Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Make Money Money Make Money Money Money

Another late night post from moi, don't you love it? You are all very lucky to know me, and that I allow you read my blog. Sheesh I'm generous. But really, I would like to take a second to thank all of the little people, namely Jenn and Bill, who have made my blogging possible. You guys make it fun to keep up with. I honestly thought I would lose interest after a week or two, but it's fucking October already and I'm still going strong. As long as I get fun comments, I will continue to blog. Comments are the best part of the blogging. You have to admit that doing this woulnd't be nearly as fun if you knew no one read what you wrote. So if you read this, leave a comment! Now that I got that out of the way, on to what I'm going to ramble about tonight.

I said I was going to look for a job today, and lo and behold, I actually did. Maybe I ditched a class to go search, but so what? Get off my back about it. I applied at this place called Copy Services where they mainly do copy jobs. (Never would have guessed, right?) There were about 50 other people applying too, but since I actually have experience working with copiers, from working at The UPS Store, I'm hoping that they like me better than everyone else. They all looked like douche bags anyways. On the application, I had to do all this stuipd math shit. I haven't taken a math class since junior year of high school, and I wish I never did again, because I am horrible, awful, terrible, simply suckass-y at math. (I blame my dad. It's his worst subject too. Thanks for the bad math skills and awful eyesight Dad. I still like to remind him of the time I was in 1st grade, and he checked over my math homework for me, said it was OK, but when I got it back, I had one wrong. ) I really couldn't remember how to subtract big numbers from each other. How I ever passed 3rd grade, I'll never know. I must have checked my answers about 30 times. I really wanted to whip out my cellphone and use it's handy calculator on there, but I didn't think that would made me look really good.

Then I went to this restaurant, "The Junction" and applied to be a waitress. It would be really nice to be a waitress, but I don't know if I'm cut out for that. I get pissed very easily, and I can't hide my annoyance for stupid people. I'm not the best at customer service, I learned that at The UPS Store. There I could deal with it though, because people weren't tipping me. Being a waitress though, I know you depend on your tips. This restuarant is open til 4 in the morning though on weekends, and I know drunk people would be coming in all the time. I don't know if I can work with that. They weren't even really loking for help though, I just filled one out, so I'm not going to worry about becoming a waitress yet.

The next place was Dollar General. God, that name just sounds so lame, but I sucked it up, and they said they were looking for people, so I think that one looks promising. Apparently I would get health insurance there and a bunch of other employee benefits, but I'm still under my parents insurance for 3 more years anyways. It's not that big of a store, and it's kinda hidden, so I bet it never gets busy. Who the hell really shops are Dollar General anyways. Plus it closes at 8 pm, so I wouldn't have to give up any nights to party for working.

I'm so used to being able to sleep until noon though everyday, that's going to be a wakeup call if I have to work early in the morning, which I probably would, because I have class from 2:00-4:45 everyday. I'm really bad about waking myself up though. I set 3 different alarms, but there's still days when I wake up late, and realize that I shut all of the alarms off without even waking up. I'm so talented. I need my mom! At home, I would always have to leave her a note to wake me up before she left for work. Maybe I'll get on a regular sleep schedule then, if I have to be up early. What am I talking about, no I won't. I'm an insomniac. I can pretend though. Katie, in bed by 10:30 everynight, getting her 9 hours of sleep. Wouldn't that be loverly.

Speaking of my mom, I really miss my family. I haven't seen any of them since August 17th, when I moved up to school. Two months without seeing any of them! Phone calls just aren't the same. I'll be seeing them next Wednesday, when I go home for the Rufus Wainwright concert though, I can't wait. I won't even be home a full 24 hours though. I have a test at 2:00 on Wednesday, and then a midterm at 3:30 on Thursday. That blows. I might have to bring my notes to the concert with me. Rufus couldn't have picked a worse day to come to Chicago. I'm still fucking excited though.

My mom and dad were in San Francisco this past few days, and my brother was left home alone. I called him a few times to check up on him, and on our conversation ended on Thursday with:
Me: I love you Brother Bear.
J.P: Ok.
Me: Say I love you back damnit.
J.P: *sigh* I love you too.

On Sunday, it went like this:
Me: I love you Beebs.
J.P: I love you too.

Aww, he's precious. And he catches on fast! I can't wait to see him. I know he's going crazy at home, being the only child, with me and Keri both away at school. He's going to be at school next year too! God, I can't believe he's going to be 18 in January. That's too fucked up and makes me feel old.

Lordy, I always make these posts way too fucking long, I apologize. I am the Queen-of-Going-Off-On-Tangents. Jenn leaves for California in a few hours, yay for her. Have a wonderful time with Mr. Eric and Mr. Gabe. And please, for mine and Bill's sake, try not to get arrested. It's tough on us to see Sexy Mexy all locked up. I know you'll have a great time though, send me a postcard! And at least 1 text message so I know you're alive. Au revior bitches.


Jenn said...

Katie, I love your insomniac posts. I check your blog before I leave work because I hope that you've posted. And I've been lucky! They're the best, 'cause you're bored, maybe even delirious. I love comments too. I can't believe how many people started blogging. It's a mad chain reaction. I love it. But it's homework. I have to read so many, then comment. Or not have to, but I like too. Oh and the other Jay (goldtoof) left me an offline that said something like, "at least someone reads my blag." Haha, he's blAgging too! You should check him out. He has some deep stuff. Nice lyric stuff. Thanks for wishing me the fun. I'm sure it will be. Even if we just sit and stare at each other like 4 drunk monkeys wanting a banana. I'm sorry you miss your family. And tell sister hi for me again! Since she's the cool one. Hey, don't cry about it. You said so yourself. But I give you my word yo. I will text you at least once. And I'll rub in how much fun we're having. But then you can rub in your Rufus concert too. So, we're even. Anyhow, I'm outta here. Love ya hooker!

Jay said...

yeah, I got a blAg katie, doncha know, kenosha and wisCAHNsin and all that.

btw, mickey d's eats ass, I ate there last week and there was this HUGE fat lady in front of us in the drive thru who had to open her door she was so fat to get her order. I told laurie about it cause she likes to hear my stories about fucking rednecks here with females with mullets and fat honkeys. anyways, horatio sanz really sucks ass