Sunday, November 14, 2004

I Think I Might Be Sinking

Last night Chandler called me and said his roommate Mark just got a brand new industrial sized blender, so they were making margaritas if I wanted to come over. I had nothing better to do since Emily was going out with a girl from her class, and it's free alchohol, so I head over there around 9:30. Some other people were over there too, and we just sat around playing Asshole (my favorite drinking game) for a few hours. Mark has his computer set up at the bar so he can play music for us. He had a shitload of tv theme songs downloaded, so we played Name that Tune which I was fucking AWESOME at. I even guessed the Dallas theme song. What the fuck, I've never even seen that show. I need to stop watching so much tv. I eventually proceeded to get very fucked up off margaritas and a few beers. AsI'm leaving around 2:30, Chandler opens up the door for me so that we're standing in the apartments hallway. I give him a hug goodbye, and as I pull away he goes, "Hey Katie, you think there's a chance of anything ever happening between us?" My head is reeling because I can't believe he had the balls to ask me that (he must have been trashed), but I manage to answer "No, I don't think so Chandler."

I'm walking home, just going oh my god, over and over again to myself. I am so proud of myself for telling him "No" and not being a pansy and dancing around the situation. I would hate myself today if I had answered "I don't know" instead of "No". I bet he feels really stupid today, if he even remembers asking me. He wanted me to come over to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind today, but I have my phone turned off because I don't feel like talking to him if he does call. I told Emily and Carly what happened and they act like I was a huge bitch to Chandler. I totally wasn't. I had to say it though because god knows what I would have gotten myself into if he thought I wanted to date him or something. I can't believe that he asked me that though. I know he likes me, but I have never, ever reciprocated those feelings back to him in any way. I know I'm going on and on about it, but I can't stop thinking about it.

To change the subject: Have you guys seen the car commerical that has The Band's song The Weight in it? I fucking love that song. I know so many people get pissed when one of their favorite songs are in a commerical, but I love it. You get to hear you favorite song on tv, so what the fuck are you bitching about? I know, I know, "selling out". But who cares? Dylan had a song in a Victoria Secret's commerical (of all things) earlier this year, and I enjoyed getting to hear him on tv every hour. Some people just get so worked up about this subject of "selling out." I could give a shit.

Download The Weight if you've never heard it. The Band was Dylan's backing band in the '60's and for a tour in '74. Dylan and The Band used to play together everyday in this house called Big Pink in the late 60's when they all lived in Woodstock, NY. They released an album called The Basement Tapes a few years later, which is an awesome album. Big Pink was the name of one of The Band's first albums too. Well actually it was called Music From Big Pink but same difference. My family took a trip to the Northeatern US two or three summers ago, and while we were in New York, I made them stop in Woodstock so we could find Big Pink. We couldn't find it, and asked some people if they knew where it was. They pointed us in the direction of some guy who was a huge Dylan fan and would probably know where it was. My mom and I go up to his door, and he's sitting down eating dinner with his family, but he still gets up and has us follow him in his car until he found it. Seeing Big Pink was like my Mecca. My shining moment. Also the moment I realized I was a little obsessed with Bobby D. My mom offered the guy $10 for his troubles, but he goes, "Nah, I could never take money from a fellow Dylan fan." Fuck yeah, I love that guy. If by chance you are reading this Mister, thank you for making my life complete, and I love you. I'm not creepy, really.

Please, pretty please with sugar on top and a cherry too, download the song New Slang by The Shins. I know nobody will, but if by chance you have some decency in your heart and do listen to it, listen at the very end to what sounds like a ball being dropped and making a cool noise. I'm sure it's a super cool instrument that makes the noise, and I can't describe it at all so just fucking download it already. And I love the fact that he says "Godspeed" in the song. I don't know why. I said that to Emily yesterday and she had never heard that word before. What a crazy bitch. Get your New Slang on, bitches.


Bill B. said...

God katie you were a're supposed to say, "________, I like you alot, but just as friends and I'm scared if we ever tried anything we'd ruin all that, and I care about you too much to lose our friendship." Haha a straight up no is like a very very brute slap to the face. Honestly it's better for women to lie when it comes to that situation, don't think it's wrong because you women know well enough that it's the easiest thing to do without coming off as an ass, and we guys can take it alot easier when you lie to us. At least we know you tried not to be straight up dick about it. Haha and to think of BIG PINK, death metal craig and I were at a metal underground bar one night ( i was totally out of place) and some big fat chick with short pink hair hit on him. She kept trying to get all up on his weiner and finally at like 3 am I got him away and he was forever in my debt. But I never let him forget Big Pink.

June Gloom said...

GOoooooooooooooooooo SHINS!