Friday, November 12, 2004

Now That I'm Finally Not So Very Far Behind

Name: Katie
Age: 20
Height: 5'9
Fav. Book: Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegurt
Fav. Movie: Napoleon Dynamite
Fav. Singer: Bob Dylan
Fav. Band: Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Fav. Food: Spaghettios and meatballs
Fav. Drink: Tropical Punch Kool-Aid Jammers and Icehouse beer
Fav. Sport: Football
# of people you've humped: 4. Don't fucking ask yourself the question if you're not going to answer it, douche bag.
Biggest Mistake in your life: This one is taking me too long to think about, so I'm guessing I don't have any huge regrets. If I think of one, you'll be the first to find out though.
Smartest thing you've done in your life: Moved out of my house to go to college
Best Friends: Megan at home, since 5th grade, and Emily here at school
Secret Talent: I can sing exactly like Levon Helm from The Band.
Fav. Clothes: Sweatpants and hoodies. Yes, I am very attractive when dressed like this. Really.
Music you're listening to right now: The Fairest of the Seasons by Nico
Best day of your life: Probably the first time I saw Bob Dylan in concert. I literally couldn't eat for 3 days ahead of time I was so excited.
Number of pornos owned: zero
Times you've stole from a store: I've stolen so much makeup from Wal-Mart and Walgreens I can't count. How badass is that, stealing make-up. I'm hardcore bitches.

I was going to make fun of you Bill for making this up, but now I'm crabby becuase it's 4:22 am. So consider yourself saved. Even though there's not really a reason to make fun of you, I just enjoy doing it. I really wish I had saved that conversation I had with you earlier because it made me laugh hard. For all of you who don't know, Bill is The OC Walking Encyclopedia. You're my OC brummy buddy. And now I'm all up to date on everything, so thank you very much. OC, bitches.


Bill B. said...

Uhm you're far from up to date........we still have a lot more to discuss. I'm not letting you off that easy.

Jay said...

ok damnit I'm sick of this

A: the chicks on Laguna Beach are hotter than mischa barton, who reminds me of a heroin junky with a wig.

B: even then, I don't watch laguna beach.

C: bill should forget that, move out west, and play in a punk/country/death metal band with me

D: katie, we still need to have "hat sox" sometime.

E: only 4?

Katie said...

A - I agree with you that Misha is ugly. I can't fucking stand how she talks either. It's not even an accent....she just sounds like Mira Sorvino. I can't even watch Romy and Michelles High School Reunion anymore because of her voice.

B - Yeah, you "don't watch Laguna Beach" just like I "excercise everyday."

C - Join his band Bill. Stop being a pansy.

D - Agreed Jay.

E - Yes. Did you get me confused with Jenn or something? Ohhh, buuuuurn.

Jenn said...

Katie, you're just mad 'cause Bill and I won't tell you our "numbers."

Ariel said...

Ok here I am ready to post a comment for a NEW blog and it's still the same one from last night...I want a new one pronto...get on it...the same goes for you Jenn!! And sorry I don't watch wifeswap!

Katie said...

Crittey bitch, I did two posts yesterday, so keep your goddamn pants on.

Ariel said...

I love it when you yell at me.

Jay said...

ariel do you still dress up in a swan outfit like bjork and whip nigel's lil buttocks with your riding crop like back in the day like laurie said you did?

Ariel said...

But of course. and I can't believe you're still going on about that