'm on here. Nobody send me any fucked up files or I'll kill you. I even skipped my 2:00 class so I could mess around on here for a while before my 3:30 class. The parents took me to Panera Bread though, so that was nice. My whole hard drive got wiped out, so I don't have my songs. I'm going to go crazy. Goddamnit, I'm talking to my frien Diana right now, and I can't fucking stand her. Way to put me in a bad mood, whoreface. I'll update more later, I had a very...... eventful weekend. Lots of stuff to regret, yay. But I'm back! Break out the champagne, bitches.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Well Hello There!

Really quick update because I had to come to the library to do an assignment, but now I'm starving and about to eat my hand.
- I got an 88% on my Poli Sci test because I'm awesome. Because of the curve, it was an A.
- My computer is still broke, obviously. My mom took it home Monday, and they'll find out what's wrong with it by today, but if the store doesn't have the part they need to fix it, it could be another 7-10 days before I get it back.
- They wiped out all my songs on my computer. I had about 800. Two years of hard work, down the drain. I think I'm going to cry.
- George W. Bush is our president. Again. Goddamnit. I think I'm going to cry again. My roommates have been rubbing it in my face all fucking day.
- The Red Sox won! So what if i'm a week late, it's not my fault my computer hates me.
- I saw Ray. For all you bitches who haven't seen it, go. Now.
- I don't have my night class tonight, sweetass.
- Happy belated Halloween!
- Hi Jenn and Bill! I know you guys miss me, but try to get though this hard time. I know you can do it. I missed the stupid Real World/ Road Rules challenge thing because I was talking to both of you bitches on Monday night. It was worth it. I guess.
- I really need to go now. My stomach is caving in from hunger pains.

Hopefully I'll be back online by this time next week, bitches.