Friday, September 10, 2004

Fuck you

I hate not being 21. Both of my roommates are at the bar right now, and I hate them. I also hate whoever is reading this right now. Fuck you, because you are probably 21. Goddamn you all. Why can't you be 20 and be able to get into the bar? It never bothered me until this semester, when everyone decided to turn 21 on me all of a sudden. I'm drunk and mad. I also hate my haircut. I'm crabby. Leave me alone.


Bill B. said...

God you little crybaby go to Canada or Mexico if you want to drink at 20. Did you know that up until 1977 most states in the US had a legal drinking age of 18. Guess you're just in the wrong time/wrong place. Katie I think you need to visit a drinking counselor. I'm very worried about your alcohol addiction and it's ruining me too. I don't sleep at night because of it and I'm getting itchy. No just kidding stop crying about it you baby. Aren't you supposed to be in bed now or taking a nap you little juvenile deliquent!

Hannah said...

I just turned 20, if that helps... so my boyfriend and all my friends can also go to a bar while I can't. Does that help?

Jenn said...

Haha! Closet drinker!