Thursday, September 23, 2004


Goddamnit. I'm drunk. I said I was going to have a beer after I finished all my homework, but I didn't wait til I was done, and now I'm drunk, with 5 journals left to do. I have to go to the library early tomorrow anyways, so I guess I'll do it then. But I'm an idiot, for getting drunk. But holy fuck, I only had three beers. Why am I getting drunk off three beers? Usually it takes me at least 8. Son of a bitch. Maybe it's because I haven't eaten since 5pm, and its 1 am now. No wait, I had spaghettios at 8. Today is just not my day. I think I'm going to bed.

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Jenn said...

Katie! Quit saying goddamnit! DAMNIT! Don't make me yell at you forever, 'til you stop! And here, lemme help you out some. . .1-800-ANONYMOUS. It's a free call too, so don't worry 'bout any charge. Love ya!