Saturday, March 12, 2005

There Are Heros In The Seaweed, There Are Children In The Morning, They Are Leaning Out For Love And They Will Lean That Way Forever

Ask me where I'm going tomorrow. No really, ask. Just fucking ask me already so I shut up. FLORIDA, BITCHES. No more snow for a week. No more 20 degree days. No more homework. No more midterms to study for. I get to wear flip-flops. And tank tops. And capris. It's going to be glorious. Sorry, I had to get that out of my system.

This past week has been hectic. Well as hectic as my life can be when I don't have a job, and average about 5 classes a week out of 9. Most the week was spent either catching up on sleep from the weekend (I was in bed by 12:30 TWO nights in a row) or studying for my China midterm. Ok so it wasn't really hectic, cause I was lucky and only had one exam, but it still sucked ass.

I got my hair cut. And I fucking love it. This doesn't happen often, so I'm milking it for all it's worth.

I've come to realize that I actually like the taste of beer. I never hated it, but before I drank it because I wanted to get drunk. Well that's still the main reason, but hear me out. Kelly came up Friday, and by the time we left Saturday, we still had almost a full case of beer left (out of 2 cases, we're not pansies). So this past week I've been drinking everyday. Not getting drunk, but I just want a goddamn beer when I get done with my test, or to celebrate it being Tuesday or when I get out of bed. Therefore the new house (apartment) rule is that there must always be a case of beer in the fridge at all times. Carly and I are taking this rule very seriously. I love beer.

Keri, if you read this, you're still a stupid bitch. No offense or anything. I OFFERED YOU STEAK 'N SHAKE. You heartless bitch. Find new plans for Easter.

I bought a camera to take with me on the trip. And I'll get them put on a disc or whatever so you all (coughgabecough) can stop thinking I'm 6'4, 340 lbs, with a big gummy smile and a dyke haircut. Cause that mental image is waaay off. I only weight 320 now, thankyouverymuch. That Trimspa shit really does work. You got your living proof right here.

I've spent way too much money on clothes recently. It's kinda justified since I needed clothes for Florida, but good lord, somebody needs to stop me now. I can't stop buying green things. Now I have 2 green pairs of flip flops, 2 green shirts, a green purse and a green hoodie. That doesn't sound like a lot once I just typed it out. I WILL be the owner of a pair of green capri/ sweatpants type things soon, mark my words. I just have to find them first. Fascinating, I know.

I bought TWO new lipglosses today. I always have to have a backup when I'm on vacation. So eat your heart out Jenn.

My new obsession: The Postal Service. I burned this cd from Carly last night and I've listened to it, no lie, 14 times today. It's called Give Up and every song is wonderful. So go buy it or something.

I'm sorry I haven't left any comments at all this week. Really truly sorry from the bottom of my heart. I was going to do them tonight, but don't feel like it. I have to be up in 6 hours and should go to bed. I promise when I get back I'll be all over that shit. Pinkie swear.

I won't have my phone at all this week cause I don't have nationwide coverage. It's going to drive me crazy. I expect the withdrawl to be its worst by Wednesday, then I should be over it. I hope so at least.

Everyone have a wonderful wonderful Spring Break. Most of you aren't on any type of break, but go get drunk, flash random people, have lots of sex with strangers and tan your titties anyways. You know you want to. See you Sunday, bitches.


Ariel said...

Hello stranger, I haven't spoken to you in like a decade. I was refusing to comment on your blog since you haven't commented on mine in forever but I'm bored so I caved, dammit. I want to get my hair cut, everyone and their lover has been getting their hair cut and they're all getting it cut like I've been wanting mine, the bitches. I've gone to get my hair cut before and said "Ok I want to keep my length but I want LOTS of layers"...that's it and they say "we can't do that" or some shit.

I've been reall liking the color green a lot more for awhile now, I got some green Chuck Taylors and I love them. They're the only shoes I've ever gotten compliments on. Actually that's not true, I got a compliment on my blue adidas ones once when I was on a plane.

My friend and I are thinking about going to I dunno Florida or North or South Carolina in May maybe. I want warmth and the beach. By the end of summer I'm always really ready for winter and by the end of winter I'm always really ready for summer. I wish it didn't have to get up in the fucking 90's or 100's during summer though. Weeeeeeee. Talk to you later lover. Have a super duper fun time on your trip!

Jay said...

HA! I get to move katie, top that shit. oh and one more thing





theron said...

i have no idea who emily is, but i concur with nudity.

as a matter of course.

Jenn said...

You're back now get your mother fuckin' blog on!