Monday, July 10, 2006

This Machine Kills Fascists

Still no motherfucking library card. Do you think libraries have a system like the police do, where they can look up my name and see my habit of book-borrowing-and-not-returning-for-seven-months? Cause in that case I'm screwed.

This past week has been the longest week of my life. I felt like I was celebrating America and Freedom and the Consitution for 3 months or something. Not that I didn't have fun drinking Wednesday through Tuesday, but what happens the year the 4th is on a Thursday or Friday? Do we start the Friday before? If you love America I guess you would. And if you don't love America you're a terrorist.

Keri, her friend Amy and I went to ISU Saturday night to say goodbye to their friend who's moving to Vegas. We played Flippy Cup and naturally it was O'D's vs the World again and we dominated. Maybe we didn't win every single time, but you're goddamn right I'm going to play it off like we did. Then tonight we were both swimming at my friend Diana's house (Keri pretty much follows me around where ever I go) and we played bags against Diana and Steve aka O'D's vs the World again. And we won, naturally. I'm almost positive we would have beat France in the World Cup, if given the chance. And yes I do realize I'm bragging about winning Flippy Cup and bags, but its hard not to when you're this awesome. I'm so glad I don't have a lack of self-esteem.

I'm still in Weight Watchers and slowly but surely the fat is coming off. I've lost 10 pounds so far and though I still have a ways to go, the motivation of my jeans fitting is almost too much for me to handle. WHO KNEW THEY WERE ACTUALLY SUPPOSED TO BE COMFORTABLE? I am finally beginning to understand why people wear them willingly when you could be wearing sweatpants instead. I mean don't get me wrong, I'll still never do that, but it's nice to know I have the option now.

Earlier tonight Keri asked if I "had any designs on Steve". Apparently that meant "do you like him". Have designs? What the fuck is that. I think she made it up, but she insists she didn't. Has anyone ever heard that saying? Even if you have, just say no anyways so she feels stupid. I feel better about myself when putting people down, so help me out here.

There's a Woody Guthrie documentary on PBS this Wednesday. Woody was Bobby D's inspiration and hero, therefore making him my inspiration and hero also. I mean I don't REALLY aspire to trapise about the country writing folk songs about America and politics, rough it during the Depression, be buddies with Pete Seeger, have a son named Arlo and die of Huntington's disease, but if that's the way things work out I'm down. This land is your land, bitches.


Earth Rooster said...

Way to go Tubby, 10 pounds, huh? You are the greatest or so Jenn tells me. And the 'designs' thing was played out in CA several years ago, guess that it finally made it to the Midwest. You guys are so on top of things...

Kurt said...

nope. i can say i never heard it before.

of course i would be lying....and i thought you were working on Irish citizenship? I thought they partied everyday...the sun making it halfway up was reason enough.
congratulations on the world dominance thing.

Rat In A Cage said...

Not only does the library have such a system, the Feds are linked into it.

I am serious. The FBI tracks books borrowed from libraries & certain ones flag them.

Big Brother has hand hand so far up your ass, you don't even feel it anymore.

Bill B. said...

Katie Guthrie, how goes it you lonesome hobo. If you'd take the ie off Kat and'd be Kat Guthr and that's a cool name for your alias to use when obtaining a new library card. Your library credit is bad and you need to file for bookruptcy!! HA I kill me with these jokes. No seriously it me 2 weeks to come up with that joke.
Wasn't that documentary sad though, Huntingdon's disease is a bitch. The saddest part was when they showed him at his own tribute show and no one recognized him. Okay Kat Guthr, I must run, be good.

Bill B. said...

PS I forgot to tell you about the Raconteurs doing a cover of "It Ain't Easy" (which Bowie originally covered on Ziggy). They did the Bowie version live on BBC and you can download it, it's pretty good. Okay I'm calm.

Rat In A Cage said...

We bitch slapped your White Sucks this weekend.