Friday, October 22, 2004

This is me and the lovely Emjo. Yes, my teeth do look yellow, but so what? We are drunk too, so that's why we both look like assrammes. She uses Crest White Strips, and tans a lot, so thats why I look pale. Not that I don't look pale normally though. Sorry, I'm just obsessed with this Hello pictures thing.  Posted by Hello


Bill B. said...

God boooooooring. Unless it's boobies or muff shots or full on straight dyke pics I'm not interested. HAHA jk but seriously show some boobs next time.

Katie said...


Jay said...

is she from kenosha also?

theron said...

i can't help but notice you've failed to entertain "bildo's" advice.

whatever personal failings he may have, and here i've assumed he has some because he's ostensibly human, but neglected to specify or ennumerate the particulars because i haven't the slightest idea who he is and it would most certainly be unfair of me to build a character analysis on lies or conjecture, i must say, i believe, i feel strongly, that he's on to something with this "muff-shot" idea.

or at least boobs.

i mean, come on.