Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Once A Huskie, Always A Huskie

I still cannot believe that shooting really happened at Northern. I was at work when my co-worker told me what was going on and it was almost surreal seeing the aerial views of the campus, with the buildings I had class in, the library where I worked, the commons I walked across everyday for four years, and then to see those places with ambulances and students being carried out on stretchers - it was almost too much. It's weird that something like this, a guy opening up fire on an unsuspecting geology class and killing five students can make me want to be back in DeKalb. Not nessecarily to be back in college, but to be surrounded by my fellow students and mourn with them. You never think it's going to happen anywhere, let alone the school you spent four years of your life at and graduated from. How terrible, how fucking terrible.

I had more to write about but I feel stupid writing abou my taxes, or songs I'm in love with or anything else after writing that papagraph. Everyone's thinking of you NIU.

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