Wednesday, October 13, 2004

So This Is the New Year

I'm so excited right now, I'm never going to be able to sleep. I get to see my family! And Rufus Wainwright! And I'm skipping 3 classes to do so! Add in the class I overslept for today, and that makes a total of 4, so in other words, I'm only going to 5 out of 9 classes this week. How's that for lazy? The only part that blows about this week is that I have a midterm on Thursday at 3:30. I don't want to be thinking about that throughout the concert, and I really don't want to come home to study either. To make matters worse, it's not even multiple choice, we have to write out everything, so I have some big ass studying ahead of me. I started making out a study guide tonight, but I got bored after 45 minutes. I don't want to think about that anymore though, it's bringing down my good mood.

I think that I have bad timing with all of the musicians that I get into. You'd like some examples? Sure, let me tell you.
1. Jeff Buckley - Fell in love with him, then found out that he drown in the Mississippi River in 1997. Who drowns to death anymore these days? C'mon. I would seriously cut off my right arm and left leg to see him in concert. His voice is just fucking awesome. There's no other way to describe it. Yeah, I have DVD's and live recording, but it's just not the same. I want to see the man himself up on stage belting his heart out. Hearing "Lover, You Should've Come Over" live.....I think I could die happily.

2. Nina Simone - I remember hearing about when she died, I think it was May of 2003 or around there, but I really didn't know who she was, besides a jazz/blues singer. Then I found out that she wrote the song "Lilac Wine" that Jeff Buckley covers on his Grace album. If Jeff likes her, then I do too I decide. I download some random songs, and love LOVE her voice. She's another one of those almost "manly" voices because it's so deep, but it's so good. She did alot of covers, some of my favorites being Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne" The Animal's "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" and the Beatles "Here Comes the Sun". My brother bought me a greatest hits cd of hers for my birthday last year, and I still think it's one of the best presents ever. I listened to that cd everyday for at least 6 months. I should break it out right now.

3. Ray Charles - Of course I knew of Ray while he was alive, I don't live in a cave. I had read in Jason Mulgrew's blog that his song "I Can't Stop Loving You" was great, so I tried it out, and holy fuck, the man is a genius. I've downloaded a bunch more of this songs, and I know the next step is buying albums, but I'm too broke right now to even fathom buying a cd. If you haven't really ever given Mr. Ray a listen, try him out. I don't think you could possibly not like him. And if you don't, screw you because I don't want to talk to you anymore anyways.

4. Nico - I guess I could put her in this category too. I had always known of her through the Velvet Ungerground, but I had never heard any of her solo stuff. I was looking stuff up on the internet about her, and found out she died in 1988. I don't know why it shocked me so much. I already wrote a whole post about her though, so I don't think I need to go into detail again.

Thank god Bob Dylan is still with me. I don't know how I'm going to react when he dies (knock on wood). Most likely shut myself in my room for a few days. I always say that the only time I'll ever get another tattoo is when Dylan dies. I'm going to get his face, blow it up and have it cover my whole back. Wouldn't that be awesomatic? Just kidding, I'm not creepy like that, I swear! I will get another one, and incorporate Dylan into it some how. I really hope that Dylan lives to be 140 though, so I die before him and I don't have to get another tattoo, because I think they hurt like a bitch and am not really looking forward to putting myself through that again. I just have to remember to eat something before I go this time, so I don't start dry heaving as I'm getting it done. I mean, not that I did that the first time either.

So don't miss me tomorrow kids. I'll be busy eating good Chicago pizza, molesting my family and getting my Rufus Wainwright on. And talking about all of you behind your backs. Sexy Mexy and Billmeister, be checking your mailboxes soon. May you both have hours of good music listening ahead of you. Oh! I get to watch Popeye when I get home too! This day couldn't get any better. Fuck yeah bitches.


Jenn said...

Katie, I fuckin' love you! Will you be my new bestfriend? Well, besides Marylyn, 'cause that bitch owns. But for real! I know you're older than me, but I'll look up to you. Maybe I already do? Shhh! I was just reading like 6 other blogs on my mandatory blog run, and they were all sad. Every single one, and then I got to yours and I laughed and smiled. Now I love you, again. Or more, or whatever. I hope you have a kickass time! Which, I know you're the life of the party and will. If you meet any "stars" tell them I love Chris Cornell and Ryan Adams and Portishead and Bjork and Alicia Keys and Eminem and um yeah. Don't forget k?! So they could hook me up with meeting one of these fine talents, well if they're alive. I guess I should check first. But I'm 99.9% sure that they all are. Guess I should find out? They'll listen to you, I know they will. So hook a homie up, yo! I'm excited that I'm getting something from you! Stuff we share the love for, too. You shouldn't have told me, then I check the mail twice a day, like a retard. Oh well, I need the exercise. You'll have to call me and give me details of your funtimes to come. Because I have lots to tell you too. And we could get all girly over the phone. I almost said all girly on each other, which, now I still said it. But I stopped myself 'cause some boy will take that to another level. Perverts! Anyway, call me when you get the chance. I'll be sending your stuff too. Much love, ho!

Bill B. said...

Katie you also forget Elliott Smith silly.....he's dead too. C'mon don't get goofy on me.

Jay said...

my blog isn't sad, damnit, just honest.

and katie, don't go to australia...they're mean there :(