Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'm Gonna Give You A Try

I sign up to win random concerts all the time on the radio station XRT's website and never win. Until Monday when I win tickets to see Chris Cornell in an "intimate concert" on Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 pm. Do you see the timeframe there? I find out I win on Monday. The concert is Tuesday. Tuesday afternoon at that. I'm not even a huge Chris Cornell fan (although I bet Jenn is going to bust a nut reading this), but it would've been cool to see him in a really small venue. Goddamnit XRT. Could we work on the timing next time?

At the bar last Thursday I saw a kid I used to babysit for. How fucked is that? I mean jesus christ, I'm only 22. Shouldn't I be at least 30 before that happens? So I didn't REALLY babysit for him, it was more for his 6 year old sister and 10 year old brother, but regardless he was there too and I was technically his babysitter. He was only 20 years old, apparently he knew the bouncer, but good lord. I thought hearing that kids I used to babysit for were in high school was weird. Now we're taken it to a completely different level: me buying them beer at the bar.

If I don't get to see Peter Bjorn and John May 8th, I am going to go apeshit on somebody. You have been warned. Now, get my mom to lend me money to buy their concert tickets on Saturday morning. God damn Swedish people.

So I'm trying this new thing called "not drinking for an entire month". Any bets on how long it's going to last? I give you until Saturday at 10:30 pm. Must. Resist. $1.25. Bottles. Tomorrow.

My new favorite tv show which I've only seen about 10 minutes of? Human Giant on MTV.
"I want to use your balls as earrings?"
"I was only making conversation."

Do you have any idea how expensive it is to be tested for HIV? Jesus christ. I knew I didn't have it, but I just wanted to be 110% sure I had a clean slate. I guess that's what you pay for peace of mind, but a little warning about the price for peace of mind would have been nice. Also, the other lesson I learned from this whole "Do I have AIDS? We'll know when I get the results back" situation is don't tell your best friends sort-of boyfriend you took the test because in order to clear a way at the bar he will yell "Watch out - she has AIDS." And it can be transmitted by me bumping into you. Sorry mister, but you know you had it coming when you didn't immediately move outta my way. you know way too much about me. But hey, at least you know it's cool if mine and your blood accidentally mix, right? And before I did look kind of AID-sy, admit it, what with my gaunt figure and swollen-prone lymph nodes. You can be rest assured now, I don't have the AIDS. Let the blood inter-mingling begin.

R.I.P author of my favorite book, Slaughterhouse-Five, Kurt Vonnegut.


Bill B. said...

Kater's I'm glad you don't have AIDs....but just think of all the cool things you could have done with the Make-A-Wish foundation. "I wish to meet Bob Dylan". I bet you're crying because you don't have Aids now! I feel your pain on those concert tickets. You should have blamed it on Imus and the nappy headed ho's!
I still can't believe Kurt's dead even though he was like 89. I'm going to read Cat's Cradle for the 9000th time just to reminisce.

Bill B. said...

PS congrats yo, you guys are in the front running for the 2016 Olympics!

Sophia said...

OK, this is enough bullshit miss Katie. Don't tell me you can't find enough time in the month to blog more than once every two weeks. You cannot be that busy getting your eyebrows waxed and hanging out at UPS to not blog! Ok, the truth is I miss your humour and reading your stories. Please write,
Canadian bitch xoxo