Thursday, October 21, 2004

The People All Call Her Alaska

- I just sneezed. Twice. Lordy do I love sneezing.
- I just did a load of wash, and I forgot to put my bra in one of those protective thingys, so it got all wrapped up in my clothes and got all stretched out. Son of a bitch.
- I just took a shower. And shaved my legs!
- Nothing makes me feel more girly than shaved legs and a pair of silver earrings.
- Finally cleaned my room. It was a pig sty in here, as my mom would say.
- I was at the library for FOUR hours tonight. I think I set a new personal record.
- Since I'm skipping my 3:30 class tomorrow, I've only gone to 6 out of 9 classes this week. But 2 were cancelled. So I guess they don't really count as skipping.
- I'm seeing Keri tomorrow! I think this is Sister-Overload. Three times in a week in a half. Fuck yeah bitches.
- The Red Sox won today. I didn't get to see the game, but I was checking the score every three minutes on Yahoo. They even announced it in the library that they won. I guess DeKalb is Red Sox territory now.
- I hope the Cardinals win tomorrow. But I hope they lose to the Red Sox in the World Series.
- What ever happened to Mark McGuire? Did he dissappear? Or do I live in a cave for not knowing he retired.
- Everyone download Sunday Morning by the Velvet Underground if you've never heard it. Now.
- Is it Steak 'n Shake? or Shake 'n Steak. For some reason I've been wondering this for the past few days, and forget to ask people. I think it's Steak 'n Shake, now that I think about it.
- George hasn't called me. Call me, you lazy-eyed bastard.
- I'm too lazy to type in paragraphs tonight.
- Jenn, Bill. How about Friday or Saturday for catching up time. Too bad I talk to you both enough already. I'll just sit silently on the phone while you guys yak away. I'll throw some Midwestern-accented words in the conversation when I feel it's appropriate.
- Did you go see Napoleon Dynamite Bill? You better have.
- Thank you again Jenn for allowing me to put up your cowboy hat picture. You are the best Hispanic (note I'm not saying Mexican) ever!
- I'm pretty sure I failed my art history test today. How great is that!
- Emily fell on her ass really hard on Saturday night, and she feels the need to show me the bruise on her butt at least once a day. I'll keep you all updated on the status of her anus bruise, as I like to call it.
- I like the Bowie song "Ashes to Ashes" Bill. I just read in Rolling Stone that song is one of Marilyn Manson's favorite Bowie songs too. Now we all have something in common! I've waited for this day for so long.
- Jenn, if you see this soon, come online and entertain me. I mean, if you're not busy getting drunk and all.
- Sorry this was boring. I had to kill some time somehow though. I'll talk to you bitches on Friday.


Bill B. said...

Yes Katie i'm glad you, myself and marylin manson can all share that lovely song. We all should go out for fried ice cream and swizzlesticks sometime. HA and I'm the one who sets back on the phone and occasionally throws in a laugh or a vague comment here and there! HAHAHAH and your picture yesterday you had on here.....YOU HAD DA BEARS SHIRT ON :)) haha that made me laugh so fucking hard when i saw it.

Jenn said...

I don't have to post, but I wanted to say God bless you.

Jenn said...

DAMNIT! I AM FINALLY ONLINE AND IN CHAT AND YOU'RE NOT FUCKING HERE! FANFUCKINGTASTIC! I'M ALL EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW! BILL'S PROBABLY SLEEPING. THIS IS BULL FUCKING SHIT! I'M BUZZED TOO. YEAH AGAIN?! SO WHAT?! AND I MEANT FOR THIS TO BE IN CAPS! 'CAUSE I'M YELLING DAMNIT! I still don't know why I've actually been drinking just to drink and alone. Fucking losing my mind! I NEED HELP WITH MY DILEMA. I HAVE 'TIL TOMORROW. WHAT THE FUCK?! Ah, it's a cruel, cruel world. Why aren't you here so I could cry on your damn shoulder? That's it, I'm taking another shot, or two. . .or three. If I pee in bed, then oh fucking well huh! Okay, I'm going. I'll probably be back to harrass your blog because what the fuck else is my drunk ass gonna do?! You like that huh?! Drunk and no fucking typo's. I think. Shut up about it okay! I love you Katie! Oh yeah, Portishead fucking owns!