Friday, September 17, 2004

Holy shit I'm awesome

So my computer had a fuck-ass virus on it and it was driving me crazy. I had to wake up early, of all things, to go to the library to get homework done. That sucked balls, so I hope that I fixed it for good. But here's the cool part: I DID IT BY MYSELF. Some of you may not understand the cool-ness factor in that, but for those of you who know me as "Caveman Katie", you understand.
It took me weeks to get used to text messaging, a couple days to get the hang of blogging without posting 4 times and I can't for the life of me figure out DVD players. I can't take all the credit myself though, my dad was a big help here. Everyone was giving me agvice to wipe out my whole computer and start over again, but my dad was trying to get me to use the "restore" option, to set the date on my computer back a week or 2 so that the virus would be gone. I thought that seemed to good to be true, but holy fuck, it worked. Worked like a goddamn charm. I feel like a computer wiz now. As soon as I had fixed it, I called my dad and bestest roomie Emily (who's gone for the night) to tell them all about it, so they could tell me to pat myself on the back. I was seriously on cloud 9 for about an hour. So for all of you who cried in my absence, I'm back bitches.

Here's some other randoms for you:
- Keri quit smoking and hasn't had a cigarette since Sunday. You go girl.
- I have a crush on Jason Mulgrew and love his blog. Who knew that writing about how fat/unattrative/smelly/alchoholic you are could win my heart over.
- Vanessa Carlton's song "White Houses" has been in my head for the past 5 days straight. Goddamn catchy songs.
- I hate the words "jerk" "rude" and "assume". Even worse when someone says "Well, I just assumed......". No you assrammer. Don't assume anything.
- My friend is having a kegger tommorrow. Sweetass.
- I hate that slut Sara on the new Real World. I hope you get syphillis.
- I'm mad at Jenn and Bill for ditching me tonight. I'M BORED.
- Did I mention I fixed my computer BY MYSELF?

For the two days I didnt have the internet, I was in bed by midnight at the latest. I can;t reemember the last time I was in bed that early. So I decided that next time I need sleep I should give myself a virus. Good idea, no? If I get bored later, I'm going to ramble somemore, just to pre-warn you. I think I want ice cream now. Cookies 'n Creme, bitches.

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Jenn said...

Katie, I can only say that I thought/think this post is too freakin' adorable! You're the bestest! 'Cause you make me laugh and smile! Thanks for that. And um, Jason said you stink and he likes me more!