Monday, December 05, 2005


The Support, I Can't Handle It

Jenn: your last post is GREAT

me: great jenn? GREAT?

me: my life is going to amount to nothing and you're calling it great

Jenn: well, the sarcasm was great

Jenn: sorry!

Everyone's A Comedian

friend in class, Mike: why are you so dressed up today?

me: dressed up? I'm wearing jeans

Mike: I know, what's the occasion

I'm Not Trying To Impress You Anyways

Mike: I can't believe the shit people wear to class. christ, look at you.

me: what? (wearing gray sweatpants I cut to about my shins, a hoodie and flip-flops)

Nothing Gets Past Him

co-worker: did you do something different with your hair?

me: I took a shower

co-worker: ahh, that must be it


Ariel said...

Hello Katie, I just read your past blogs, sounds like Ireland was a blast, I want to go overseas so so muchly.

I wanted to see Walk the Line but of course I never got around to it and I know what you mean about the price of movies, I mean holy fuck. There's this theatre in Illinois though, where my family lives, that costs $2 to get in and my uncle works there so I got to see Chicken Little for free. Ohhh yeah.

I still love ya and Jenn too and I miss talking to you guys. Text me sometime or something. Take care.

Jenn said...

I'm supportive, what can I say? I mean really, Katie... What WOULD you do without me?

I think I like this Mike cat and your co-worker. Yeah, I think I do.

I should start saving our conversations. Actually, I downloaded Yahoo simply for the archives the other night and I forgot that they're archived to the laptop! If I told you how sad it made me, you'd put me in a psycho ward. But it had past conversations with us, me and Ariel, me and Jason, Eric (fucker), Gabe, Bill AND our wonderful conferences. Boo, I need to get that laptop fixed. :'( I miss the good ol' days. I think I just got sad.