Wednesday, August 30, 2006

August 20, 1985 - Twenty One Years Later

Saturday Night:

I wore my pirate shirt just for you.

I forgot Brian Urlacher showed up with his claws.

I bet you totally remember what I was telling you. And totally cared. You look concerned.

Five minutes later. Ah, sweet crusty beer-soaked hair.

Well you were awake for at least two minutes on the bus.

You probably hate me for posting this picture, but what's that? I don't care. I know I said I would hold your hair for you if you puked, but I really didn't have a chance to cause of all that projectile vomitting you did without warning on the bus. Please forgive.

Sexy passed out hooker.

You want some McDonald's? You look like you want some McDonald's.

Sunday Night:

We made t-shirts on Sunday (9 of us, we're cool). Keri was "21 and still self-lubricating" (don't act like you're not impressed) and I'm "no longer her beer bitch". Praise jesus.

Keri was turning 21. Just incase you forgot. Christ I look like a barge.

The uniform of the night was gaucho pants and the t-shirts and apparently I was really happy and excited about it!

Good lord that was funny. "How did you guys get up there so fast?" We walked around it, douche bag. With age you will learn the wisdom Apryl and I have already, my little grasshopper. Or you could just listen to Apryl next time.

You had finally given up on putting the balloon back on the stick and I had taken to hitting you with it. A good time had by all.

Sexy and classy end to the night.

I think we did Keri's 21st birthday justice. Or at least she did. Puking on a bus will do that to you. You even made it to your 9 am class on Monday. You really are maturing with age, which dissappoints me a little but I'll learn to deal with it if you promise to never stop getting drunk with me. Even if we're forced (eventually it'll happen) join AA. Aight? Aight. My little sister's finally 21! We have more options than Dingbats now! I can stiff you money when you buy cases for the both of us! Oh sweet sweet revenge. (Yeah yeah I know you usually paid me, but I was totally your sugar bitch this summer, so suck it.) Happy Birthday Seeeeeestor.

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Bill B. said...

I wanted to quote Anchorman because this line is killing me right now:

I know what you're thinking and yes, I have a name for my penis...I call it the Octagon. Quote Brian Fantana nevermore!