Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Procrastination Nation

Son of a bitch contacts. Can't you see I'm busy! I'm trying to blog here, sheesh. I think it's emo glasses time. Ok, anyways, I'm bored, I don't want to study and I have no one to talk to. It's a great orgy of bored-ness. I think I'm actually going to do fine on this test, even though I only studied for about an hour total. But it was a great hour damnit, I gave it my all. Not really, I half-assed it like I do everything else, but what else is new. I have other homeowrk I could do, for my U.S Women's History aka We Hate Men class, but I'll leave that to do in between my test and that class. Who does things the night before when you can do them the hour before! That's my motto anyways. At least I still get my shit done. Most of the time. Some of the time. God my wrists are getting itchy just talking about all this.

I have a request for Jenn and Bill: Stop mocking me, please. I hope you guys realize that I cry myself to sleep over the shit that you say about me to my face. For every "blAg" or "blag" I see, it's like a knife right through the heart. I mean, c'mon, friends don't make fun of other friends accents. Am I right or am I right here? Sexy Mexy, which by the way I decided is your new name Jenn, you told us to stop making fun of you, and I gladly complied, I'm just asking for the same in return. Or else I'll kill you. I kid, I kid, I'm banging Lassie! haha, I stole it from you, so eat it bitch.

The Real World episode tonight sucked ass. I hate this cast. I miss Cammie and Brad. Brad lives by me, I should go stalk him like I always say I'm going to do. At least tonight's episode didn't focus soley on Slutty Sara and her need for MJ's penis. That got old really quick. The only people I still kinda like is Shavonda and Landon. I could totally feel for Vonda, when her dad wouldn't spot her some money, my parents are the same way. Which reminds me that I am going to be broke after this weekend. Donations accepted. Email for me my address.

I went to Wal-Mart today and bought $98 worth of food. My mom gives me $100 a month for food, and if I don't buy the food all at one time, I'll spend the money on other things, like cigarettes or beer and then starve up here. I almost hate buying so much food at one time though. You don't know what you're going to get sick of, or need more of. I should just have my mom give me $25 a week, that would be better. Remind me to call her tomorrow. Speaking of, her and my dad are leaving for San Franciso on Thursday, lucky bitches. I was talking to her a week or so ago, about San Fran, and I told her "You should buy me something cool there, something that just makes you say 'Katie!' when you see it". She goes, "You want it to say Katie? Not San Francisco?" Haha, god is she slow sometimes. I had to explain, no, I just want you to get me something that makes you think of me, not that says my name. "Ohhh" she says. I could almost see the lightbulb go off over her head 90 miles away in Chicago. Now's not the time for my mom post though, I could go on and on about her. She says some of the funnist stuff when she's not trying intentionally to be funny. Me, my brother J.P and Keri get the biggest kick out of her. We decided we need to write a book of her little sayings someday, like "Gunshot!" instead of "Shotgun!" for the passenger seat in the car. Oh lordy, that's Pammy for you.

Woo, this song I've been trying to download for 2 days finally went through, Elliot Smith's Alameda. Bill, I am going to give you mad props one more goddamn time for bringing him to my attention. You rock brum buddy \m/. And speaking of Bill, he quit his job today, woo hoo. Now we have more time for Animal Jam. I want to hear the story of how it happened soon! It better be good if you're making me and Jenn wait.

My 2:00 class got cancelled tomorrow, how much does that kickass? That means I don't have to get up until 2:00 now. Maybe I'll sacrifice an hour and get up at 1:00 to study a little bit more. Wish me luck bitches!

Please don't confront me with my failures, I had not forgotten them.


Jenn said...

Katie, I don't make fun of you! I love your accent. It's cute! That's why we do it. Or me at least, Bill's just an ass. Well, you may procrastinate 'til the hour before, I wait 'til someone yells at me, "You got five fucking minutes Jennifer!" Yeah, I get the "Jennifer!" I don't know why they yell, they know I'll do it...okay I'm lying, but so. Mom's are the best when they funny stuff. I love it. My mom does that "sit on the shair." And "Chare that with me." Haha, she doesn't even speak spanish! Go figure. She understands it fully though. (Just thought I'd throw that in there) Speaking of mom's, me and mine got into it tonight :(. I hate to fight with her, but I mean, we were screaming and doors got slammed. It sucked. I was gonna post about it, but I really don't want to be down right now. So say "blAg" for me! If you're lucky, I'll put up the "cowboy" pic. Actually, you should email it to me. I don't have it. You're going to have to send me some of this new musical talent Bill hooked you up with. Maybe Thursday night? If you're not busy, yanno!

Bill B. said...

GOD JENN GET OFF MY BACK. I'm not an ass you bad instigator! Anyhow Katie you're da best eva at procrastinating \m/. I'm at school today and I'm just so excited because I got so much sleep last night (which really was only 6 hours but still lately that's good) and i napped like a mofo today already. Anyhow don't thank me for this great music katie. I discovered it by fluke and I couldn't dare take the credit. PS totally off topic but you remember that kid on Full House that was michelle's friend? He was the one who always dressed up in fancy vests and talked really smart. He was only like 5 and he had better pronunciation skills that I have now. Anyhow yeah that fucking kid rocks.

Bill B. said...

Oh and I forgot Katie I wanted to tell you this:

I love you, but I hate you
Which brings to mind, how much I love you
We coulda worked this out you know in a little room, in a little locked room
I'm sorry you had to settle for Dave, the one dimensional man
He's filed undercocksucker in my little black book, sweetness can rot your teeth
Bitter sweet, can cough on me
But you hold the key, you hold the key to my little locked room
You hold the key, you hold the key to my little locked whoa oh whoaa
Please let me out soon....I luh ya

OH AND MY SAYING WAS HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVE MERCY!!!! I remembered it this morning because I actually said it.