Friday, October 15, 2004

Happy Keri Day!

I have nothing to write about right now. I'm just trying to kill time until Kerianne gets here around 9. Emily went to go get beer early, because she has to go somewhere until 10 pm tonight. Since I'm rich, I decided to get a bottle of Cristal. Or a 24 case of Bud Light, same thing. Usually me and Emily just get a 30 case of Icehouse, which everyone and their mother makes fun of us for, but shove it up your ass, because we actually like it, and it gets you drunk quick. Emily was tailgating one time before a football game, and the cops came up to them and asked to see everyones ID. She was the only one under 21, but she had her sisters ID that she uses, so she was getting that out to show them, but before she could, the cop goes "No, we don't need to see your ID. If you want to drink that stuff (talking about the Icehouse), than that's your own problem." So drinking Icehouse gets you out of trouble with the cops too! It's a magical beer.

Did I mention I'm rich again? At home, I was telling my mom how I've been surviving on $30 for the past two weeks, and she goes, "Well you still have that $150 upstairs in your room." I was like "What?!" and nearly had a heart attack. I have never forgotten about a goddamn dollar in my life, so I thought she was kidding with me. Shes like, "Remember? You gave me $150 out of a paycheck to put away for school, and you haven't asked for it yet. But you owe me $50 for your phone, so you really only have $100." Son of a bitch, I always owe my mom money. But holy fuck, I have a $100 now! I'm going to make this money last until at least Thanksgiving. I am only spending it on beer and cigarettes. Some of you may think that would be a waste of money, but actually it's the opposite. I would be wasting it if I went shopping for clothes with that money, or went out to eat all the time. I need only Parliament Lights and beer on the weekends to survive. Then over Christmas I go back to work at the UPS Store, and work up the ass, so I should be able to save up a nice sum of money for that month. To last me until March, and then I'm broooooke again. It's a never ending cycle, so I should be used to it now.

Text messages are killing me. I would have only owed my mom $40 for my phone bill, but I had about $10 in text messaging. I don't even do it that much anymore! I have no idea how it got that high. I did it more over the summer, and it was only $7 I think. It's your fault Jenn. I didn't even know how to do texts until you were like "C'mon, just do it. All the cool kids are. Don't you want to be cool Katie?" I fall for the peer pressure every damn time. My regular phone bill should be higher now, because I talk on the phone more than text now, especially with Sexy Mexy. And Bill before he got all queer on us. I share 1000 minutes with my mom and am definitly going to go over one day. Thank God she barely ever uses her phone and we get free between between us on our phones. I'm sure you're all glad that you know about my phone bill now. You're welcome.

Want to hear something disgusting? I haven't taken a shower since before the Rufus concert, at 4 pm on Wednesday. It's 7 pm on Friday night now. I even find myself appalling, but I'll take one soon. I'm ususally not this nasty all the time, I swear. I went to take my midterm yesterday looking like ass and I even forgot to put on a bra before I left. Thank god I had on a hoodie. Sometimes I wish I was an elephant. An elephant never forgets. Good thing I watched the Jungle Book when I was little or I never would have learned that very important lesson. Now I have "Bear Nessecities" in my head. You all do too, so just admit it already.

When me and Keri were seeing Rufus, I was telling her how you all make fun of me for how I say "blog". She said that people make fun of her for how she says "bra". Then last night, I said something about bras in front of Emjo and Carly, and they were both like "Braahh, braaah, where's my braaah", making fun of me for how I said it. So I guess I say it the same was as you Keri. We then deicded that we have the most unattractive accents in the world. Yay for Chicago! I still wish I had a Boston accent though. "Where did you paaah-rk the caaaah?" I practice everyday and I really think I'm improving. Ok, I'm annoying myself now, talking about bras for the past 10 minutes. And I only wasted 30 minutes. Goddamnit. 2 hours until Keri gets here! Fuck yeah bitches.

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Jenn said...

Katie, I really think that we need to be roomates. Because I laughed a lot on this post. Thanks for that. I needed it. I'm glad you're not broke, because I am. And I'm never broke. That's because I have my priorities all fucked up and spend money on "cool" stuff. So what? I guess I have to work some more damn over-time. Oh well, it's all good. I've been living off this beer and cigarette diet since I was in California, and I think I've adjusted well. I plan on getting drunk a lot and smoking a lot. Every now and then I'll eat something. Okay, I just got a phone call. One I have to take. One I have to tell about. . .