Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Sarah, Catherine, Salman, Bailey

My sister, her friend Amy and I were at the bar last Thursday, and as we walk in, the guy-girl duo on stage is singing Building a Mystery by Sarah McLachlan. Now I don't ever really want to hear Sarah McLachlan, but in a bar of all places? How does that happen, at one of their practices the girl suggests, "Sarah McLachlan! That'll rev up the crowd!"? And then the guy agrees with her? I can't fathom it. You know what really did rev me up though, the sixty John Mellencamp songs the bar played in between the duo's set. I can't get enough of the Coug.

My friends and I celebrated my other friend Catherine's birthday Wednesday through Saturday last week - I think my liver almost went out on me Sunday morning. My mom said to me at one point, "Why do you have a friend that's so young?" Christ mom, if I was 35, maybe that would be an appropriate questions, but I'm only 23. Give me a break here. But I am getting old. Frig.

I stopped reading the Salman Rushdie book the other day. It got to a point where I was dreading reading it, until I remembered, oh right, it's not required that I finish it, I can use my FREE WILL, return it, and start a book I'm actually interested it. This free will thing, sometimes I forget about it. Now I'm reading The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood and am pleasently pleased as punch pie ( I can't get enough alliteration) by how good it is. And probably because it's like going from reading Homer's the Odyssey to a Babysitter's Club book.

So my parents sell me a car and two days later the tail lights and the dashboard lights are out. Thanks, assholes. But really though, thanks cause you better be paying for it. M & D are leaving on their annual two week vacation next Tuesday, sweeeeetass. Just me, Keri and the dog. Bailey can get pretty crazy sometimes, so it should be a good time. As long as she doesn't roll in her own shit again and I have to try in vain to lure her into the basement sink by putting a step ladder up to the sink and holding a treat above it, all because I refuse to try and pick her up. I know, I still can't believe it didn't work either. Stupid ass dog.

This weekend: The Frames and THE BEARS. God I can't fucking wait.

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valiantqueen said...

Hey I just got in from drinks with Mags! I tell her you compared her literary prowess to The Babysitters Club or whatever. She'll love that! Oh Salman--fuck could you ever figure out who all those characters were? NO. However the good news (for me) is that he actually references Midnight's Children a few times through his characters in Satanic Verses, so that is reminding me that I didn't ever really understand a word!

Now that you are an old gal hangin' with young chicks, it won't be long before you find yourself in a similar POLE position missy!

Enjoy Mags--she's one of our greats!