Monday, June 26, 2006

Never Smile At A Crocodile

I have the internet in my room now. Hurrah.

The White Sox. They have the second best record in baseball, behind the Detroit Tigers. Who also happen to be in our division. Goddamnit. Everytime we win, they win and everytime they lose, we lose. Well except for tonight, though we did give a valiant effort, coming back from a 8 run deficit to go into extra innings, and then losing in the 13th. I went to two games this week, versuses the Cards and Astros, and they were both awesome games. Last season if you wanted to go to the game, you just went to the ballpark and bought tickets there. This year you actually have to plan it out ahead of time. What is that about? I mean I love the whole World Series thing, but $25 for parking now? Jesus Christ. It's a good thing I like you guys.

I didn't get to go to Blues Fest because I was as sick as a beast that weekend. I hardly ever get sick like that, and the one weekend I do I miss one of my favorite events of the summer. Stupid fucking fevers and swollen lymph nodes.

The Chicago Public Library by me sucks, so I go to one of the suburbs, Alsip, and use their library. Only they have to make it as difficult as possible for a non-suburbanite to get a goddamn library card for there. I had to get a new Chicago one first, which literally took 3 seconds, then go to Alsip, fill out a form and then wait "3 to 4 weeks." Jesus Christ, for a library card? I JUST WANT TO READ. I've been buying a lot of books lately, and I can't afford it anymore. Of course I could have avoided this if I hadn't let my old Alsip card expire like 3 years ago, but I'm getting ansty. It's been at least four weeks now. GIVE ME THE GODDAMN CARD ALSIP.

One of the days last week I was sick, I vowed that I wouldn't go to the bar for an entire week. I come up with a lot of good ideas each night when I'm going to sleep, like I'm going to stop smoking, start running and become anorexic, but I actually wanted to follow through with it to see if it made a difference in my weight. And good lord, did it ever. I know, right? Who would have thought that beer had an effect on your weight. I totally gained weight in college, but now I'm wondering why I don't weigh 350 pounds.

Obsessive song of the week: Crazy by Gnarles Barkley. They're going to be at Lollapalooza too. Living in Chicago is a delight.

It's been a really good summer so far. Good times at the bar with friends, watching the Sox win (almost) every day, my new sweetass Mark Buerhle t-shirt, not starting work until 11:00 each day this week, my gaucho pants that I practically live in because who needs jeans, but when I do wear the jeans they're a tad bit looser, seeing my favorite bar band this past Friday and getting their website so I can now stalk them on a weekly basis, getting to go to the bar with my sister and being back on the Southside where the guys are so much cuter and less obsessed with their looks than the guys in DeKalb. I win and you lose, bitches.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

From The Eastern Seaboard, The Land-Locked Midwest, The Keys, The Alps, The Black Hills, And Budapest

1. My graduation party was on Saturday and I'm glad to say it was an awesome party. Playing flippy cup with my friends, dad, uncles and 10 year old cousins, 12 cases of beer, a dance party that ended at 5 as the sun was coming up, enough leftovers to feed a small army, nice weather and everyone giving me cards that had checks in them made for a good time.

2. I just got overly excited that Mariah Carey's Dream Lover came on my iPod. This song reminds me of being in fourth grade, my best friend Megan and the swimming pool both of our families belonged to back them. Oh the memories.

3. I am obsessed with the Raconteur's album Broken Boy Solider. Each song I listen to is my favorite, until the next song comes on, and then that one's my favorite. The last cd I was obsessed with this much was the Postal Service's Give Up and that was about a year and a half ago. Even though this band is getting enough press as it is because Jack White's in it, it's mainly because IT'S THAT FUCKING GOOD. I feel the need to promote it as well, so go out and buy it. Holy shit I can't wait to see them at Lollapalooza in August.

4. Today I went back to DeKalb with my mom, dad and J.P to move the rest of my shit out. We needed to kill time until rush hour was over, so we went into some of the stores in town. I ended up buying a DVD at Best Buy (Bob Dylan's Dont Look Back), a shirt and pants at Old Navy and two books (The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night-Time and The Bell Jar) and a magazine just because Bob Dylan was on the cover. Budgeting? I have no idea what that word means. At least my mom couldn't yell at me, because she did the same thing, only she bought fake flowers at Michael's and hand soap on sale at Bath and Body Works. I'm pretty sure I'm my mother's daughter most of the time, but other times, I'm not so sure.

5. GRAY HAIR. Why do some people have to have GRAY HAIR.

6. My best friend Megan came in for the party Saturday and brought me a present. Inside the bag was a White Sox Uno card game, and a Us Weekly magazine that had Angelina on the cover and was "ALL ABOUT BABY!", along with balloons to put in front of the house. It's weird to realize how well someone can know you, that they know how much joy a stupid trash magazine will bring you. Having a best friend is awesome.

7. I think my left ear is smaller than my right ear because the headphone thingy won't stay in it. Someone get me a custom made headphone, pronto. Ok, last thing about the iPod. I hate listening to it when I go have a cigarette at night by myself because I feel like I'm not "aware of my surroundings" (god that sounds like I'm afraid of being raped in my backyard or something). But apparently when Rufus Wainwright comes on when I'm out there, I just dance by myself. I hope all my neighbors were all asleep.

8. The Blues Fest is this weekend and I'm fuck ass excited about it. Even though there aren't any big names this year, it'll still be fun sitting around drinking listening to good music. Hot time, summer in the city. I love Chicago.

9. I joined Weight Watchers on Thursday, and did good on the point system for one day. This week was not a good week to join, but I SWEAR I'm getting back on track tomorrow. I'm not fucking wasting $11 a week to get fatter. And plus the next time my 12 year old cousin tells me I "got fat" I'm going to fucking punch him in the face. Or start crying to my mom and Megan when I get drunk later that night, same thing.

10. Stupid 10th subject. I can't think of anything else to write, and Jenn's being no help. You'd think between a whitey and a mexi we could think of something, but apparently not. All I know is I'm missing Cheap Seats talking about an old Spelling Bee Championship, so I'm going back upstairs. Stay out of the alleys, bitches.