Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Beer threw the nose on an inside joke

I didn'y go to class at all today. Yay me. I was up and ready to go to my first class at 2:00, but then I was stricked with cramps, so I ditched that one so I could finish watching Maury. I love Maury. Today wasn't a paternity test episode though, like it is 99.9% of the time, it was "Crazy Things Caught on Camera" or something to that effect. In this one, a group of people were deep sea fishing, and a marlin (those things with the long sharp nose thingys) jumped in the boat and punctured (I guess thats how you would say it) this ladies boobs. However, the lady had breast implants, so only those were punctured and those fake boobs ended up saving her life. I hope she thanks her sugar daddy for those life-saving boobs he gave her. After Maury, I went to my next class at 3:30, walking that long ass distance in the sweltering sun, only to find out the goddamn class is cancelled. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE when class is cancelled, but couldn't you tell us the class before, or an email or something? Not that I check my email before class, but fuck. I walked all the way over there for nothing. If I'm over there already, I'd rather just sit there through the class anyways. And I like this class too, it's Middle Eastern Politics, so there's something interesting to talk about everyday.

I walked over to the Student Center after I found out class was cancelled, and they have been having this huge poster sale for the past souple days. I bought a Jeff Buckley one yesterday (jealous Gabe?) and today I bought one of the Effiel Tower all lit up at night. "Paris la nuit". I really really can't buy any more posters though, my walls are filled. No vacancy. I know you all are thrilled with this fascinating information. I also bought a new sweetass shirt today. I need to stop buying shit that I don't need. Pretty soon (in a week or 2) I'm going to run of out money and seriously consider donating my eggs again for 5 grand, like I do every time I'm poor. They don't want smokers though, and you have to be "healthy" to do it. I can walk, isn't that enough? Regardless of whether I smoke, my kids are going to be cool as fuck, I'm telling you. It's not like I'm going to smoke during the pregnancy anyways, hell, I won't even be the one carrying the kid. It's just my eggs you want. Take 'em or leave 'em.

Wow, I apologize for going off on that tangent. Even I didn't know I felt that strongly about my eggs being rejected. But really, when I have kids someday, they are going to be kickass kids. You know why? Cause I won't take any shit from them. I don't have any patience at all, so they'll have to learn from an early age to let me sleep until noon, or else I'm crabbypants all day. I bet everyone reading this thinks I'm a moron, casue of course I can't have any idea of how my kids will act because I don't have any yet. But thats the beauty in it. I can dream all I want right now, because I don't have to deal with them yet. I do want 6 kids though, so that should be interesting. I have the names picked out and everything. Don't laugh at me. Ask any girl you know, and I bet she has at least one name picked out for her future kid.

It is still way too fucking hot outside. At night its gets really cool out, but during the day, goddamn, I'm sweating my balls off walking to class. Isn't it supposed to be hoodie weather yet? I love when its cold enough outside where you can just wear a hoodie out and be warm enough. That way, I don't have to worry about what shirt I want to wear. I could wear the same one all week and no one would know the difference. I have about 15 different hoodies and I need to start putting them to use.

This weekend at school is Family Weekend, but my mom and dad think going to San Franciso is more important, so they're leaving me to be an orphan for the weekend. But Emjo came to rescue and is adopting me as her sister for the day. I'm going with her and her family to see Second City and out to eat. Isn't she precious? I love you Emily! Ok, enough typing. I'm going for a cigarette, bitches.


Jenn said...

Katie, I think your ADHD got the best of you in this post. But it's really cute! Bye the way, I hate posters. If you're gonna have a damn poster, put it in a freakin' frame! Well, if it's gonna be in my room. Because I like rooms that have "rock 'n roll" posters! Just not in my room. I'm little miss modest girl when it comes to my house decor!

Gabriel said...

Jeff Buckley rules!! Hi katie how the hell are you? I have been MIA from the damn internet. Hang in there. And yes I am insanely jealous