Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Resentment Rides High But Emotions Won't Grow

I'm going home tomorrow for the weekend, and I'm kinda looking forward to it. Megan will be home too, so at least it won't be too boring. Plus I can scam some money out of my brother, hopefully. I've only been home for one night since this semster began in January so it'll be nice to eat some good food for once. I'll get good Chicago pizza! Go to Huck Finns for coffee 400 times! Drink my mom and dad's liquor they hide in the basement! Watch a VHS tape just for the sake of having a VCR in the house! Steal more toilet paper! It's going to be glorious.

My brother and I have a date for July 16th. He's buying me a ticket so we can go see Tom Petty and the Black Crowes. He says I have to pay him back but I'm planning on trying to get out of that by saying it's going to be my birthday present from him. Nevermind the fact that I haven't gotten him anything yet and his birthday was January 14th. Keri keeps trying to get in on the sibling date too, but get the hint, bitch. WE DON'T LIKE YOU. Plus we don't want to associate ourselves with the type of people who get hit by cars while chasing after dogs (no offense). I mean, c'mon. Look both ways next time. (Don't get me wrong, I'm glad you're alive and stuff. Who else would buy me Rufio tickets? That's all you're good for {no offense}). (I love parantheses.)

Emily and I are definitley going to Nashville this summer. Well I say definitley even though we don't have any plans set in stone yet, but you have no idea what Emily is capable of. Unlike me, she gets good ideas and ACTUALLY FOLLOWS THROUGH WITH THEM. I know, mindblowing. Since she hosted that sex toy party, she got a free 2 night stay in a hotel pretty much anywhere in the US. I don't know why we picked Nashville, I guess because it's close enough to drive to (8 hours), but it's not Indiana, Wisconsin or Iowa. We stopped in Nashville to eat on the way down to Florida and decided we liked it, so Nashville, here we come. We were thinking about flying, but the cheapest we found was not cheap enough for us. I bet she'll have the hotel booked by the end of this month. We won't be going until August so we're got a while to look forward to it, but I can't wait. Gas prices better not shoot up to $4.00 a gallon like she says is supposed to happen. I don't trust anything she says though. After all I did have to teach her how to find books in the library today. I don't know how the two are connected, but come on. Then she reminded me how I have a 2.45 GPA. Shut up bitch.

I finally went to my advisor on Tuesday. I bitched and moaned about it, then it turns out I didn't even have to make an appointment, I just walked in and talked to the guy. He got me into my senior thesis class, which is fucking awesome since you need to be on senior standing to take it, and I'm 5 credits shy of the 90 I should have. (No one has to read this, I just need to get this shit out about school for a minute). I'm not looking forward to this class at all (does anyone ever actually look forward to going to class? I'm so unique) but I don't want to leave it for my last semester either, so I need to take it in the fall. Because next year will be my LAST YEAR IN COLLEGE. I'm on track bitches and should graduate in May 2006. That is if I stop acting like a pussy and take my math class. Let me talk about for a minute how math screwed Katie over three years ago.

It's the summer of 2002, and I'm here at Northern with my mom for my orientation (you have no idea how long it took for me to remember that word. 30 fucking minutes. I even called Keri but she was no help. I feel so much better. I'm not high, I swear). I'm going for my Bachelor in Arts because I hate math with all my soul and this way I'd only have to take one math class. So I ask the guy who was helping me figure out my schedule when I should take the math placement test to figure out what class I test into. He tells me I don't need to take the test at all, since I'm going for my BA, not BS degree. That man is a fat, fat bastard and I would kill him today if I ever found him. It turns out I DO have to take the placement test, or else obviously, how else am I supposed to know what math class to take? I wasn't looking forward to taking the test in the first place, 3 years ago when I had already been out of math in high school for a year. Now it's 4 years later and they want me to take the test? I can't even remember how to subtract big numbers from each other. I'm going to place into the lowest math class and end up having to take 2 classes, with the way it works here at NIU. I'm getting a degree in history for christs sake. Why must the system screw me over and make me take math? I thought cruel and unusual punishment was outlawed in this country.

And I'm done talking about school.

Today in the library while Emily was checking out her books, the guy helping her goes to me, "Neil Young. Awesome" cause I was wearing the shirt I got at his concert. Instead of saying, "Fuck yeah, I'm awesome and so are you for loving Neil" or "What's your favorite song?" I go, "Did you hear he had a brain aneurysm this past week? He's fine now though." The guy was like "Thanks for almost giving me a heart attack." I laughed and said, "Sorry, I just have to pass the word on to all his fans." Why did the first thing that popped out of my mouth have to be about his brain aneurysm? Way to keep the conversation light, Kate. I like talking to myself in third person.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend and get drunk. Alot. I'll try to do the same. It's the least I can do. Southside, bitches.


Ariel said...

Steal some shampoo to put in your ketchup bottle while you're at home too! The Black Crowes suck dude. Okay so I haven't actually ever listened to them in depth but what I've heard I don't like at all. They're a wannabe Zeppelin band! Anyway, I could probably meet you in Nashville IF you want. It's only a little more than 2 hours from here and I've been there a lot because that's where the airport I usually use. I think math is fun actually. Last time I was at Jason's house his mom and I were helping his little brother with some algebra or something and neither one of us could remember how you like actually work the problem out to "show your work" and all that shit. So, we looked it up on the internet and then it all came back to us how to do it and it was fun doing the problems! It's like putting together a puzzle or something. Good God I sound like a huge geek, but it's all good right? What you said about Neil Young sounds like something I'd say too...and then feel like a dumbass, just like you, lover!

Jenn said...

How was your weekend?

I wanna go on a date with one of my brother's. :(

I wanna go with you and Emily to Nashville. Well, not really, but I wanna party with you already.

Fucking advisor!

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's happening? Just some dude looking for Pita Pete's phone number and found your have some interesting things to say. And the Bulls are back!