Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Up Against The Walls

It's weird how a good song coming on my iPod will automatially put me in a good mood. I don't know why it surprises me - obviously I know every song on here, but it's so much better when it comes on through the shuffle as opposed to me picking it out to play. The song this time? Truth Doesn't Make a Noise by the White Stripes. I have all the White Stripes albums on here, I have no idea how (maybe because of my brother?), but never listen to them unless it's through the shuffle. Then that song came on one day and changed my life. Or not really, but I'm feeling dramatic today. It really makes me want to learn how to play the piano cause it's awesome, motherfucking awesome. Plus, how sweet is that title. Truth doesn't make a noise? Thank you Jack White for vocalizing that, cause I had no idea.

Megan might be moving back to the town she went to school in for a job at a radio station. The thought of that happening scares the shit out of me because seriously WHAT AM I GOING TO DO. Meg is literally my right arm: we hang out at least five or six times a week and she's the one person around here who will go with me to the bar open til 5:00 because of my pathetic hope of finding a boyfriend there (I am aware of how delusional I am only because she points it out to me all the time). Everyone knows when I'm somewhere, Meg is too and vice versa. I don't think they'd recognize us without each other. So really, the prospect of her moving terrifies me. But she did say there's a UPS Store down there too, so I could move too! And then I shot her. Why must my best friend actually grow up and get a job. WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS.

But really, this working at the UPS Store is getting old. It's coming up on a year that I graduated and I'm still there. I have been trying to look lately, but really have no idea how to even start. My resume is so impressive though, I don't get how a sweetass job hasn't just fallen into my lap already.

So I work at the UPS Store, still live with my parents, don't have a car, don't have a boyfriend and am pretty much broke all the time. I just depressed myself even more, if that's even at all possible. If the truth doesn't make a noise then why is it fucking screaming at me right now, answer me that Jack White. Where's my knife when I need it.


J O'Dizz said...

Yes, you have all the White Stripes cds because of me. And it sounds like life at home is going pretty well for you. However, I must admit, I do not envy you one bit. No offense. Maybe a little family drinking time over Easter will ease your life. I know it will mine

doym said...

My IPod does the same thing, usually when I'm riding my bike, it'll be playing something quiet like Moby or Simon and Garfunkel and everything is nice and sedate, then all of a sudden rage or metallica are telling me I'm way faster than the cops and at 180mph they'll never see my plate

as for the job, over the years (I sound so old...Nooooo!!) I've found the best way to get your self out of a rut is to quit and force yourself to find something better, you live with your parents, tell them how this job is sucking your will to live and you want to quit to force yourself to find something better, they'll support you, or maybe move with your friend?

I can't help you on the boy front, I don't have any experience looking for them, but I'd date you if I wasn't on the other side of the world

Bill B. said...

Katers, don't fret mon ami....you're still young and you'll find your niche. I didn't find mine until 26 and even I'm still not happy. I'd rather be living in NYC flipping burgers at McDonalds.

Nocturnal said...

iPod's most definitely have their purposes, music calms the savage beast.

That and Chitown.