Monday, August 29, 2005

What Happens on Central Park, Stays On Central Park

Echo and the Bunnymen. ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN. Christ on a cracker. How the fuck did they come up with that name for their band? I would have loved to overheard that conversation. (I would have also loved to be there for the "Let's call ourselves the String Cheese Incident! It's perfect!" conversation). I was always aware that this band existed, but it wasn't until today that I downloaded "Ocean Rain" (thank you Q101) and "Nothing Ever Lasts Forever" (thank you Donnie Darko) by them and became obsessed. So I only have 3 more of their songs as of right now, get off my back about it, they can still be my favorite band, ok? God are you bitchy.

My parents are on vacation right now, tearing up the entire East Coast for two weeks in our huge ass van. Basically they slowed the van down, shoved my brother out in Akron and took off. I doubt either of them are experiencing "empty nest" syndrome. It's more like "when-are-the-kids-going-to-leave-us-alone-so-we-can-move-to-Michigan" syndrome. I think both of them are coping as best they can. While on the phone with my Mom today, I asked if she had heard about that crazy ass bitch Katrina.

"So you guys hear about Hurricane Katrina?"
"Yeah, we have seen it on tv. *gibberish about the hurricane affecting the Ohio River Valley* so they think we might get some rain here in Vermont."
"I'm sure Vermont is everyone else's priority too. Screw you New Orleans. I hope you can handle the rain."

I'm pretty sure she made that up (she's a complusive liar. she's also told me "smoking is bad for you"), but regardless, pull your head out of your ass Pammy.

My sister is home by herself while my parents are gone, and all her friends are back at school so I spent the weekend at home with her because she's stuck at home with the dog. Saturday was our block party which basically turned into a drunken walk down memory lane with a couple of our neighbors with awesome music such as the Venga Boys, Ricky Martin and "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" (TWICE) serving as our backdrop. The handle of Captain Morgan was a nice touch too. The night may have ended on a "holy shit, I'm a dumbass note" but nonetheless it was a good time. We should drink together more often, Hobo.

Thursday night I found out that my friend Courtney likes to get drunk and bite people. Hard. Painfully hard. She bit me so hard on my shoulder that while I was at the hospital with Emily after she stepped on a piece of glass at the bar (the night included an ambulance ride and 6 stiches), the nurse stared at my shoulder and said "Are those bite marks? I can see a teeth imprint." It's really easily to explain to a nurse how your friend just likes to bite you when she's drunk, what's wrong with that? Not awkward at all, swear. Courtney also left her mark on my arm and boob. I think I'm going to buy her a muzzle. That or just punch her in the face next time she tries that shit again.

Times I used paranthesis in this post: 7
Hours spent watching CNN today: 14
Andes Mints consumed in past hour: 103
Times Keri and I "were going to make out shirts for Ireland" over the weekend: 3
Diet Pepsis consumed in 48 hours (collectively): 24
Precious bonding time spent with my soon-to-be-Ireland-bound sister: the whole weekend, bitches.


The Zombie Lama said...

(Paranthesis are your friend)

Timmortal said...

Bite marks, captain morgan, and stitches??? That's a good weekend doll, all I did was sweat alot. Holla!

An80sNut said...

Sure enough, part of this deals with something I know. B) Echo was reportedly the name of their drum machine but in more recent interviews they have denied that. hahaha The Bunnymen thing... screams frou frou to me. But they have some of the coolest songs ever. Make sure to add to your list "The Killing Moon," "Seven Seas," "Lips Like Sugar," their cover of "People Are Strange" and "I Want To Be There (When You Come)" yeah, it sounds kinky. If you wind up liking those, try listening to their Reverberation album. This was their only album without Ian McCulloch and for some reason kicks ass for other reasons. His first solo album was pretty good too.

Oh, grats on the heavy caffeine high!

dusty said...

love your this is not a spammer lol..nice to see that there is a white sox fan out there, most chi-town folks seem to be cubs fans..bite marks eh? shes a trip in the sack then.

illimitable voices said...

I knew a girl who liked to bite people that she was attracted to. I learned this about a month after she bit me, when we first met. The story of my life - I never can tell when a girl is coming on to me. Oh well. (Shades of the Alice Cooper show I just went to [I am using two sets of paranthesis, lay them on thick!])

In the words of Bob Dylan, "Summer days and summer nights are gone but I know a place where something is going on." - Chicago baby!


illimitable voices said...

by the way, I just linked you.

Jenn said...

ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN! I was totally there. I'm not telling you how it came about.

Three songs and you're a fan?! What kinda fan ARE you? Pfft.

If you were my daughter, I'd experience "empty nest" syndrome. I mean, you're so lovely and gorgeous. You're a great kid. Really.

Hurricane Katrina is a dirty whore. :'( It's all so sad.

I say you slap the shit outta Courtney next time. It's all in good fun right? That or bite the shit outta her. I can't believe she left teeth marks on your boob. Knowing your crazy ass you liked it. You DID like it, huh?! I knew you were funny.