Monday, October 25, 2004

We Could Be Daytime Drunks If We Wanted

It's 3:00 am, which is my normal blogging time, so I feel like I need to, even though I don't feel like it. For one thing, I am obsessed with this band Rilo Kiley. Well really only about 5 songs of their new album, but still. I saw them on Conan a few weeks ago, then downloaded some of their songs (after I found out their name was Rilo Kiley, and not Wild Kyle like I thought I heard, thanks Bill) and now I love them. One of the guitar players in the band was Pinksy on Salute Your Shorts, a tv show that was on Nicklelodeon back when Nick still had kickass shows. Like Salute Your Shorts, Clarissa Explains It All, Hey Dude, Pete and Pete, Are You Afriad of the Dark? and even Alex Mack. I know theres some others that I'm forgetting, but all those shows were the best. Now all there is is animated shit on Nick, except for Nick and Nite, which I love. I used to watch Fresh Prince reruns all the time years ago, but I've discovered a new love for that show, even though I've seen all the episodes at least twice. How could you not love Carlton? I miss Three's Company not being on anymore though. Unless I just always miss it, I never seem to see it anymore. I used to hate that show, but last year living with Kelly, we grew obsessed with it and would watch it everynight at 2:00 am. Then John Ritter died. Me and Kelly honestly watched the episode of 8 Simple Rules where they dealt with his death with a box of Kleenex between us. Ok, enough of about my tv habits.

I had a fun drunken time last night. I ended up going to about 3 different parties throughout the night and saw my friend Connor, who I hadn't seen at all this semester yet. Our friend from home, Dudeman (his real name is Jim, but I've never heard him actually called that. Don't ask me why the nickname is Dudeman either) called me too, but right as I got to Connor's house, where he was staying, he passed out. Lovely to see you too. I can't remember anymore specific details, except for making an ass of myself on the phone with Jenn and Bill. I was coherent at least, right? We need to set up a new date, because Jenn, you're a douche bag for not answering on Friday and Bill, you suck for having shitty reception on Saturday. Me, I'm perfect.

The Red Sox won again today, fuck yeah bitches. Can you imagine if they actually won the World series? I wish I lived in Boston to experience the party that will be. They keep showing all these statistics on tv and they said 77% of the teams who win the first 2 games go on to win the World Series. Pretty good odds, right? But then again, they beat the Yankees when they were losing the series 0-3, so I guess anything could happen. And again, they are the Red Sox, with their "woe is me" curse that they have, so I shouldn't my hopes up. It's way too late for that though, and I'm really excited for them to win. Johnny Damon, you're my hero! I know I keep talking about them, and no one cares, but goddamnit, you should.

So I'm guessing that I didn't get that job at the Junction. Fuck you and your lazy eye, George. Back to the drawing board on the job prospects.

The Dylan concert is less than a week away! I'm so friggin (oh how I hate and yet love that word at the same time) excited for it. This is the 8th time I'll have seen him. How awesomatic is that? That would be like Bill seeing Axl Rose 8 times, Jenn seeing Portishead 8 times, Keri seeing Meatloaf 8 times, my dad seeing Neil Young 8 times and my mom seeing Barbra Streisand 8 times. You'd be fucking excited, right? I'm going to find Bobby D after the show, and have his love child. I think that would definitley be the high point in my life so far, having sexual intercourse with Bob Dylan. Some of you are probably throwing up left and right reading that because you know what he looks like nowadays, but hey, let me have my fantasy.

So to sum up everything: listen to Rilo Kiley, tv sucks for kids today, the Red Sox are the bees knees, and I'll be pregnant after October 31st. Get some sleep, bitches.

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