Friday, March 14, 2008

Fifty-Four Minutes

I had 118 pages left in my book to finish reading at work today. I thought it'd last me all day but I was done by 3:30. What the hell am I supposed to do now. Christ on a crucifix I'm bored.

I found my camera. Even though I hadn't seen it in two weeks I wasn't freaking out about losing it because I hadn't really looked for it yet. On Saturday I was driving with my mom and mentioned how I had lost it. She has this smile on her face and says, well did you try looking in the closet? "The closet" is in the kitchen and is where my mom hides things on me that I've left out for too long. Goddamnit mom, I'm thinking here for two weeks that I've lost it, but I hadn't lost it, you were just HIDING IT ON ME. Good lord that woman drives me crazy. I may love the shit out of her but she drives me up a goddamn wall like nobody else. Maybe I should learn to put my things away? Because I am 23 years old? And should know better? Or I could just get annoyed with my mom. That seems like the more likely solution.

A girl just walked past the store wearing a skirt. It always makes me laugh how Chicago seems to come alive and undress at the same time when the weather finally cracks 50 degrees for the first time in months. Windows rolled down, flip-flops on, forget about the sweaters IT'S 50 DEGREES! If only I wasn't stuck in this godforsaken store and could actually enjoy it. God I can't wait for spring. And to be out of work at 7:00.

Some old dude just came in, and after I gave him his receipt said, "Last time I came in you were curled up in the back taking a nap." Caught, on the job, sleeping. Not really sleeping, more like just being a lazy fuck. Could be worse, right? At least I wasn't masterbating OR WAS I.

Keri and I, with our boyfriends and some other friends went to see the Dropkick Murphys on Wednesday and then both died Thursday morning when we had to go to work. It was an awesome concert, considering I didn't know any of the songs save for Kiss Me, I'm Shitfaced and Amazing Grace on the bagpipes which I love love love with a passion. Keri and I were really annoying throughout the concert, continuosly yelling "YOU'RE IN MY SEAT" to whoever was in front of us at the general admission, standing room only show. But it was funny to us. It's kind of detrimental for us to hang out together because we can be doing something that is extremely NOT funny everybody else but we're making each other laugh so we keep doing it. Over and over. A couple Sundays ago we were at her boyfriend's house and Keri was making up songs on Pat's guitar. You know, songs about black people and asian people having kids, aka "blasians" (My dad is Danny Glover, my mom is Kristi Yamaguchi, put 'em both together and you get a blasian!) and No Buttsex on the Sabbath (Wait to Saturday, wait til Saturday as not to piss off Yahweh). This went on for a good three or four hours and I laughed the entire time. Wow, do we sound like a riot together or what. I'm making us look bad here, but we're really fun girls! Or at least we think so. I'm gonna shut up now.

My Brother Bear comes home today and I am super duper excited. It'll be the first time he's home since January and the first time my whole family can celebrate him being 21. Awhile ago I was telling my mom we needed to have a family drinking night at the bar when J.P gets home cause he can finally go to the bars with us and she asks, do we always have to drink when we hang out as a family? Yes mom, we do, especially when it's called FAMILY DRINKING NIGHT. We don't play no Scrabble on our family nights WE DRINK TIL WE PASS OUT. Not really. More like til when the beer runs out and we have no other choice. Same thing!

The parade was....awesome. As always. Can't wait til next year.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering how family drinking night went?

Canadian Queen

Anonymous said...

Umm....still wondering.....

Canadian Queen

ledemure said...

"You are killing me here smalls"....I am reading this and laughing. God, I love your writing.