Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Once A Huskie, Always A Huskie

I still cannot believe that shooting really happened at Northern. I was at work when my co-worker told me what was going on and it was almost surreal seeing the aerial views of the campus, with the buildings I had class in, the library where I worked, the commons I walked across everyday for four years, and then to see those places with ambulances and students being carried out on stretchers - it was almost too much. It's weird that something like this, a guy opening up fire on an unsuspecting geology class and killing five students can make me want to be back in DeKalb. Not nessecarily to be back in college, but to be surrounded by my fellow students and mourn with them. You never think it's going to happen anywhere, let alone the school you spent four years of your life at and graduated from. How terrible, how fucking terrible.

I had more to write about but I feel stupid writing abou my taxes, or songs I'm in love with or anything else after writing that papagraph. Everyone's thinking of you NIU.

Friday, February 01, 2008

I Should Be Good for Another Month Now

1. Last Friday I met Keri, her boyfriend and some friends up at the bar. I hadn't seen Keri yet that day, she was gone by the time I got home from work and when I saw her at the bar all I could say was "you have to be kidding me." She was wearing a red t-shirt with a black zip-up hoodie. I was wearing a red t-shirt with a black zip-up hoodie. We always say we want to go to the bar with the same outfits on and then we finally do it, unknowingly. We must be SISTERS or something. Later my friend Catherine told me her sister asked if we were co-workers. Catherine said no, why. Because we were both wearing our "uniforms." Ker, we need to consult each other from now on if we're meeting at the bar.

2. On the way home from work Tuesday night I got a flat tire. I made it all the way home, I only live a couple miles away, but I was just laughing because my god did my parents sell me a piece of shit car. I got home, told my dad and he basically looked at me and said, well you better get out there before the snow starts. Uh, you mean "we" dad? WE should get out there? I think he was getting his pronouns mixed up. Makes sense, he did have to take kindergarden twice. So anyways, my dad went out there with me and I now know how to fix a flat tire. When we were out there my dad said, "see, this is why you need a boyfriend, to take care of things like this for you." OR I could just impress my future boyfriend by my flat-tire-fixing-knowledge, how about that? The day had started out with near 50 degree temperatures but five minutes after we were done and it was fixed, it was near zero, with the wind chill making it even colder and snow blowing. Now that is what I call "Chicago weather."

3. I just finished an awesome, awesome book the other day, What is the What by Dave Eggers. I had been wanting to read it forever and finally found it at the library. It's about this guy Valentino who was one of the Lost Boys of Sudan who comes to live in America after over a decade of being on the run in his country because of a brutal war. The first two-thirds is great, then it slows down a bit but the end totally had me crying. At work. My co-worker Randy caught me and said, "It's good to see my homie has a softer side." Isn't it though Randy? This book though, totally worth the wait.

4. Keri and I made good on our promise to be non-fat in '08 and joined Weight Watchers three weeks ago. I've lost just under 6 and she's lost just over 6 pounds - altogether, twelve pounds of lard has vanished. My pants not being so fucking tight on me is probably the best thing in the entire world, EVEN BETTER THAN A BAG OF DORITOS. We will be skinny come Las Vegas in April, you just watch.

5. I lost my turqoiuse ring. Again. Like seriously lost it. Last time I thought I lost it outside a bar and it ended up being in my pocket. This time I lost it in between doing laundry and changing the sheets on my bed. How the FUCK am I able to find it after I think I lost it outside but can't find it in my own goddamn house. I didn't freak out for a week because I just figured it'd pop up somewhere but it hasn't. And that makes me sad, so sad because I love that ring. Now I have to go back to that Cabos San Lucas flea market I bought it from six years ago, who's going with me.

6. My brother finally turned 21 on January 14th. He was going to be back at school for it so Keri and I had decided a long time ago that we were going to drive out to Akron and surprise him to celebrate because no O'D can be sans famile come your 21st birthday. Well except me, but I had no other choice really. We stayed at his frat house Saturday night but got a hotel for Sunday. Oh my lord did we have fun. I'm at work so I can't put pictures up now, but I will at some point. He was so surprised to see us (I was so nervous! assholes), it was great. Sunday night was his birthday at midnight so we went to a bar and J.P rightfully puked outside of it after many shots. We hit up a few other bars, ending at one that had dancing which was the perfect way to end the night because how else would I have gotten 800 pictures of J.P and Keri dancing the robot, HOW ELSE. Thank god we went back to our room though because he later puked in his bed. Beebs, I'm so glad you're 21 now. O'D's are gonna overtake Western Ave, you just watch. Now come home soon so we can celebrate properly on the Southside.

7. My mom and dad are gone for the weekend, skiing in the Upper Penninsula on Michigan. Before I left for work today my mom called and after we talked for a minute goes, "What time is it there?" Mom, you're not in fucking Hawaii - you know in Michgan you're only an hour ahead of us. But I can see why it would be so confusing! She's one of those people that if you're in a different time zone and she asks you the time, she'll then ask, "Chicago-time?" No mom, why the fuck would we be telling you the time in Chicago IF WE'RE NOT IN CHICAGO. Christ on a cracker she drives me crazy.

8. How awesome would it be if the Giants won on Sunday, HOW FUCKING AWESOME. I doubt it, mainly because their quarterback looks confused, and for lack of a better word, retarded, whenever he's on the field, but c'mon, do it. Win for my sake. Forget the money, forget the ring, do it for ME.

9. I've been at work since 11 and since we got a shite-load of snow yesterday, it has been dead all. fucking. day. Me and my co-worker called our boss and asked if we could close early, around 1:00, when we're always open until 7:00 and surprisingly, or really unsurprisingly, he said no. What makes it worse is that Keri and her boyfriend called off work and have been texting me constantly saying "come home" because they've been drinking all day. This going to be the longest hour and twenty minutes of my life. If yout wo don't saev me a Guinness I will kill you.

10. The album For the Birds by the Frames is the best album ever to listen to as night as I'm reading. It came out awhile ago and has been on my iPod forever, but I'm just getting around to listening/being obsessed with it now. Listen to it, love it, and give me money as thanks later.