Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I'm so happy, oh so happy

Once again, my goddamn blog got erased. I swear this thing hates me.

Since I usually bitch in this blog thing, I decided I won't this time. Even though I should be very angry because it got erased, I'll try to bottle it up this time. If even Bill make make a lovely little post about the weather, I can make a half-way decent blog too. Trying to think happy thoughts....... or maybe I'll just list some things that make me happy. These are a few of my favorite things....

1. Bob Dylan
2. Lipgloss, especailly Bonne Bell Berry Heavenly
3. My new white cardigan/ hoodie
4. Talking to my sister Kerianne on the phone
5. Cigarettes
6. Going food shopping at Wal-Mart with my mom's money
7. Rufus Wainwright in concert. I get giddy.
8. The kind of drunk when everything is hysterical to you. Those are the best kinds.
9. A book that makes me cry. I'm a sap.
10. Getting 12+ hours of sleep
11. No class on Fridays
12. My birthday
13. Knowing that someone "likes you". Don't make fun of me, you know you all love it too.
14. Changing into sweatpants after being in uncomfy jeans all day
15. Turning my phone on when I wake up and having a voice mail or text waiting for me
16. Finishing a huge ass paper that feels like 20 lbs has been lifted off your shoulders
17. Charleston Chews
18. The Chicago Bears. Even more so when they're winning.
19. When the Cubs lose
20. Catching your favorite movie on tv that you haven't seen in forever
21. Drunken dance parties
22. Jeff Buckley's voice
23. Finding fellow Bob Dylan fans. I can talk your goddamn ear off about him.
24. Summer weather
25. Flip-flops


Gabriel said...

Oh my god!! Someone else likes Jeff Buckley! When I was playing the album Grace for Eric he didnt dig it too much and I was sad. BUt yeah his voice his amazing. Good Job katie...

Jenn said...

Katie, those are cute. I'm gonna steal your idea k. 'Cause right now I'm bored and don't know what to blog about. Some of those made me smile! Yay :X Too bad you had to throw in flip flops. Damn white girls and their flops, I tell you!

Katie said...

Please stop making racist comments about white girls in my blog. No hispanics allowed anyways, you know the rules. Don't make me report you.

Hannah said...

I don't know much about Bob Dylan but I'm probably pretty easy to convert! :)