Monday, May 14, 2007

Team O'D vs Team World

We won. Naturally.

O'D domination.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Thursday: Work from 8:15 am - 2:30 pm
Drive 6 hours with my mom to Ohio to get J.P
Drink. A lot.

Friday: Wake up at an ungodly hour to drive back to IL
See Keri graduate from college then celebrating by
Drinking. A lot.

Saturday: Drive back home
Go to Sox game with friends at 6:05 pm
Celebrate my 23rd birthday at the bar later by
Drinking. A lot.

Sunday: Wake up severely hungover, hopefully
Wish my mom happy mother's day
Go to Bulls play-off game with Will at 2:30 pm
Watch the Bulls win by
Drinking. A lot.

Monday: Work from 2:30 - 7:30 pm

Tuesday: Go to Sox game with Will, Diana and Rich
Sit in first row on the third base line
Drink. A lot

Best. Week. Ever.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New Addiction:

Actually buying songs on iTunes. I might never stop.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I Would Rather Be Anywhere Else But Here Today

One for the discovered better late than never category: De Stilj by the White Stripes. Every song is sweet. Just fucking sweet. I burned this from a friend freshman year of college and just got around a month or so ago to listening to it the whole way through. It has currently replaced Peter Bjorn & John as my Obsessively Listened To Record For Three Weeks. While that is my OLTRFTW (it practically rolls off the tongue!), Elvis Costello's Oliver's Army is my Obsessively Listened Song Of The Past Two Days. My eyes lit up like there was a Big Mac in front of me when I discovered my dad had borrowed his friend's best of Elvis Costello cd and I could put it on my iPod. Aw hell yeah bitches.

Megan and I went downtown again Sunday to Millenium Park because the weather was just as awesome as it was last Sunday when we went to the zoo. Megan, also known as the Worst Maker of Pot Brownies in the Entire World (look it up), made the worst pot brownies in the entire world. You'd think I would have known better, but I just discovered this quality about her Sunday. Jesus christ those things were terrible. Everytime we burped for the rest of the day, it was the brownie coming up. Sexy, no? But hey, at least she tried. And I may have only had half of one cause it was all I could manage (or because of what a "giant pussy I am" according to my "best friend"), but that was all I needed, so shut the fuck up about it.

So we ate some brownies then rioted after we listened to the Bulls sweep the series with Miami on my mom's oldass Walkman. Just the two of us. With our pots and pans. We always come prepared.

My mom flew back out to Arizona yesterday because my grandma had some kind of surgery. I was excited about her being gone til she told me my dad would be home. Every night this week. No firehouse for him - he's in some class at the Chicago Fire Academy downtown. Goddamnit. I rioted some more after I heard this news.

So this Cubs fan I found for myself (or Diana found for me) is pretty nice. And pretty cute. And I'm pretty sure he likes me. Or better yet, I KNOW he likes me. But this is me were talking about here, right? These things never happen, or work out, for me. Looks like the tide is changing, bitches. I just really need to move out of my house now cause Papa O'D is NOT happy with me staying the night at his place. Surprising, I know.

I got some awesome new Chester the Molestor sunglasses at Old Navy the other day. Picking up those five year olds should be easier than ever now. This is mine and Megan's reflection in the giant Bean in Millenium Park, taken with my goddamn cell phone because I forgot my goddamn camera. Not bitter at all.

My birthday (23 - good lord) is coming up and Diana's taking me to the Sox game for it. Keri graduates May 11th, yaaaaay. Brother and sisters reunited for the summer, can't wait. Beebs, you best be ready to get your backyard baseball on when you get home. Artie's been wondering why his window isn't shattered yet. Blues Fest is the weekend of June 2nd. Keri's graduation party is June 9th. I might MIGHT get to go to a Bulls play-off game if Will turns out to be a badass and actually does get tickets (I'll believe it when I see it). So much to look forward too, I love it.

Customer of the Day, digging through her wallet for another penny:
"Oh, this is a Canadian penny. Do you take those?"