Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I'm your Rock n Roll Commander

Andrew just told me to listen to this song "Captain Lovestar" by Brant Bjork (his idol) and the Operators, and its a kickass song. So all of you, give a listen and then thank Andrew ehn you fall in love with it. I really have nothing to write about right now, but damnit I'll find something to bitch about, like I always do. My mom called today, and told me her and my dad are going to San Francisco the weekend of October 1st, which also happens to be Family Weekend here at my school. Where is the love Mom, where is the love. Family Weekend really just translates into them taking me out to eat and shopping for food, so naturally I'm pissed. But she is sending me some clothes I forgot at home and some Oreos, so I couldn't stay mad at her. She knows food is the way into my heart.

I miss my sister. She goes to school about 2 hours away from me, and I never get to see her. You all should be jealous shes my sister, because she is the best one ever. We do really cool things together like quote Seventh Heaven and text message lines from Napoleon Dynamite. Which by the way, you should all go see because its the best movie ever. But anyways, Keri is a fun-sister-lady and she should go to school with me. Move to DeKalb ASAP Kerianne!

Ok, I'm sitting here trying to think of something else to say, but I can't. I'm boring today. But I would like to send a shout-out to Mr Eric and Mr Gabe who are my new found blog friends. I found them all by myself. Haha, just kidding Jenn. I won't steal them from you. Pinkie swear. And don't forget to listen to "Captain Lovestar" bitches.


Jenn said...

Katie's taking over! The blogging world, that is. I'm feeling jealous and stuff. She has all these boy's reading her blogs. Katie, even though I'm jealous, I am very proud of you. It sucks when you teach someone something new and they end up doing it better. So kiss my ass! I think you need to keep your blog name address and title because at least I can keep the little pride I have left with at least that. I can stand proud and say, "see, all that fame started because of me!" Or really because technology is a foreign word to you, but still. Have fun eating and shoping for more stuff to eat. Wish I could be there. And remember you pinky sweared damn it! Don't be sending Gabe and Eric nudies just so they'll like you better! Play fair!

Gabriel said...

WOW!!! I have friends now!! I love blogging cause then I make friends. I am starting to see how this works. Anyways, I think you, Bill, and Jenn all make me look pretty small as far as how many posts you guys do. And I am the oldest member on here ( between us ) SO now I have to play some serious catch up. Thanks for reading mine. And if you keep it up, in a week , I will be like " Jenn who?".....

Pass The Flask

Andrew said...

Do you feel me,
when I touch you?
You see what you're doin' to me?
See what you're making me do?
Captain Lovestar's the name, yeah,
and I'm your rock 'n' roll commander.
And all the worlds I've flown over,
it's your love that I'm after.

Captain Lovestar's the name, yeah,
and I'm your rock 'n' roll commander.

You gotta believe me,
when I tell you,
I got all that you really need,
and you know that I love you.
So step in my rocket,
it's time we were leavin'.
We're gonna fly to the stars, yeah.
Got to float with this feelin'.

Captain Lovestar's the name, yeah,
and I'm your rock 'n' roll commander.
And it's your love that I'm after.

Katie said...

Fuck yeah bitch.