Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before

Thank you, thank you Chicago Bears, THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' ABOUT. Well really I'm talking about Devin Hester, but I refuse to bitch about Rex Grossman anymore. He is our quarterback no matter how much you whine so just accept it and shut the fuck up. I have - I'm just wanting for the rest of Chicago to follow en suite.

My friend Maribeth's baby was christened this past Sunday. Or more like her baby made us go to church for 20 minutes before she would let us start drinking and eating - same thing. Her baby is hands down, the cutest baby in the entire world and that fact makes me nervous to have kids. Will my kids not be as cute as her? Will I think my own children are ugly? Will I hold it against my kids that they're ugly, if they are? Will my friends secretly think my baby's ugly? Can I blame them for that? Am I a psycho? Sometimes this question seriously worries me because I have no qualms about calling out an ugly baby. Not to their face or the parents by any means, but hey, I call it like I see it. I'm doomed to have ugly children.

I kind of went on a bender this past week and drank from Tuesday thru Sunday. I wasn't going to drink at all Sunday because I felt shitty from Saturday night, and then I end up drinking from 3:00 pm (football and Pepsi just don't have the same ring) until 2:00 am. Not drinking at all turns into ELEVEN hours of it. I am a disgusting, disgusting person.

My sister and I saw the Frames again last Saturday. I just want that band to follow me around around for the rest of my life providing the soundtrack, is that really too much to ask? While we were at the concert or "Block Party" there were a couple random stands with food and clothes. At this one stand, a lady bought t-shirts at a thrift store and turned them into, unfortunately, tube-tops. But I had to buy one that said, "I still call it Comiskey" because I DO still call it Comiskey, U.S Cellular Park (where the Sox play) is just too ugly and I refuse to use it. So I may never wear this shirt, but it is still the most awesome thing I've ever bought, Charelston Chews notwithstanding.

If I get a boner from nothing else in life, I get one from a guy who smells good. Preferably Hugo Boss because oh my GOD that smell is delicious. Some guy just came into work smelling super good and now his scent is lingering and I am in heaven. Just thought you might all want to know - I don't like to keep good news to myself.

My brother got me a $25 iTunes gift card for my birthday a couple weeks ago. Just because I had the "free" money, I really wanted to spend it right away even though there was nothing that was musically catching my ears at the moment. So on an impulse I buy the new Rilo Kiley album because I love love LOVE the first single, Silver Lining. Yeah, and the rest of the cd blows (sorry Bill, you probably love it). Maybe because I've only listened to it twice, but I can't even bring myself to listen to it again. Then the other cd I bought was The Good, The Bad and the Queen, another one of Damon Albarn's side projects. That cd is actually pretty awesome and I've listened to it a ton, but each time I do, I wish he'd step it up a notch and the music would get faster. But regardless, a great cd and I totally don't regret buying it. Then I waste the last $4 on some stupid compliation cd of new music and only like three of the songs. But then, THEN about five days after I spent the last of the money, I discover a cd that I must buy, there is no other choice, I will die if I can't listen to it RIGHT NOW - Mark Ronson's Versions. It's a bunch of (surprise!) covers, and it doesn't matter whether you know the original or not, you love the songs regardless. He covers everything from Britney Spears to Radiohead to the Kaiser Chiefs to the Smiths. It's the most addicting cd ever, and if you hate it then I hate you. That's just the way it has to be.

My parents have been on vacation since last Tuesday and they could have been gone all my life for how much I miss them and want them to come home right now. That's supposed to mean I wish they would never come home, but now that I re-read it, it sounds like I can't ever move out on my own or something - definitely not the case. It's just, you know, feel free to stay on vacation for as long as you want! Somehow, someway, Keri and I will find a way to manage with out yous guys.

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Bill B. said...

I hate the new Rilo Kiley album. Silver Lining and Under the Black Light are the only good songs on there, the rest is foo! I think it was intentional though for them so they can eventually break the band up and go back to their both very successful solo careers. More power to those mofo's. I'll stick to my Tom Petty phase that I'm deep into right now. Katie did you ever listen to the Midlake song, "Van Occupanther" yet? Check it out if you get the chance. It's like track 4 on the album of the same name.