Sunday, October 17, 2004

Oh Lordy

I don't know if I'm ready to write about my weekend yet. Basically it could be broken down into three things:
1 - Drinking. And a lot of it.
2 - Dancing. And a lot of it.
3 - SPENDING MY GODDAMN MONEY. And a lot of it.

Keri finally gets here at about 10:00 pm. We had a few beers, then left to go drink at my friend Dan's house, with Emily. We got asked at least 10 times there if we were twins, and people believed us until Emily accidently ruined it. At 11:30 we go to this party and good lord did we have fun. Goddamnit, I had so many good stories about it, but for now all I remember is fighting with some douche bags Cubs fans. (Your team isn't in the play-offs either, so you're not any better than the White Sox. Just give it up already. I'm fucking sick of you whiny ass bastards saying "Next year man, next year." It will never be your year, so shove it up your ass already.) I mean, of course not really fighting with them. As long as you are at least a Bears fan, I can overlook the Cubs factor. And please don't even talk to me if you're a Green Bay fan. I will vomit all over your face. But anyways, I remember fighting with the douche bags, becoming friends with Gene-in-the-Hawaiian-Shirt, Keri entertaining me by dancing with that short kid and me dancing with numerous people just to make Keri laugh. Oh the things I will do for my sister. We really get a kick out of trying to dance though, just because we look so stupid when we do it. But hey, I don't give a shit when I'm drunk. We're white girls. Pasty white girls at that. It is quite a sight to see. We got home around 3:30, I think and ordered some food. Then I called Sexy Mexy and her and Keri got to talk. I don't remember what they said, but Jenn wrote more about it in her blog, so read that. I set our alarm for 9:00 am, thinking we could go out to eat before Keri had to be home at noon, but I woke up at 11:00 am to her saying, "Kate, I'm leaving." I didn't even hear my alarm at all, but even if I had woken up, I felt like death, so I couldn't have eaten anyways. I couldn't even imagine driving right then, so I bet she had a fun drive home by herself. Sorry lady. Maybe next time you could stay for a whole weekend, and not go to a fucking "barn dance" at U of I. I hope you had fun with your French man!

After Sister left, I feel back asleep to 4:00 pm, and I wake up to Kelly (the old roomie) coming into my room screaming "KATIE WAKE UP!!". Let me explain a few things before I continue.
1 - Kelly wasn't supposed to come up anymore, because she was going to see her brother's hockey game instead.
2 - Kelly hasn't been up to my new place yet, so she didn't have the address at all.
I had just woken up, (I know, it was 4 pm, but I was sleep deprived) didn't have on my glasses, so I was blind as a bat, and she comes barging into my room. Nearly had a goddamn heart attack. It turns out that she called me at 10:00 am this morning, telling me she was coming up, with her boyfriend Barry. I had my phone off, like I always do at night, so of course I didn't get the message until later. She called 411 to get my house phone number back in Chicago, talked to my mom and got my address. They got up here at 1:00, were pounding on my door for about 30 minutes, trying to wake me up, then went tailgating for an hour, came back, did more pounding on the door, drank in her car, call me 5 more times and left a message EACH TIME, and banged on the door again. Then finally one of the geniuses tried to open the front door, and it's not locked. So they come in, (mind you, 3 hours have passed since they got here) and barge into Carly's room, thinking it was mine. She's in there, but she's naked. Good first impression Kelly! And I don't know why Carly didn't answer the door when they were knocking. She's weird. But Kelly apologized, and everything was fine. Once I finally get up after hearing that crazy story, Kelly's like "start drinking bitch!" So for my hearty breakfast I had a Miller Lite. I then proceeded to drink for the next 12 hours. Barry's old friends had rented out the basement to a bar here, and supposedly I didn't need an ID to get in. They did the same thing last year, and I was able to walk right downstairs. This time it wasn't so easy though. We walk in, and the bouncer is like "Ladies, Ladies! I need to see ID." Kelly gives him hers, and I go,
Me - "I don't have my ID, my boyfriend has it downstairs."
Bouncer - "Well I'm still going to need to see some ID."
Me - "But I'm just going downstairs. I'm with the Evans Scholars."
Kelly in the background - "RUN FOR IT KATIE!"
I just start walking downstairs, well actually running, and go right into the bathroom down there. I stay there for 10 minutes because I'm so positive they are right after me, but I call Kelly and she says the coast is clear. Then I have a jager bomb to celebrate. It was free beer, so I got tres tres trashed there. And requested some sweetass songs. I got the DJ to play 2 Dylan songs, Me and Bobby Mc Gee and Don't Stop Believing. Oh, and Ignition by R. Kelly. God I love that song.

We leave around 2:30 am, and I'm about to eat my arm I'm so hungry, so we go to Jimmy John's. It's a sandwich place, for those of you who don't know. There was a long ass line, so I made friends with the guy who was ahead of me in line. I remember his name was Andrew and his birthday is December 11, 1981. Important information, right? He was there with 4 of his friends, and he said he would pay for their food, so I go, "And you're paying for mine too, right?" I expected him to laugh at me, but he was like, "Ok." Sweetass bitches! I got free food. The poor guy spent $31 there. As soon as I got my food, I was like, "Thanks for the food, bye!" He's like "You're not going to sit here and eat with us?" I just said, "No, I have to go, my roommate is waiting in the car for me." Reading this, I'm sure I sound very bitchy, but I wasn't! I was very grateful for the free food and I really had to go. But thank you again Andrew, you made my night.

We then spend the next 2 hours looking for Barry, which causes Kelly to be pissed beyond belief at him, making for a few very uncomfortable situtaions when we finally found him. Sometimes I think those two are the reason why I do NOT want a boyfriend. Them, and Emily constantly crying "I hate Jake" then changing it to "But I still want to be with him, cause he's so great" 20 minutes later, for the past month. She broke up with him, but then gets mad when she sees him with his ex girlfriend. And they (Emjo and Jake) only dated for 2 months! She broke up with him but goes crying over there to him every night when she's drunk. STOP LEADING HIM ON. Ok, enough whining. I just had to get that out.

Remember how I had a lot of money 2 fucking days ago? Now I have FORTY SIX DOLLARS left. What the fuck did I do with it all. I swear I almost started crying when I only saw two 20's instead of the three I thought were there. So much for that money lasting me until Thanksgiving. I'll be lucky if it lasts me until Wednesday. No one else can come and visit me, I decided. I spend way too much fucking money. Not that it wasn't worth it though. I said I was going to drink double to make up for last weekend, and drink double I did. I don't think I gave my weekend enough justice, or whatever that saying is, but I had a shitload of fun. I don't even regret the at least 15 pounds I gained on my stomach from so much beer. Beer bellies, bitches.


Jenn said...

I hate reading your funtimes, damnit. I get all jealous. I'm getting old! Or not really, I just new fun friends. My friends are lame asses. Well, there's a few exceptions, but still. I can't believe you ran passed a bouncer. If we'd do that here, we'd be 86'd for good. I used to do the good old, "Hey, you go flirt and distract the bouncer or I will, and then the other let's her in the back door." That worked for a really long time! Until eventually, my whore's of friends would put out and the bouncer's just started letting our underaged friends in. That's the good side to having whore's for friends. I love them though. They can do what they want. So anyway, I hope to come back this weekend with some stories to match yours. Hopefully! I haven't gotten really crazy since Fall Crawl. And that's been what, almost 2 months. That's just too damn long. I don't care if I am 25. I'll be acting all "college girl" 'til I'm 50, if I can help it. Since I never went to college, I have to get make up for it, yanno?! Anyhow, I'm still jelous. And we really need to hang out once in this life!

Jenn said...

Oh, and I see you've read my blag! Thanks for NOT commenting, bitch!