Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Speaking Of Coolers

The UPS Store I work at changed locations a few weeks ago, but we're only six blocks away from our previous store. Everybody hates "the new location" because the parking sucks, the sidewalk is icey, it's not on a corner like before. Me, I hate it because there isn't a tobacco store next door with free lighters galore and a pop machine in it. But the next person who comes in and says, "Why did you move? Your other location is much better", I'm going to slice in half. With a knife. In front of eveyone. And it will serve as a warning to others. Not to ask that fucking question anymore. Maybe I have a crush on the new guy who works with me, Nick. And maybe Nick's a senior in high school. Is that wrong? My mom says only if I act on it. Which I don't plan on doing. At least I don't think so. Speaking of my mom, she and I were making Christmas cookies the other day and while she's usually the one who does it, and I whine if she asks me to start the oven, it was me forcing my mom to help me make them this year. I think the mother-daughter-bonding that was going on was overwhelming her and she said, "When you get older and move out on your own, we should get together to make cookies." I don't know Mom, maybe we'll keep in touch throughout the years. I'll at least give you a call over the holidays. No promises though. I went out last night to bar with my best friend Megan and had a good time. I wasted most of my lifesaving (which is around $33) on the music trivia game thingy they have at one of the tables. I'm a fanatic for trivia, especially music trivia, so when I start playing, I can't stop. I snuck Keri into that bar a shitload of times over the summer, and one time we got the highest score for the game. I found out last week "KateKeri" is still number one. That means no ones been able to beat our score since July. Finding that out totally made my day, which is probably a little bit pathetic. You know what's even more pathetic though? Pussies who can't beat our score. No, I will not cry the day we become number 2, why would you ask that. Speaking of Keri, she's in either Amsterdam, Brussels (my mom told me she was going to "Brussls, Amsterdam." For 52 years she's thought Amsterdam was a country. Why am I surrounded by geography-deficent people?) or Hamburg, Germany right now. Last weekend she was in Paris. God I hate her. She was supposed to go to Barcelona the first weekend in December but overslept, got there 15 minutes late and wasn't allowed on the flight. Sister you make me proud in so many ways. Christmas is in 4 days. Christ. I have yet to start shopping. I'm going to Best Buy in a little bit and I'll probably end up getting a cd for myself. Who says I'm not full of the fucking holiday spirit. Alright, this is boring, and I hate how it looks like no breaks between the different things I talked (typed) about. Plus my throat kills. I wonder if it's because I smoked a pack of cigarettes last night. God is that disgusting. Last thought: Johnny Damon signed with the Yankees? What the fuck. That made me unnessecarily angry when I saw it on ESPN at the bar last night. Also, they shouldn't have tvs in bars because my friends get mad at me when I get sucked into whatever game is on at the moment. I don't get why, it's not like I want to talk to them anyways. Merry Christmas, bitches.


Andrew said...

Sounds like you are having fun with the snow!!
Andrew (posting in Hawaii)

Rat In A Cage said...

Good thing you won last year, because we're coming to kick some ChiSox ass this year!!!!

Kurt said...

Rat is so delusional. Scott Boras clients are cancer to their teams. Good luck, Yankees. They should sign up for radiation treatments now.
BTW, Nick probably wouldn't think it was bad if you acted on it ;)
Just make sure he's not the type to tell his friends...

keri said...


godbless you, johnson

Rat In A Cage said...

I have to be delussional, Kurt, or else I may cry.

Guess where I ate today????