Thursday, September 30, 2004

Too Early

It's 8:54 am. What the fuck am I doing up? I was as tired as a mofo yesterday and actually went to bed at midnight. Well then I read for 45 minutes, but still, I was in bed by 12:00. I haven't been to bed that early since my computer had a virus. I don't have to be up until 12:30 though, so it blows that I woke up at 8:00 and now I can't fall back asleep. Maybe I can watch Oprah and the Ellen Degeneres show. I haven't seen those shows since the summer, when I had to be early to babysit my cousins. Goddamnit, I'm tired though, why can't I go back to sleep? I should go fall asleep on the couch in the living room. Woo, good idea Katie. I'll ramble a little bit more first though.

After my 2 classes today, my weekend offically starts. Sweetass bitches. My friends Eric and Jeff are supposedly coming up here on Saturday, but they also said that last weekend, so we'll see if it actually happens this time. They want to stay here, but I don't really want them too. I hate being responsible for a person's good time when they come here to visit me. If it's Keri or J.P., I don't feel the need to entertain them, I don't know why, I guess them being my siblings is different. But when a friend comes here, I feel like we should be doing something like, so totally fun and exciting the entire time they're here. Eric and Jeff's (and also my) good friend Connor goes here too, I should just get drunk and tell them to stay at his place. I won't even be able to go out until about 11:00, because this weekend, not last weekend like I posted, is Family Weekend, and I'm going out to eat with Emjo and her family, then to see the Second City Comedy Club at 8:30 pm. I should just tell them to go to Connor's until I get home, then their stuff will be there and they won't stay with me! Yay for me and my good ideas!

Ok, so lesson learned for today: Never go to bed at midnight again, not unless I plan on sleeping all the way until I have to get up for class. That's usually not a problem for me, my roommates, friends and family could all vouch for me that I can sleep for 16 hours in a row if given the chance. Why do I have to be a freak today and be up so fucking early? Waking up this morning was great though, only because I had my window open and fan on, and it was cold in my room. I love sleeping with 5 blankets on, its so much better than being hot and uncomfy when you wake up. It's finally getting colder outside and I love it. It's hoodie weather! Be happy! Of course when its November and negative 5 degrees outside, I'll cry for it to be at least 45 degrees. But that's for another time. Go get some sleep bitches!

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Procrastination Nation

Son of a bitch contacts. Can't you see I'm busy! I'm trying to blog here, sheesh. I think it's emo glasses time. Ok, anyways, I'm bored, I don't want to study and I have no one to talk to. It's a great orgy of bored-ness. I think I'm actually going to do fine on this test, even though I only studied for about an hour total. But it was a great hour damnit, I gave it my all. Not really, I half-assed it like I do everything else, but what else is new. I have other homeowrk I could do, for my U.S Women's History aka We Hate Men class, but I'll leave that to do in between my test and that class. Who does things the night before when you can do them the hour before! That's my motto anyways. At least I still get my shit done. Most of the time. Some of the time. God my wrists are getting itchy just talking about all this.

I have a request for Jenn and Bill: Stop mocking me, please. I hope you guys realize that I cry myself to sleep over the shit that you say about me to my face. For every "blAg" or "blag" I see, it's like a knife right through the heart. I mean, c'mon, friends don't make fun of other friends accents. Am I right or am I right here? Sexy Mexy, which by the way I decided is your new name Jenn, you told us to stop making fun of you, and I gladly complied, I'm just asking for the same in return. Or else I'll kill you. I kid, I kid, I'm banging Lassie! haha, I stole it from you, so eat it bitch.

The Real World episode tonight sucked ass. I hate this cast. I miss Cammie and Brad. Brad lives by me, I should go stalk him like I always say I'm going to do. At least tonight's episode didn't focus soley on Slutty Sara and her need for MJ's penis. That got old really quick. The only people I still kinda like is Shavonda and Landon. I could totally feel for Vonda, when her dad wouldn't spot her some money, my parents are the same way. Which reminds me that I am going to be broke after this weekend. Donations accepted. Email for me my address.

I went to Wal-Mart today and bought $98 worth of food. My mom gives me $100 a month for food, and if I don't buy the food all at one time, I'll spend the money on other things, like cigarettes or beer and then starve up here. I almost hate buying so much food at one time though. You don't know what you're going to get sick of, or need more of. I should just have my mom give me $25 a week, that would be better. Remind me to call her tomorrow. Speaking of, her and my dad are leaving for San Franciso on Thursday, lucky bitches. I was talking to her a week or so ago, about San Fran, and I told her "You should buy me something cool there, something that just makes you say 'Katie!' when you see it". She goes, "You want it to say Katie? Not San Francisco?" Haha, god is she slow sometimes. I had to explain, no, I just want you to get me something that makes you think of me, not that says my name. "Ohhh" she says. I could almost see the lightbulb go off over her head 90 miles away in Chicago. Now's not the time for my mom post though, I could go on and on about her. She says some of the funnist stuff when she's not trying intentionally to be funny. Me, my brother J.P and Keri get the biggest kick out of her. We decided we need to write a book of her little sayings someday, like "Gunshot!" instead of "Shotgun!" for the passenger seat in the car. Oh lordy, that's Pammy for you.

Woo, this song I've been trying to download for 2 days finally went through, Elliot Smith's Alameda. Bill, I am going to give you mad props one more goddamn time for bringing him to my attention. You rock brum buddy \m/. And speaking of Bill, he quit his job today, woo hoo. Now we have more time for Animal Jam. I want to hear the story of how it happened soon! It better be good if you're making me and Jenn wait.

My 2:00 class got cancelled tomorrow, how much does that kickass? That means I don't have to get up until 2:00 now. Maybe I'll sacrifice an hour and get up at 1:00 to study a little bit more. Wish me luck bitches!

Please don't confront me with my failures, I had not forgotten them.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Nico, sexy lady

I am obsessed with Nico. If I could pick one person to sound like when I sang, it would be her. I think I have a girl crush on her, just from hearing her voice. If you don't know who Nico is, I'm sure you've heard of The Velvet Underground (Lou Reed), who she sang with too, back in the 1960's. Last night Bill got me hooked on the soundtrack from The Royal Tenenbaums, which has Elliot Smith, Nick Drake, my boy Bobby D, Nico and Van Morrison on it. All of the songs are sad and depressing, I just wish I has a reason to be depressed right now, it might make the music more appropriate. But Nico's voice is awesomatic (thats right, I stole your word bitch). You just know she's one of those English ladies with dyed blonde hair, super skinny and has a perma cigarette in her hand. Very mod looking. Well that's what I imagine her looking like in the 60's, god knows what she looks like now. Probably the same, only with more wrinkles. Or maybe she's a Brazilain fatass with black hair and is allergic to cigarette smoke, who knows, that's just the mental image I get. I need to get a boyfriend ASAP so I can fall madly in love with him, have him break my heart, and then cry to this soundtrack for a week straight. Sounds like a good time to me. I remember one time when I was probably 17 or so, listening to John Lennon's "Jealous Guy" 100 times in a row, and crying to it. What the fuck is wrong with me, I haven't had a boyfriend since I was 16, and I get overdramatic at sad, break-up-esque songs. At least I know I'll be ready when the time comes. Anyways, download these songs if you want to feel depressed. Nico could be singing about the best time shes ever had in her life, and she still makes it sound sad. All four are by Nico. Well the last one is with The Velvet Underground, but same difference.

These Days
I'll Keep It With Mine (a Dylan cover!)
The Fairest of the Seasons
Femme Fatale

I expect a full book (song?) report from everyone who reads this. Due tomorrow bitches. Or just go watch The Royal Tenenbaums, it's a great movie.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Happy Birthday Bill Jack!

I had a lovely time last night. I talked to Birthday Boy Bill and Sexy Mexy Jenn last night on the phone and I got to talk to Damian too! He was precious Jenn. But anyways, I suck at three-way phone calls, cause all I do is talk over people and I'm deaf, so it's hard for me to hear what everyone is saying. Not that I don't enjoy our phone time though! I do, I really do. We just need something like a video phone conference, or whatever those are, so we can see each other and in my mind it would be easier somehow. So you guys go out and buy a video phone, and we'll work from there. After the phone call, and narrowly missing being hit by a frisbee numerous times, I was with friends drinking some kids house, then from there we went to this huge ass party down the street. Our football team had won its game earlier, so everyone was out celebrating. I proceeded to get extremely drunk there and made an ass out of myself. When I get drunk, I want to talk to everyone and anyone. There was this guy there, Tyler I later found out, who was wearing a cowboy hats. Now I live in Illinois, and who the fuck wears cowboy hats here? It isn't Texas goddamnit. But Tyler was a fun guy. Somehow I ended up asking him if he had seen the movie Napoleon Dynamite, and surprisingly he had. That got me really excited for some reason, because that is the best movie ever, and started reciting lines with him. Then I insisted that he call me Pedro the rest of the night (Pedro is a character in the movie) and take down my number so that he could call me tomorrow. I just remember saying (probably yelling) "Put my name in there as Pedro!! Not Katie, put it as Pedro goddamnit!" I have no idea why I wanted him to call me so bad, he wasn't even cute, I guess I just want to make a friend who wears cowboy hats. So mission accomplished, I can cross Cowboy Hat Wearer off my list of friends that I need. Not that I expect him to call me by any means, I don't think he even went to school here, but it would be funny if he did.

When I'm in class, I probably come off as a normal, quiet girl, or something along those lines. So I hate when I see people in my classes at a party when I'm drunk. I'm kind of friends with this guy in my Poli Sci class, well not really good friends because I didn't even know his name until last night, but we always sit next to each other and make small talk. When I saw him last night, I was yelling, "Pols class buddy!! The guy with Chicago on his jersey!" to get his attention, because once again, I didn't know his name yet. When he finally looked at me, we acted like we were long lost friends reunited after 25 years. We hugged and were like "Holy shit how are you! What's going on!" His name is Greg, FYI, incase you were wondering. It'sd going to be great seeing Greg in class Monday. I'm going to feel like a huge assrammer. Maybe I can just pretend I don't remember seeing him.

After we left the party, we visited the neighbors and ordered food because me and Emjo were starvin marvin. I think I talked to Jenn for a little bit again and then went to bed and slept til 3:30. Goddamn do I have the life. I'm going to take a shower in a few minutes and go do the same thing all over again. Emily doesn't want to drink that much though. She just wants to "hang out". What the fuck Emily, you better get drunk with me tonight, or I'll get drunker than I've ever been and really embarass you, which you know is my speciallty when I'm drunk. I dont know why I said all that like she reads this, becuase she doesn't. My friend Julie just called me and shes coming up here from St. Louis to see Dylan with me. Fuck yeah Julie. She's my Dylan concert buddy, we've seen him 6 times together. Ok, time to get ready bitches. Have a beer on me tonight.

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Goddamnit. I'm drunk. I said I was going to have a beer after I finished all my homework, but I didn't wait til I was done, and now I'm drunk, with 5 journals left to do. I have to go to the library early tomorrow anyways, so I guess I'll do it then. But I'm an idiot, for getting drunk. But holy fuck, I only had three beers. Why am I getting drunk off three beers? Usually it takes me at least 8. Son of a bitch. Maybe it's because I haven't eaten since 5pm, and its 1 am now. No wait, I had spaghettios at 8. Today is just not my day. I think I'm going to bed.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Silver Lining

I have offcially decided that I am a giant douche bag. Today, I got up, showered and walked to my class at 2:00, and when I got there, the classroom was empty. Then I remembered that we didn't have to go to class today, we are supposed to use the time to do an internet assignment or some stupid shit like that. What the fuck. This is two days in a row that I walk to class only to find that its cancelled. Yesterday I bitched that teachers should tell us ahead of time if you are going to cancel class, but apparently that doesn't work for me either. I really need to start writing shit down. So after class, I deicde to just go to the library, because I'm not walking all the way home when I have another class at 3:30. As I'm walking to the library, I see some lady on the quad that has a sign saying "Register to Vote Here". I have been having a dilema about voting because I'm registered in my hometown of Chicago, and in order to vote, I would have to go back home, which wouldn't work becuase I don't have a car, or get an absentee ballot, which I've discovered is a pain in the ass. I ask the lady if I can be registered in 2 different counties, and says "Yep". Sweetass. I don't know how that works, that I can be registered in two differnt counties, but I guess if she says so, it must be legal. So now I just have to send this form in, and I can vote here in good old DeKalb. I am actually really excited to be able to vote, becuase this is the first year that I am old enough to. I always thought, if you don't vote, then you have no right to bitch about your president, because you did nothing to try to prevent him from getting into office. If you're under 18, bitch all you want, because you can't do anything about it anyways. And don't say to me, "But your vote doesn't count, the Electoral College decides who is President" because I fucking hate that arguement. Yes, I think our votes do count, and if you disagree, well shove it up your ass.

So basically I'm wasting all my time I should be spending on that internet assignment, but oh well. I won't do that thing til Sunday night at 3 am anyways. Tonight I have a shitload of homework to do. I have 17 journal entires that I have to make which include reading the articles I was assigned and then writing out 2-3 paragraphs on "what the author is trying to get across." FOR 17 DIFFERNT ARTICLES. This is going to be the biggest waste of my time ever. If I ever become a teacher, which I will never anyways, but if by some godforsaken thing I do, I will never give out inane journal assignments. Because I have so much work to do, I hope I don't talk to any of you (mainly Bill and Jenn), only because I'm going to be busy up the ass. I'm even skipping my night class to do all this shit. Maybe I'll get done early, but probably not. I also have no self control, so if I decide to "take a break" and start talking to any of you, just ignore me. It's for my own good. Wish me luck, and I'll talk to you tomorrow, bitches.

Beer threw the nose on an inside joke

I didn'y go to class at all today. Yay me. I was up and ready to go to my first class at 2:00, but then I was stricked with cramps, so I ditched that one so I could finish watching Maury. I love Maury. Today wasn't a paternity test episode though, like it is 99.9% of the time, it was "Crazy Things Caught on Camera" or something to that effect. In this one, a group of people were deep sea fishing, and a marlin (those things with the long sharp nose thingys) jumped in the boat and punctured (I guess thats how you would say it) this ladies boobs. However, the lady had breast implants, so only those were punctured and those fake boobs ended up saving her life. I hope she thanks her sugar daddy for those life-saving boobs he gave her. After Maury, I went to my next class at 3:30, walking that long ass distance in the sweltering sun, only to find out the goddamn class is cancelled. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE when class is cancelled, but couldn't you tell us the class before, or an email or something? Not that I check my email before class, but fuck. I walked all the way over there for nothing. If I'm over there already, I'd rather just sit there through the class anyways. And I like this class too, it's Middle Eastern Politics, so there's something interesting to talk about everyday.

I walked over to the Student Center after I found out class was cancelled, and they have been having this huge poster sale for the past souple days. I bought a Jeff Buckley one yesterday (jealous Gabe?) and today I bought one of the Effiel Tower all lit up at night. "Paris la nuit". I really really can't buy any more posters though, my walls are filled. No vacancy. I know you all are thrilled with this fascinating information. I also bought a new sweetass shirt today. I need to stop buying shit that I don't need. Pretty soon (in a week or 2) I'm going to run of out money and seriously consider donating my eggs again for 5 grand, like I do every time I'm poor. They don't want smokers though, and you have to be "healthy" to do it. I can walk, isn't that enough? Regardless of whether I smoke, my kids are going to be cool as fuck, I'm telling you. It's not like I'm going to smoke during the pregnancy anyways, hell, I won't even be the one carrying the kid. It's just my eggs you want. Take 'em or leave 'em.

Wow, I apologize for going off on that tangent. Even I didn't know I felt that strongly about my eggs being rejected. But really, when I have kids someday, they are going to be kickass kids. You know why? Cause I won't take any shit from them. I don't have any patience at all, so they'll have to learn from an early age to let me sleep until noon, or else I'm crabbypants all day. I bet everyone reading this thinks I'm a moron, casue of course I can't have any idea of how my kids will act because I don't have any yet. But thats the beauty in it. I can dream all I want right now, because I don't have to deal with them yet. I do want 6 kids though, so that should be interesting. I have the names picked out and everything. Don't laugh at me. Ask any girl you know, and I bet she has at least one name picked out for her future kid.

It is still way too fucking hot outside. At night its gets really cool out, but during the day, goddamn, I'm sweating my balls off walking to class. Isn't it supposed to be hoodie weather yet? I love when its cold enough outside where you can just wear a hoodie out and be warm enough. That way, I don't have to worry about what shirt I want to wear. I could wear the same one all week and no one would know the difference. I have about 15 different hoodies and I need to start putting them to use.

This weekend at school is Family Weekend, but my mom and dad think going to San Franciso is more important, so they're leaving me to be an orphan for the weekend. But Emjo came to rescue and is adopting me as her sister for the day. I'm going with her and her family to see Second City and out to eat. Isn't she precious? I love you Emily! Ok, enough typing. I'm going for a cigarette, bitches.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The Hate List

I'm bored right now, and feel like blogging, but I can't think of anything interesting to write about. But I love making lists, and since I did one of things that make me happy, how about one of things that I hate and make me crabby? This should be fun!

1. Kiwis
2. Rod Stewart
3. Homework (How unique of me!)
4. Having to wake up early
5. John Mellencamp
6. Trying to sleep when it's hot as fuck in your room
7. Walking to class when its 10 degrees out
8. Journey, Forgeiner and Boston
9. Bananas
10. Yogurt
11. 2% milk
12. I know I said this one the other day, but the words "rude" "jerk" and "assume"
13. Paige Davis on Trading Spaces
14. When someone interrupts me
15. When I'm reading outloud in class, and I mispronounce something. I feel like an ass
16. When I run out of money and can't afford cigarettes. Lordy do I get crabby
17. The tv show "One Bad Trip" on MTV
18. Not having a car at school. Even though I've only had my lisence since June, shut up.
19. Catching the last 10 seconds of your favorite song on the radio
20. The way Emily says "vehicle" instead of "car". Just kidding, I love you ho.
21. When I ask someone what time is it, and then they point to their watch. Goddamnit, I can't tell time on clocks with hands. Just TELL me what time it is, don't fucking POINT to your watch. Then I have to explain I can't tell time on those clocks and I look like a giant moron.
22. The Ben Harper song "Steal my Kisses". Holy fuck does that song blow.
23. Cookie Dough Ice Cream. I like cookie dough and ice cream, but seperately, please.
24. When I have nothing to blog about so I make a lame list.

Holy shit, that was harder than I thought it would be. I thought I'd be able to rattle off at least 350 things I hate, but theres just more evidence I can't perform under pressure. Oooo, that gave me another one. I hate the band Queen. I know as soon as I post this, 30 things I hate will come to mind. I'll probably edit this thing every 5 minutes. Oh, and Comcast. How could I forget that I hate Comcast. Feed the hate, bitches.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Lost and found

I was going to start out this post by complaining that I lost one of my favorite earrings last night. But right as I was about to start typing, I looked at the floor, for some reason, and looked right at my missing earring. Right there on the floor. Sweetass, I didn't lose it after all. That would have been the 2nd earring I lost this month, the first being when I was getting into Emily's car, smashed my head on the door and my earring came off, never to be found again. Not that you cared anyways, and thats enough about earrings.

I had a very fun, drunken time last night. But for some reason, I don't feel like blogging right now. I thought I was in the mood, but I'm not. I'll ramble about my night later.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Like a rolling stone....

Could life get any better? I doubt it. I get lucky and find out Rufus Wainwright is coming to concert, but what do I find out today? BOB DYLAN IS COMING TO MY SCHOOL. I could walk to the concert! How fucking awesome is that. And to top it off, I'll probably get the ticket at the student discount. That's the best part, considering how broke I am. I don't mind going into debt for Mr. Dylan. Damn, this will be my 7th time seeing him.....or is it my 8th. Holy fuck, either way, I've seen Dylan so many times I can't even remember. I'm definitly getting drunk tonight. Lay lady lay, bitches.

Holy shit I'm awesome

So my computer had a fuck-ass virus on it and it was driving me crazy. I had to wake up early, of all things, to go to the library to get homework done. That sucked balls, so I hope that I fixed it for good. But here's the cool part: I DID IT BY MYSELF. Some of you may not understand the cool-ness factor in that, but for those of you who know me as "Caveman Katie", you understand.
It took me weeks to get used to text messaging, a couple days to get the hang of blogging without posting 4 times and I can't for the life of me figure out DVD players. I can't take all the credit myself though, my dad was a big help here. Everyone was giving me agvice to wipe out my whole computer and start over again, but my dad was trying to get me to use the "restore" option, to set the date on my computer back a week or 2 so that the virus would be gone. I thought that seemed to good to be true, but holy fuck, it worked. Worked like a goddamn charm. I feel like a computer wiz now. As soon as I had fixed it, I called my dad and bestest roomie Emily (who's gone for the night) to tell them all about it, so they could tell me to pat myself on the back. I was seriously on cloud 9 for about an hour. So for all of you who cried in my absence, I'm back bitches.

Here's some other randoms for you:
- Keri quit smoking and hasn't had a cigarette since Sunday. You go girl.
- I have a crush on Jason Mulgrew and love his blog. Who knew that writing about how fat/unattrative/smelly/alchoholic you are could win my heart over.
- Vanessa Carlton's song "White Houses" has been in my head for the past 5 days straight. Goddamn catchy songs.
- I hate the words "jerk" "rude" and "assume". Even worse when someone says "Well, I just assumed......". No you assrammer. Don't assume anything.
- My friend is having a kegger tommorrow. Sweetass.
- I hate that slut Sara on the new Real World. I hope you get syphillis.
- I'm mad at Jenn and Bill for ditching me tonight. I'M BORED.
- Did I mention I fixed my computer BY MYSELF?

For the two days I didnt have the internet, I was in bed by midnight at the latest. I can;t reemember the last time I was in bed that early. So I decided that next time I need sleep I should give myself a virus. Good idea, no? If I get bored later, I'm going to ramble somemore, just to pre-warn you. I think I want ice cream now. Cookies 'n Creme, bitches.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004


I have a virus on my computer (I'm guessing) that makes it impossible for me to do anything, because 9,000 pop ups come up, so I'm here at the library. I actually had to get up at 9 o'clock this morning to come here and type a paper, but I did it in record time, it only took me an hour. My point is, I doubt I'll be online very much at home, because it's too damn annoying, but if anyone wants to give me some advice on how to get rid of the virus, it would be greatly appreciated. I ran Norton Anti-virus and this Spy Sweeper thing I have, and neither of them helped. So, the sooner you help me, the sooner I'm back! Now if that isn't incentive, I don't know what is.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

More bitching, compliments of moi

Let's rehash why I hate everything right now:

1. My internet went out AGAIN tonight as I was trying to do homework. Please, if any of you ever move to Illinois, never get Comcast to be your internet/cable provider. It sucks ass. I can't even count how many times it's gone out for days at a time. And I've only been living here for a month.

2. I decided to watch a DVD after the internet went out. I have been looking forward to watching Popeye for about a week now (thanks again Bill!) and then when I get it, the DVD player we have doesn't play copied DVD's, CD-R's whatever they're called. Then I try to watch it on my computer only to find out it freezes every half hour, so I get annoyed and give up on that.

3. I turn on the tv, still fighting the temptation to sleep, to find out STRANGERS WITH CANDY is on. I don't know if any of you have seen this show, which used to air on Comdey Central, but it is the funniet goddamn show in the world. I catch the last 15 minutes of one episode, and then another one is on right afterwards. Two minutes into the new one, MY CABLE GOES OUT. I almost went ape shit. I haven't seen Strangers with Candy in over a year, and then when I do, Comcast has to shit on me again.

4. My internet got back up, and I wrote out a blog bitching and whining, much like this one, and my comptuer froze again! I don't know what I did to deserve this.

I know all of you love to read about me whining about everything and I'm glad to type all of my woe's out for you. And yes, I would like some cheese with that whine.

The only postive thing that happened all day: Keri ordered our Rufus tickets. Sweetass. Rufio, here we come.

Dont forget: NEVER GET COMCAST, bitches.

And Bill, if you read this, you can save the effort of writing me a comment that tells me to slit my wrists. I'll go cut my itchy wrists, thank you very much, without you telling me to do so.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Kerianne is my hero

Holy shit bitches, I have the best sister ever. Keri and I are obsessed with Rufus Wainwright, and he's coming to Chicago again (3rd time this year) October 13th. So I'm a broke motherfucker, and can't really afford to buy a ticket right now because I would much rather spend my money on cigarettes and beer. So I ask Keri to lend me the money, cause she was smart and saved her money for school over the summer, unlike me. At first she kinda whined about it, but then agreed, because she loves me. I have to pay her back of course, but now I get to see Rufio with her again and I'm so excited. I LOVE YOU SISTER. I had just written that Rufus concerts were one of my favorite things in the world, and then 2 days later, I see he's coming back. He must have read my blog or something. Rufus Wainwright, bitches.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Fuck you

I hate not being 21. Both of my roommates are at the bar right now, and I hate them. I also hate whoever is reading this right now. Fuck you, because you are probably 21. Goddamn you all. Why can't you be 20 and be able to get into the bar? It never bothered me until this semester, when everyone decided to turn 21 on me all of a sudden. I'm drunk and mad. I also hate my haircut. I'm crabby. Leave me alone.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I'm so happy, oh so happy

Once again, my goddamn blog got erased. I swear this thing hates me.

Since I usually bitch in this blog thing, I decided I won't this time. Even though I should be very angry because it got erased, I'll try to bottle it up this time. If even Bill make make a lovely little post about the weather, I can make a half-way decent blog too. Trying to think happy thoughts....... or maybe I'll just list some things that make me happy. These are a few of my favorite things....

1. Bob Dylan
2. Lipgloss, especailly Bonne Bell Berry Heavenly
3. My new white cardigan/ hoodie
4. Talking to my sister Kerianne on the phone
5. Cigarettes
6. Going food shopping at Wal-Mart with my mom's money
7. Rufus Wainwright in concert. I get giddy.
8. The kind of drunk when everything is hysterical to you. Those are the best kinds.
9. A book that makes me cry. I'm a sap.
10. Getting 12+ hours of sleep
11. No class on Fridays
12. My birthday
13. Knowing that someone "likes you". Don't make fun of me, you know you all love it too.
14. Changing into sweatpants after being in uncomfy jeans all day
15. Turning my phone on when I wake up and having a voice mail or text waiting for me
16. Finishing a huge ass paper that feels like 20 lbs has been lifted off your shoulders
17. Charleston Chews
18. The Chicago Bears. Even more so when they're winning.
19. When the Cubs lose
20. Catching your favorite movie on tv that you haven't seen in forever
21. Drunken dance parties
22. Jeff Buckley's voice
23. Finding fellow Bob Dylan fans. I can talk your goddamn ear off about him.
24. Summer weather
25. Flip-flops

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Corn! It looks like corn!

I just woke up from a 3 1/2 hour nap, and I'm crabby, but I feel the need to update this thing. It's been almost a week since I've blogged, and I know all of you are horrified that I could neglect this for so long. I'm starting to lose interest already, this isn't good. My internet was down for about 2 days though, so thats my excuse. Meanwhile in blog -world, Bill was busy ranting and raving about God knows what, and Jenn was going a little bit wacko herself. I'll get things back in order around here right quick. (God, just kidding Jenn. I don't want to take away your precious BA job. Never!) So this weekend was pretty boring. Thursday, got drunk with old friends I hadn't seen since last school year, Friday went on a date, boring as fuck, more about that in a second, and Saturday some friends from home came up to visit me. Too bad it was Labor Day, the deadest weekend around here, because everyone is a pansy and goes home for the weekend. Goddamn suitcase school. The date you think, would have been fun, but it was with this guy I've known since freshman year, and he's a douche bag. I just agreed to it becuase I didn't want to shut him down because he is the nicest guy, but I just don't like him "like that". Never have, and never will. We went to a nice place to eat, and then we went to go see a movie. It was the only movie playing when we get there so we saw......Anacondas. Worst movie ever, but I'm sure you didn't need me to tell you that. And he kept trying to talk to me during the movie. I can't stand that. Here are some "snipets" from the conversations he tried to have with me:

(People in the movie are bushwacking it through the jungle)
Chandler: *honest to god, yelling* CORN! IT LOOKS LIKE THEY'RE GOING THROUGH CORN!
Me: Uh...ok, great.

(You see the dirty toilet on the boat, where all the pee and poop goes right into the river.)
Chandler: *in a normal speaking voice* Hey, did you hear about that Dave Matthews thing where they shit on the tourists?
Me: Yeah. *Doesn't even look at him, so he doesn't think we are going to talk about it in the middle of the movie*

It's not that it was a good, engrossing, super cool, non-predictable movie. I just hate talking at movies and those people who try to talk to me. A comment here or there is ok. But don't ask questions that require answers which will then lead to a conversation. You just don't do that! Unless you're an annoying person to go to the movies with too. But anyways, then we went back to his apartment to drink with some friends, and he bought Budweiser to drink. So I had to drink Budweiser after he had just spoiled me with 2 Rolling Rocks. I hate Budweiser. In other words, it was an all around great night. I really don't mean to sound like a whiney bitch, even though I'm sure I do. It was very nice of him to take me out, but he's my friend, and he knows that, so I'm not sure what he thought was going to come out of it. I'm done bitchin' and moanin'. Time to eat. Anaconda, bitches.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I can never satisfy Andrew

I just wrote a blog an hour ago, and I mentioned Andrew in it. But apparently I didn't mention him ENOUGH because now he wants his own blog "just like Jenn and Bill!". He's a little bit whiney, but he grows on you. Andrew is my Scottish friend from Scotland. You may want to call him "Shrek" or "Sean Connery" or "Fat Bastard", but he doesn't like that for some reason. He does do a badass impersonation of Fat Bastard though, if you're lucky enough to hear him say it on voice chat. I even only got to hear it 3 or 4 times because he was so goddamn stingy with it. He made me do my very very awful "Butthead" impersonation to hear it, and I embarassed myself greatly. But it was worh it, cause his "Fat Bastard" was dead-on. Me and Andrew used to talk alot, maybe too much. That last semester of school I think I only got 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night becuase he and Ariel would whine if I said I had to go. I had school bitches! But none of that mattered to them. We did have funtimes though so I guess I can't complain, even though I already did. Right now Andrew is in the United States visiting his soon to be bride Sara. Isn't that precious? I think so, even though it means he only makes guest appearnaces anymore because hes to busy playing with Transformers and Sara. Andrew, I love you and your sexy scottish accent. If anyone of you heard it, you would be in love too. Say "potatoes" Andrew!

I'm your Rock n Roll Commander

Andrew just told me to listen to this song "Captain Lovestar" by Brant Bjork (his idol) and the Operators, and its a kickass song. So all of you, give a listen and then thank Andrew ehn you fall in love with it. I really have nothing to write about right now, but damnit I'll find something to bitch about, like I always do. My mom called today, and told me her and my dad are going to San Francisco the weekend of October 1st, which also happens to be Family Weekend here at my school. Where is the love Mom, where is the love. Family Weekend really just translates into them taking me out to eat and shopping for food, so naturally I'm pissed. But she is sending me some clothes I forgot at home and some Oreos, so I couldn't stay mad at her. She knows food is the way into my heart.

I miss my sister. She goes to school about 2 hours away from me, and I never get to see her. You all should be jealous shes my sister, because she is the best one ever. We do really cool things together like quote Seventh Heaven and text message lines from Napoleon Dynamite. Which by the way, you should all go see because its the best movie ever. But anyways, Keri is a fun-sister-lady and she should go to school with me. Move to DeKalb ASAP Kerianne!

Ok, I'm sitting here trying to think of something else to say, but I can't. I'm boring today. But I would like to send a shout-out to Mr Eric and Mr Gabe who are my new found blog friends. I found them all by myself. Haha, just kidding Jenn. I won't steal them from you. Pinkie swear. And don't forget to listen to "Captain Lovestar" bitches.