Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Ranting and Raving

I jinxed myself. Yesterday was great, but it's only 2:37 pm, and I hate today already. I go to the meeting with the advisor, and I'm only there for about 10 minutes. Thanks for all the great help Claire. I go home, only to find out that I forgot my goddamn keys in my bookbag, which is sitting on my bed, inside. Emily and Carly are at class from 11-12:15, and it's only 11:25. I sit outside (thank god I had a lot of reading material about study abroad and my cigarettes or I would have gone loco) until 12:15, call Emily, only to find out she's in the Sociology lab. Carly isn't answering her phone, so I have to walk all the way back to campus, get Emily's key, then walk back. By this time it's 1:00, and I have to haul ass to take a shower and get ready for class at 2:oo. So I walk back to class, only to find out my fucking class is cancelled. I was about to go apeshit. I am not walking all the way home again, so I'm sitting here, wasting time until my 3:30 class. If the job interview thing doesn't go well, I'm going to cut my itchy wrists. I also have this huge ass journal due on Thursday, so I have to go to the library for a few hours tonight, to at least get that started. What is with all my classes being cancelled this year? I think I've had 8 or 9 cancellations so far, only in this semester. Thats probably more than I've had in my other 4 semesters combined. I love a cancelled class, but it annoyed the fuck out of me today. How the fuck did my karma change in the 8 hours I was sleeping last night? Holy shit am I crabby right now. Deal with it bitches.

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