Saturday, January 21, 2006

Welcome to Illinois

Friday at 10:30 am: I walked to class in flip-flops.

Friday at 10:30 pm: I had a snowball fight with Emily in the 9 inches of snow we got.


Hazim said...

Hey. Amateur blogger alert. Just browsing. saw your profile. Ur so lucky u got to see Bob Dylan 8 times! I'm a loyal fan. My friend's band covered one of his songs at a recent gig. I'm off to college soon. Cool blog u got here. I'm a malaysian who used 2 live in NH, US of A. Check out my blog at

doym said...

Snow is sooooo cool but we dont get to see too much of it here so hence i've only been skiing once in my life...oh well, snow no good for riding in anyway,

Love the new avitar!!

Jenn said...

Oh. My. God! Katie put her picture in a fucking avatar! I LOVE IT, too! It's cute. I love the pictures you take.

You said you wanted it to snow! You got your wish. Now wish for us to get some rain!

HMT said...

fucken Bears.

Andrew said...

So you got some snow!!
Welcome to my life!
We have had snow since about Dec. 16th and we will have it until like March!

It's ok, snow is fun, good for snowboarding in!

like the avatar!