Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Today Is Not Friday. It's Wednesday.

ONLY FOUR MORE DAYS. My stomach is in a constant state of butterflies because I can't fucking WAIT for the Superbowl to start. Here at the store, it's almost like Christmas time again with everyone sending their out of state relatives and friends t-shirts, hoodies and hats to wear for the game. I'm too broke to buy a shirt right now (I do have an Urlacher one though) so they better win so I can buy a Superbowl champs shirt. Emily's coming here to watch the game with me and my friends, granted that the bar we're going to still has tickets available. The bar is always shown on tv for big sports events, so if you're in Chicago, look for me making my big tv debut. It's going to be spectacular.

Only one more day of work after today and then I'm off until Tuesday, aw hell yeah. When I told my boss I needed these days off he asked "Are you going out of town?" I said "No, I have a wedding Friday and then Monday...for...the....Superbowl."
"You're going to the Superbowl?"
"No...I'm just going to be a drinking.....a lot."
He's made fun of me since then for taking the day off, but whatever. I think it's cool that I have a boss I can be that truthful too. Yes your employee does take the day off so she can celebrate properly the night before, but I'm hardcore man. Surprised you didn't know that. (John Phil, I will be very dissappointed if you don't know the line before that.)

Last night was Megan's last hurrah because she starts student teaching February 5th. Well her last Tuesday hurrah anyways, and seeing as Tuesdays are like our Fridays or something, it made me very depressed. WHY MUST SHE ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING WITH HER LIFE. God, I thought she was going to waste away as a waitress while I toiled away at the UPS Store. Who needs real jobs, at least we can still go out and get drunker than I have been in quite some time any day we want! Christ I need to grow up.

So. I saw Carey last Saturday and went home with him, but kept my chastity belt on again. When he drove me home, he still didn't ask for my fucking number. I just saw the "He's just not that into you" Sex and the City episode last week and I wish to god I hadn't because it's so true. Oh so true. Stupid fucking Sarah Jessica Parker. Reason number two I'm pissed (well I guess I'm not really "pissed" at Carey, I just feel pathetic): his friend P.J stole my Bears lighter. And then to top it off, P.J, who likes Megan, actually called her today. IMAGINE THAT, a boy calling a girl. I wish I had any idea what that was like. Assholes, the both of them.

I ordered a phone off Ebay because my phone (seriously- there is no other explanation) dissappeared right before New Years. I've been using my dad's old phone from 1973 which runs out of batteries after two minutes of talking on it - not annoying at all. I just bought a replica of the phone I lost, but it's a used one and I'm nervous that it's going to be a piece of shit. It better live up to its condition that was described as "good" - let's hope that means I can at least have a four minute conversation now.

My parents are leaving tomorrow and will be gone skiing until Sunday. How excited am I about this? Very. Very fucking excited. Only my mom won't be here Friday to help me curl my hair HOW THOUGHTLESS CAN ONE PERSON BE. A new standard has been set.

The next time I talk (type) to you bitches, the Bears will be the crowned (what now Dennis Green) Superbowl Champions. Defense always win, and Peyton Manning, you ain't got shit.


valiantqueen said...

Good Luck! Can't wait to hear about the game!
Canadian Bitch

Bill B. said...

By the time you've read this, the result will be in and Da Bears will have lost. My condolences to you and your state. I did stick by my promise to not watch the SuperBowl though as I was stuck outside working in 5 degree weather. Maybe my bad luck streak is broken! Next year Katers, next year yo.

valiantqueen said...

So sorry. I understand you are in mourning--but waiting to hear about the weekend after a suitable time period has passed....