Thursday, October 07, 2004


I was really crabby tonight. I wasn't all day, and then, after my night class, I'm in the library, doing some homework, and I couldn't find this one goddamn encyclopedia that I was looking for. I got so mad, walked out of the library, and waited to take one of the campus buses back to the apartment. I waited there for 15 minutes, before I gave up and just walked home. At least it was semi-nice outside, but I didn't have any cigarettes because I was going to "try" to quit since I'm broke. I was so mad the entire time walking home, now I'm thinking about it and laughing. Is it normal to get angry over a missing encyclopedia? I don't think so. I think the no cigarettes was getting to me, so I broke down, bought a pack of P-funk lights and a slurpee. Nothing like a Coca Cola slurpee to keep you up all night.

Emily is going home this weekend, and that translates into "this weekend is going to blow for Katie." I want to go home, but I really should just lock myself in my room, and save my money for the next weekend, which is homecoming. Keri and my old roomie Kelly are coming up, and it's going to be sweetass. Maybe I'll actually get homework done, because I have a paper due in the class I'm missing on Wednesday night, when I go home for Rufus.

Wow, I go nothing tonight. Usually I can go on forever in this thing, but I'm drawing a blank tonight. I'm really tired, which is weird, because I thought I would be wired after that slurpee. I think I used up all my energy being a crabby pants earlier. I'm talking to Keri right now, and since she never got me anything for my birthday in May, she said she'll buy me something at the Rufus concert. Well aren't you just the best little sister anyone could ever ask for! I love you lady! Oh, and by any chance, did anyone see Conan tonight? Hilary Duff, Anthony Keidis or whatever his name is, and this band was on, and I liked the song, but didn't catch the name of the band. Help me out here bitches.

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