Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Tonight Emily and I were watching Roseanne, and we started talking about our sisters because the episode was about Becky and Darlene getting seperate bedrooms. Her sister is 24, so shes about 3 years older than Emily, and Keri is 19, so I'm only 15 months older than her. (Please take note of this Jenn and never call Keri my older sister again. Capeche?) We were talking about all the fights we used to get into with our sisters and stupid sibling shit like that. Whenever me, Keri or J.P would be fighting (and I mean hardcore physically fighting. we used to beat the shit out of each other) my mom would just say "The first one who cries has to go to their room." That actually worked on us because we would refuse to cry, no matter how much it hurt and my mom didn't have to hear any whining. Well it probably worked out for her better, but still. My friend Megan was horrified, and still is, that my mom said that to us. She has an older brother who is only about 18 months older than her, but they never physically faught as kids. What kind of household is that? Siblings that don't fight? I don't get it. Her and her brother would yell at each other, but he never hit her or vice versa. That is so bizarre to me. When me and Keri would fight with J.P, they would just say, "Someday he's going to be bigger than you, and he's going beat you up and we're just going to watch." Thanks Mom and Dad. Well he did get bigger than me, and he was scary when he got mad. He would charge at me like a bull and just pummel me. Or he would chase me up the stairs to my room, which I HATE, so I would end up cowering on the stairs. Sounds brutal, but if you had a brother or sister, you understand.

The best part about fighting with siblings, is that you don't have to work shit out afterwards. When Keri and I would fight, an hour later I would go in her room and watch tv with her, or borrow her clothes. Of course you had to be all nice at first, but there was none of that "I'm really sorry I called you a bitchface earlier. Will you please forgive me and be my sister again?" None of that bullshit. You fight and then it's over. Sure there were awful fights that we got pissed at each other for days about. In one fight I ripped her shirt, and she clawed my face so bad that people at work thought I had an abusive boyfriend. All over a hair rubber band. And we were 17 and 18 at the time. Badass, I know. Our family goes to Arizona a lot to visit my mom's relatives, and we would always drive there in our huge ass van. Two of us always had to share the backseat while we took turns having the middle seat to ourselves. I don't know how we didn't kill each other on one of those trips. The two who had to share the seat always got in kicking fights because the other "was taking up too much room." I never knew how angry I could get until my space is invading in an already cramped enviorment. Then the two in the back would gang up on the one who had the seat to themselves and basically make life hell for them for a few hours. Ahh, great family memories. You'd think we would mature as we got older. No, not so much. All three of us get along great now (of course not all of the time, we are still siblings) but put us in the backseat of a van for 3 days in a row and I can guarantee there will be some blood shed.

While I was outside on our balconey having a ciagrette today, Emily started laughing at the outfit that I had on. I saw nothing wrong with it. Cut off grey sweatpants that come to about my shins, a pink pull-over fleece with a collar that won't stay down so I look like Elvis, a red t-shirt that has an '02 on the back from when I graduated, my giant turquoise necklace that I am obsessed with and wear with everything, my Birks with no socks on, silver dangly earrings I've neglected to change from the weekend and my hair is in one of those messy ponytail things. Sexy, no? My outfits never match. It's not because I'm purposely trying to look shitty, though you would think so, I love clothes and dressing up. I'm just a gigantic lazy ass who throws on whatever is clean. Megan gets a big kick out of me too. Have any of you ever seen the movie About A Boy? The mom in that movie, played by Toni Collette I think, if that's her name, has an awful sense of fashion, and at one point wears capri's, running shoes and socks, and a fur coat, and Megan always says that's going to be me when I get older. I swear I will never be that bad, but I'll probably be close. Megan always gives me the are-you-seriosuly-going-out-like-that look, and yes Megan, yes I am going out like this. Sometimes I'll get dressed up when I go out to a party or something, but if I don't feel like it, I've been known to wear a Bears shirt and hoodie, so what? You are all probably very glad right now that you never have to be seen with me in public. Consider yourselves lucky.

A few last notes:
- Favorite song of the day: Keep It Clean by Camera Obscura. You finally got your groove back, Billy Jack.
- I cleaned my room AND did three loads of laundry today. I pat myself on the back for that.
- I still have homework to do.
- I failed an art history test today. I'm really starting to think I'm never going to graduate college. I will fail out instead. Sounds like a plan to me.
- I'm really going to go to all 9 classes this week, instead of just 1. No, really I am. I swear.
- Kerianne is going to grace me with her presence on Saturday. Sisters reunited! Try to scam mom out of some moola so we can go out to eat.
- Download Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere by Mr. Neil Young. S'il vous plait.
-I forgot to give props to Michy for telling me about The Shins song I'm in love it. Thank you Michy!
-November 12th was my half-birthday. Less than 6 months now until I turn 21. So if you're rounding up, I'm really 21. Will that work in a bar?
-I know I promised you a blog Ariel, and I will do it. Don't lose the faith.
- I'm done Jenn. Stop working and talk to me now.

Finito, bitches.


Jenn said...

FYI, I read your last post. Just didn't get a chance to comment. Girl, you're hardcore. i could never just straight up tell a guy no. I would feel bad for ever. I just let them off slowly and eventually they get the hint. Well, most of them.

Your mom's hardcore too! If I ever have any more kids I'm so gonna steal that line. I might have to try it out with Damian and my nieces. They don't throw down physically so much. But they like to argue. Well because if I ever see Damian hit one of my nieces I'll hook him up with an ass whoopin'. He knows not to hit girls. My brother's never really hit me. They used to throw stuff at me. Being the only girl and the baby wasn't fun. Mostly they would tickle me. I know that doesn't sound so bad. But I swear I wish they would have punched me in the face and layed me the fuck out better. I can't stress how much I hate being tickled. And what really sucks is that you laugh naturally. Thinking of it makes me mad. They would do it 'til I cried too. My 2nd oldest brother isn't even a year older than me. We're the same age for 6 days. Yeah, mom and dad were busy that year. So we were at the stages of liking boys and girls at the same time. We'd fight for the phone REALLY bad. He would throw it at me. Or kick me on the thighs. One time he cut the cord and said, "now use the fuckin' phone." And I said, "Mom's gonna kick your ass! That's not your phone." Then he came at me and I ran to my room. We were about 15 and 16 at this time. Sad huh. I love my brothers. I hardly see my oldest who's 6 years my senior. So then he's what 31? How sad am I? See don't EVER get mad at me for not knowing your age or birthday!! I see my other brother more. We're actually pretty damn close. What really sucks is my brother's don't get along. They love each other but do nothing but talk shit about each other. And I'm the lucky one who gets to hear. But I'm loved by both, so that's all that matters! I kid!

And yes I'm writing a novel. Just for you Katie!

I laughed really hard at your outfit. Especially the collar that makes you look like Elvis. Like I seriously busted up. How cute are you?! I love when girls don't care. I'll go out not ready. But I always match! You could at least match you lazy dyke!

Okay, I think I'm done here. Love ya!

Katie said...

I would like it state for the record, that my brother is not an awful brute who goes around hitting girls. Yes, he hit me and Keri growing up, but he had to defend himself or else get his ass kicked. I would have loved to have an older sibling. Or maybe I would have hated it, but I always wanted an older brother to protect me, or an older sister that took me out with her cool friends. Two brothers would be have been harsh though, that sucks they don't get along that well. Time for a family meeting! And how he cut the phone line really made me laugh.

Believe me, I am not usually that brutally honest with a guy like I was with Chandler. I usually just ignore their phone calls or brush them off, so this was a first for me too. I was drunk, so I had the liquid courage in me. So get off my back about it bitches!

Why I'm typing this long of a comment in one of my own posts is beyond me. I think I just wanted to tell you in the first place how "lazy dyke" make me crack up, then I write another novella in response to yours. I never know when to shut up.

Jenn said...

You said novella! That was sweet. Go white girl, go white girl go!

I didn't take it as your brother just hitting girls. I take it as his two big sisters needed to be handled. Or not. But he did need to defend himself. Damian has to too sometimes. I never cared if I had a younger sibling, and nor did I care if I had a sister.

Katie said...

I refuse to comment back. This has to stop now.

Jenn said...

Quit commenting then hooker. Don't you have anything better to do?! We're talking to each other on Yahoo for God's sake. You really do love me, don't you?!

Katie said...

I love you more than I ever thought I could love a Mexican.

Jenn said...

And I love you more than I thought I could ever love a Kenoshan.

Kill Whitey!

Ariel said...

Katie you've made me very sad, you promised me a glorious, asskissing blog and did not deliver. Atleast you mentioned me *sobs*. Ok anyway, I love wrestley fighting with people, especially Jason, and I can so totally kick his ass, eventhough he won't admit it. One time I got into a physical fight with my mom but it was more like pushing and pulling than hitting. She ripped the collar of my shirt though, it was fun...I was lauging like the whole time but she was PISSED. Onto my next thought, how in the hell do you sleep in DANGLY earrings? When I was younger I slept in some earrings and kept them in for probably weeks at at time. They had those kind of longish backs to them and somehow the back got stuck in my earlobe, it wasn't fun.

Jay said...

hmm, it would have been kinda fun to have sisters to beat up on. the last time me and my brother got into a fight in our growing up house (before we sold it), we were so big we ended up breaking chairs and a table on each other, I threw him through a door, and he slammed me through a closet. the last true fight we got into we beat the shit out of each other so badly people thought we'd been in a gang fight again. mind you, two guys over 200 pounds each and over 6ft4in each beating the hell out of each other is a lot of chuckwagon to be tossing around.

but back to my point, anytime you need me to throw a beatdown on your monkey ass katie, let me know, ok babe?

and you're gonna get one soon if you don't hook a brotha up with your friend emily, shes a lil hottie and needs a bit of fine native lovin, holla.