Thursday, March 23, 2006

Russian Night: A Resounding Success

Vladdie, Emil, Papa Stalin and I singing our hearts out. I have no idea what song it was, but it most definitley was not Ted Nugent. I think Emil's still mad at you for not having Cat Scratch Fever on your Ipod, V-Money. You are being shipped to Sibera (which is not a country, ask me, I know this stuff) Friday.

Vladimir and Boris's face after someone said the word "democracy". Long live Papa Stalin. (Must give props to Keri for that caption, she wrote it first and I don't want to hear any bitchings about it.)

Thriller came on thanks to DJ Keri's Pix and Vladdie and I got a little excited.

What, you've never seen vodka in a bottle before? Maybe you should look around the liquor store more carefully next time, ye commie bastard.

8:30 pm - My mom is "tired and wants to go to bed." Says will stay up til 11.
11:00 - My dad is on his way home, ok fine, I'll stay up.
12:00 - Dad comes home.
3:30 am - Rasputin finally goes to bed after 3 hours of dancing AND EVEN HAVING A MILLER LITE. And copping feels on my ass. Sick, you're my mom.

Overall, Russian Night: Eh, I guess I had a good time. As my dad's friend Emil said, "This would never happen at my house." You're goddamn right it wouldn't because we O'D's are fucking awesome. Yeah, so maybe Keri and I stayed home on a Friday night to drink with our parents, make t-shirts with the slogan "Commies, Fur Hats and Vodka" on them, and have a three hour dance party, voluntarily at that, but don't knock it til you've tried it. Long live the motherland.


keri said...

the best goddamn russian night IN ALL OF RUSSIAN HISTORY!! so what if we broke our a sophomore high school history text book to see if we could find anything else to put on our shirts? SO WHAT? wow, i'm angry. must be the russian coming out in me.
i had a delicious time partying with my mother and father, and dancing to russian classics such as "Shout!" and "Thriller". love you, Boris!!


Rat In A Cage said...

не волноваться

Rat In A Cage said...

(keep cool)

Bill B. said...

Are you guys twins or something?

HMT said...

The Soviet Union rules.. (*not russia*), the Soviet Union.

get em' in.