Monday, January 15, 2007

Bears, Whining, Haircut, Tired - Sounds Like The Makings Of A Great Post

THE BEARS WON. They won! It's the first playoff game I've ever seen them win in my lifetime (well I mean of course I was alive in 1995, but don't remember watching it, I was in fifth grade), and oh my lord, it was spectacular. A nail bitter at the end, but Gouldie pulled through for us, god love him. And Rex, dude, you were great. A few mistakes here and there, but you stepped it up when it counted. You bascially told all those naysayers to shut the fuck up. I hope they listen. Watch out Saints - I know you might be "America's Team" right now, but not for long bitches, not for long. Oh man - best day of my life yesterday. Save for when February 4th rolls around I mean.

I went home with a guy a few weeks ago (J.P, don't read this. This is why I hate knowing you read this stupid blog), but didn't sleep with him because Megan convinced me it was the smart thing to do. Leave him wanting more, right? So the next time I see him (he's a bartender at a bar I go to a lot) he's decent to me, but we don't talk much, but I gave him the fact that he was working and tried not to think about it too much. Then I see him the following Saturday and he ignores me. I see him the next Tuesday and he hardly says a word to me. I spent way too much time analyzing everything I said, thinking I had creeped him out or something. ANYWAYS, he's been nice to me the past few times I've seen him, but it hasn't been anything worthwhile. So I see his friend Saturday night, and me and Meg hang out with him all night. Towards the end, without me mentioning his friend at all, he tells me his friend likes me, liked how "I didn't sleep with him the first night and thought he ruined his chances with him because he thought I saw another girl kiss him, but he's shy." My head almost exploded. What a fine way of showing me he liked me - by hardly talking to me at all. I mean I know he says he's shy, but goddamnit. I put myself out there the night I went home with him, it's not like he'd be asking me anything blindfolded with no idea what he was going into. I wanted to scream when P.J told me all that about Carey. I DON'T NEED THIS RIGHT NOW. I was finally starting to not obsess and move on, clearly getting the hint he wasn't interested. And now this. Gaaah, I just needed to get that out because I can't believe it. Can't fucking believe it. Quit messing with my head bastard.

Sorry I just needed to get that out - way too make a short story long Kate. So anyways, I got my haircut Thursday and it is delightful. It't not too different, but it's different enough and I love it. Layers, they're not as scary as you think - who knew.

Saturday I wasn't planning on going out because we were going to the bar at 11:30 am for the Bears game and I wanted to get my $40 worth. Instead I go out until 5:30 in the morning. How the fuck do I go from not going out at all it staying out until 5:30 am? I mean granted it was fun, but if I had stayed in I could have avoided a mindfuck, spending the last of my money and being so tired for the game that I came home after the Chargers-Patriots game and was asleep before my head hit the pillow at 7:00 pm. And then slept until 1:00 pm. So maybe it wasn't so bad in retrospect, but I missed Desperate Housewives. Shit bitch.

Going to the bar tomorrow. I'm hoping I might possibily have good news, but with my track record so far, let's not count on it. I will however drive myself fucking insane thinking about all of this until I get to the bar around this time tomorrow. Awesome.


Bill B. said...

That's a definite sign that the dude likes you when he is all shy and ignores you but doesn't really ignore you. I was like that until like I turned 25 so it's just something in certain men that cause them not to be sexual tigers and play it cool....then when everything gets all ready to take off you have to pull a lateral and sometimes ignore the chick to make her think you're cool, but aren't goo goo. Either way do it up thug, us girls have to stick together!
I'm so happy the Bears won....I was pulling for them and if the Eagles can't have it, goddamnit I want the Bears to.

Katie said...

Bill, I love you. That was exactly what I needed to hear, though in a way it wasn't cause now my hopes are up even higher when I see him tonight. Also, you are a delight for wanting the Bears to win. Start practicing the Super Bowl Shuffle. And yeah, I have heard of Catfish Haven. They play them on the radio station XRT here, also known as the best station in the entire universe. They're decent enough, I havne't really paid them that much attention.

HMT said...

stop worrying about fucken guys and start performing the blood rituals necessary for another Bears victory.

I need you now more than ever.