Thursday, September 30, 2004

Too Early

It's 8:54 am. What the fuck am I doing up? I was as tired as a mofo yesterday and actually went to bed at midnight. Well then I read for 45 minutes, but still, I was in bed by 12:00. I haven't been to bed that early since my computer had a virus. I don't have to be up until 12:30 though, so it blows that I woke up at 8:00 and now I can't fall back asleep. Maybe I can watch Oprah and the Ellen Degeneres show. I haven't seen those shows since the summer, when I had to be early to babysit my cousins. Goddamnit, I'm tired though, why can't I go back to sleep? I should go fall asleep on the couch in the living room. Woo, good idea Katie. I'll ramble a little bit more first though.

After my 2 classes today, my weekend offically starts. Sweetass bitches. My friends Eric and Jeff are supposedly coming up here on Saturday, but they also said that last weekend, so we'll see if it actually happens this time. They want to stay here, but I don't really want them too. I hate being responsible for a person's good time when they come here to visit me. If it's Keri or J.P., I don't feel the need to entertain them, I don't know why, I guess them being my siblings is different. But when a friend comes here, I feel like we should be doing something like, so totally fun and exciting the entire time they're here. Eric and Jeff's (and also my) good friend Connor goes here too, I should just get drunk and tell them to stay at his place. I won't even be able to go out until about 11:00, because this weekend, not last weekend like I posted, is Family Weekend, and I'm going out to eat with Emjo and her family, then to see the Second City Comedy Club at 8:30 pm. I should just tell them to go to Connor's until I get home, then their stuff will be there and they won't stay with me! Yay for me and my good ideas!

Ok, so lesson learned for today: Never go to bed at midnight again, not unless I plan on sleeping all the way until I have to get up for class. That's usually not a problem for me, my roommates, friends and family could all vouch for me that I can sleep for 16 hours in a row if given the chance. Why do I have to be a freak today and be up so fucking early? Waking up this morning was great though, only because I had my window open and fan on, and it was cold in my room. I love sleeping with 5 blankets on, its so much better than being hot and uncomfy when you wake up. It's finally getting colder outside and I love it. It's hoodie weather! Be happy! Of course when its November and negative 5 degrees outside, I'll cry for it to be at least 45 degrees. But that's for another time. Go get some sleep bitches!


Jay said...

you just love the hot anal early in the morning, katie ;)

Jenn said...

Katie, it's Friday morning and I've been up since freakin' 7! What the hell is that about? And I didn't sleep too well after talking to you. I can't sleep at nights, what was I thinking?! Well, this will be yet another day with a lack of sleep. I have much to do, but I always make time for you! Yay, that rhymed! Bye ho, love ya!

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