Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Sun Is Up, The Sky Is Blue

1. I am horribly, horribly bored at work. Come on, doesn't anyone want to send their family a present? Fax something? Make 300 copies? Annoy the shit out of me because you don't have the zip code? Goddamnit.

2. My mom told me she'd match my payments on my school loans that I have to start paying back in November if I quit smoking. She chose the exact moment to tell me this while I was in the bathroom. Doesn't that conversation deserve a sit down? Or a knock on my bedroom door? No, it does not. It deserves to be told through the bathroom door. So now, granted that I quit come November, I'll be done with my loans in 7 1/2 years instead of 15. Sometimes, sometimes my mom is alright. Not most of the time, but she has her moments.

3. I am not going to Lollapalooza. Why? Because I mean, then I'd have to miss my block party. Plus I wouldn't get to see the cover band I'm obsessed with on Friday. I mean, both of those things totally equal out to seeing the Ranconteurs, the Frames, Ryan Adams, My Morning Jacket and all those other lameass bands I wanted to see. I'm totally not bitter!

4. I don't even want to start talking about the White Sox because they make me so fucking angry, but something needs to be said. You have made me severly angry these past two weeks. Mark Buerhle, I bought your shirt because I loved you. You and the rest of the team, save for Jon Garland, are not reciprocating that love. Maybe this wouldn't suck so much ass for me if I didn't watch every game like it was Game 7 of the World Series, but jesus christ. Get your fucking act together and win some goddamn ball games. Ok, I feel better.

5. I lost some more weight, now a total of 16 pounds. Seriously, who knew that eating less made you lose weight. GENIUS. I weigh in tomorrow, and it's not going to be pretty, since I've gone to the bar about 54 times in the past week, plus haven't been able to stop eating the past two days, but one setback is ok. I can deal with that. Keri and I have a goal of losing 10 more pounds by her birthday August 20th. I need her around more often to talk me out of Burger King like she did last night.

6. At the bar Tuesday I had a goal of talking to this guy I have a crush on, the keyboardist of the cover band I love. I finally did it, and invited him to my friend's block party this Saturday and offered him my number "just incase he wanted to stop by Saturday". I have BALLS, man. I was so proud of myself, I've never been that forward before. Not like I was being creepy-forward (at least I hope not), but I really hope he calls. And yes I am just setting myself up for a big disappointment, but for the moment we're keeping the faith, aight? Cross your fingers bitches.

7. Still no library card. I know how worried some of you were, so I just wanted to update you. I called the library and they said "there's only one person making all the cards." How many people can possibly be applying for Alsip library cards at one time that there is a two month wait to get one? I've been bookless for too long and my reading skills are really slipping. No one bother leaving a comment, I won't be able to understand it anyways.

8. Last night I only had to spend $4.50 on one pitcher of beer. The rest Keri and I got for free from our bouncer friend Mike and a guy named Steve, who has a mad crush on Keri but is at least 37 years old. But hey, he's the singer in a band that's really popular in our neighborhood, and pretty much a celebrity (Lindsay Lohan!) to me, so you go girl. Anybody who buys me beer is alright in my book.

9. It's almost August. Shit bitch, I gotta look for a new job soon. I am very excited about that. I think it's starting to hit me that I'm not going back to NIU and everytime I think of it, I get a pit in my stomach. Funs over kid. Get a real job.

10. Last minute ramblings: Twenty minutes left of work. And I really want a cigarette but I know as soon as I light it someone'll come in. Jenn, seriously, what the fuck. Blog already or I'll slice you. I know I haven't left comments anywhere in forever, but it's just because I'm a really terrible person, so there you go. I'm exicited to go to the bar tonight for $1.25 bottles and to hang out with my sister (because I haven't done that in like, 11 hours). Never have I ever.... had an underage sister that makes me dance at the bar to Papa was a Rolling Stone when no one else is.


keri said...

i would dance with you to the Monster Mash at the bar when no one else is dancing because i love you so. THAT IS A TRUE SISTER.

i want burger king

Jenn said...

" No one bother leaving a comment, I won't be able to understand it anyways"


Mom is hardcore. 'Quit smoking and I'll save you from being a brokeass white girl.'

Dude, I can't believe you're not going to Lolla! What the hell are you thinking. Ryan Adams alone is enough! Loser.

Congrats on the weight loss! That's badass. I'm sure I've gained what you've lost. No, seriously. Fatty McJenn.

Come work with me. We have three positions open.

I'll blog someday. I don't do it on lunch here and my computer at home is fucked. I got some stupid error. Plus, I've been having a kickass summer and just loving it, no time to blog. But, I do miss my Katie time.

Love you, bitch.

Kurt said...

call me a meddling person, but i think numbers 3 & 6 might be related......