Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Instant Karma's Gonna Get You

Today was one of the best days that I have had in awhile. Not that my days are usually shitty, but this one was just awesomatic. It would have been more awesomatic if I wasn't so tired right now, but lets not get greedy. I definitly got some good karma going for me right now.

I go to my 2:00 class, fall asleep in those ever so comfortable lecture hall seats, and then go to my 3:30 class, only to find out its been cancelled. Score number 1.

I have been calling the Study Abroad office for about 5 days now, and no one ever picks up. Since I don't have class, I find out where the office is, go in there, and now I have an appointment for tomorrow at 11:00 am with an advisor. Score number 2.

I come home, and me and Emily decide to go see Napoleon Dynamite at 7:00. I've mentioned this movie before, and for those of you who STILL haven't seen it, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING FOR? It's the best movie ever, I'm telling you. Seeing it the first time was the best, but it's still as funny the second time around. Score number 3.

I turn on my phone after the movie, and I have 3 new voicemails. I don't get that many voicemails in 2 days, let alone 2 hours. I get all excited that three different people love me, but the first two are just blank ones. Assholes. Hang up before you get to my message, if you're not going to leave one, instead of getting me excited that I have a voicemail. But the last one is this voice I don't recognize. It turns out that it's this guy George from The Junction, calling and asking me if I'm still interested in working there! Score number 4.

I call back, and they're looking for someone who can work evenings, which is perfect for me because I get out of class everyday at 4:45. I made Emily stop at a gas station to get a celebratory Charleston Chew, on me, because I'll be a working woman soon! I'm really nervous about becoming a waitress, and this is the job I wanted the least, but beggars can't be choosers. The Junction isn't a fancy place at all, like an Applebee's or Outback Steak House, it's more of a family diner. I could deal with that, right? I would get tips! Sweet Jesus, I would have cash in my pocket every night I worked. Imagine how fast I could spend my money then!

I have an interview there around 5:00 pm tomorrow, plus the study abroad appointment at 11:00 am, so who knows, tomorrow could be even better than today, depending on how they both go.

After the movie, I watched the rest of the Yankees/Red Sox game. Good lord, it was 14 innings long, but the Sox finally came out of top. Score number 5.

So help me God if the goddamn Yankees go to the World Series again. I want the Red Sox to win so bad. I must have some Boston blood in me or something, because I'm rooting for the Sox and of course I really want the Bahston accent. I was just realizing today how weird it is that I always root for the Red Sox during the playoffs, because I feel bad for the people of Boston who haven't had a title there in so long. But then, it's the same situation here in Chicago with the Cubs and yet I hate that team and their fans with a mad, mad passion. I hope the Cubs never win the World Series. At least let me be dead first, that's all I ask. I was raised a White Sox fan on the Southside of Chicago. I don't know if this is common knowledge everywhere, or just in Chicago, but Southsiders are Sox fans, and Yuppie Northsiders and Cubs fans. So it pisses me off to no tomorrow when a fellow southsider is a Cubs fan. I feel betrayed. Go live on the Northside where you belong. Don't come around here no mo'. Last year when the Cubs were in the playoffs, I swear it was the best night of my life when they lost to the Marlins. I know about 100 people who were ready to slit their wrists they were so depressed. But that's what you get for wasting your time on the Cubs. Nothing but disappointment. And don't even get me started on the people who never cared about baseball, but jumped on the Cubs bandwagon during the playoffs. *CoughEmilyKeriDianaCough* Excuse me.

Because of Bill and his little anthem that he wrote, I sound like a ranting lunatic right now, but I was really going to write about this before I saw the anthem. I just needed to get it off my chest.

I know why all this good shit is happening for me. I have it all pinpointed to something that happened on Thursday night. I went to the gas station to get cigarettes, and for the past few weeks, they have this thing where you can donate $1 towards March of Dimes, and you put your name on this pumpkin and they hang it in the store. Two weeks ago when I had about $10 to my name, the clerk was like,
"Would you like to donate $1 to March of Dimes?"
Me - "Umm...I'm really broke right now."
Clerk - *smiling brightly, probably thinking, you selfish bastard* "Thats ok. Maybe next time"
Me - *feeling very comfortable* "Yeah, definitley."

I felt like the biggest ass in the world. I can afford a pack of cigarettes, but not a fucking DOLLAR for some blind kid or whatever? I felt like a douche bag for the rest of the day becuase of it. Then on Thursday, I went to the same place, bought 2 packs of P-Funks and this time donated my dollar. I know, it's only a dollar, but it made me feel so much better. I'm not bragging about it, thinking I'm such a martyer that I donated a dollar by any means, I just think that it was karma that brought me my good luck. What goes around, comes around, I really believe that. Maybe I should have started being nicer a long time ago. Who knows what position I would be in right now.

This concludes my wonderful, marvelous and magnificent day. I think I'm going to bed now. Good lord am I tired. How were all of your days, bitches?

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Jenn said...

I slept all fucking day. I hate that shit. Anyhow, one of those blank voicemails was me. I got your asshole! I was gonna leave a message, but I'm popular and my other line rang. So who the fuck are you yelling at? I'll leave a message next time, sheesh!